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The Nightmare Man: Part 1
S04E01 · The Nightmare Man: Part 1

Oct 11, 2010

Luke is all set to go to Oxford University a year earlier than usual but,in the days before he is due to leave,he experiences dreams for the first time in his life. They are in fact recurring nightmares in which he is rejected by Sarah Jane,Rani and Clyde,who replace him with another boy Josh. Worse, he is pursued by the Nightmare Man,who threatens to materialize in the real world. Luke describes his dreams on a Cam-Corder but finally cannot stay awake any loner and,as he seemingly ends up in limbo,the Nightmare Man steps into the attic.

The Nightmare Man: Part 2
S04E02 · The Nightmare Man: Part 2

Oct 12, 2010

Once materialized the Nightmare Man turns Rani,Clyde and Luke's dreams into nightmares and leaves the house,sending everyone in the street to sleep.Sarah Jane plugs K-9 into Mr. Smith,having seen Luke's recording,telling him he is only dreaming and needs to wake up. Luke is able to communicate with Rani and Clyde in their sleep so that their combined strengths banish the nightmares and put them all in the same dream,confronting the Nightmare Man. Unable to withstand their combined power he is spun off into Clyde's nightmare and trapped there. Next day Luke leaves for ...

Vault of Secrets: Part 1
S04E03 · Vault of Secrets: Part 1

Oct 18, 2010

As Rani's mother drags her reluctant husband off to join a U.F.O. spotting group run by Miss Ocean Waters,Androvax the Veil exits a vault in the basement of a disused asylum which he has used to travel to Earth,seeking help for his dying planet,the help being provided by two halves of a combination to the vault which he is seeking. Previously a trickster who travelled using the bodies of others,Sarah Jane now believes him,especially as three deadly androids,led by Mr. Dread,are pursuing him and try to kill Sarah Jane,Rani and Clyde. Clyde allows himself to be the ...

Vault of Secrets: Part 2
S04E04 · Vault of Secrets: Part 2

Oct 19, 2010

Mr. Dread announces that if Androvax activates the vault and returns to his planet, Earth will be destroyed. the Veil switches bodies to Gita,making her drive him to the asylum,though Rani and Clyde trick him into leaving her. the androids arrive and,whilst two of them destroy each other,Mr. Dread uses his power source to allow Androvax to escape in search of a new planet whilst the Earth remains saved. Gita's memory has to be wiped of all she has seen however and Ocean,whose remaining half of the key must never be used,persuaded that there was no alien in Ealing.

Death of the Doctor: Part 1
S04E05 · Death of the Doctor: Part 1

Oct 25, 2010

Sarah Jane is told by Colonel Tia Karim of UNIT that The Doctor is dead and so she goes with Rani and Clyde to UNIT's underground headquarters in Wales, where a rocket will fire the doctor's remains into space. Jo Jones, formerly Jo Grant, another of the doctor's friends from the past, arrives with her grandson Santiago and, like Sarah Jane, does not believe that The Doctor is dead. The three youngsters overhear the Shansheeth, giant birds who allegedly found The Doctor's body, plotting to lead the two women into a trap. Then The Doctor appears, having exchanged ...

Death of the Doctor: Part 2
S04E06 · Death of the Doctor: Part 2

Oct 26, 2010

Before he can die, The Doctor with Jo and Sarah Jane, teleports to the deserted planet. The Doctor swaps places with Clyde, who, with Rani and Santiago, is pursued by the Shansheeths and their ally, Tia Karim, who has helped them as she is bored with life on Earth. The adults return to save them but the two women are caught and held captive in a room containing the TARDIS, the Shansheeth hoping to drain their memories in order to open its door. However, The Doctor, outside the room,communes with them mentally,urging them to recall so many memories it causes overload,...

The Empty Planet: Part 1
S04E07 · The Empty Planet: Part 1

Nov 01, 2010

Rani and Clyde wake up to find that all electrical appliances,including Mr. Smith,have stopped working and that they seem to be the only people in the city,which is completely deserted. They meet a young boy called Gavin but he is evasive and Clyde wonders if he is all he seems. After Rani has explained that she has met aliens,Gavin runs off and,going after him,Rani and Clyde find themselves pursued by two huge robots.

The Empty Planet: Part 2
S04E08 · The Empty Planet: Part 2

Nov 02, 2010

After Gavin has helped them escape Rani and Clyde reason that they have been left behind because,in a previous encounter,the Judoon decreed the pair of them should never leave Earth. The robots come back and eventually communicate in English,explaining that Gavin,who thought he was an orphan,is the son of an alien king and he is to return to rule his planet in exchange for everybody who disappeared being returned. Gavin is happy to go but Rani and Clyde have some explaining to do to their elders,who,in their parallel universe,thought that they were the two who went ...

Lost in Time: Part 1
S04E09 · Lost in Time: Part 1

Nov 08, 2010

A false newspaper story of an alien sighting lures Sarah Jane and her young friends to an antique shop, whose mysterious owner tells them they must enter a time vortex and locate three separate articles from different periods of history to save the world. Clyde is washed up on the East Anglian coast in 1941 where he and evacuee George escape from a trio of invading Nazis using the object of Clyde's quest, an artefact known as Thor's Hammer, to activate their transmitter. Sarah Jane joins ghost-hunter Emily Morris in a haunted house in 1889, ending up in a room where ...

Lost in Time: Part 2
S04E10 · Lost in Time: Part 2

Nov 09, 2010

By saving Lady Jane from being assassinated Rani has altered history,alerting her to the fact that the dagger is the object of her search. Before returning to the present she comforts Lady Jane,telling her she will always be remembered and giving her courage to meet her fate. Clyde and George elude the Nazis but meet a school-mistress who turns out to be a traitor. Clyde bluffs her into believing his mobile phone is a bomb and he snatches Thor's Hammer,which would also have changed events had the Germans used it,whilst he and George lock the invaders in the church and...

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Part 1
S04E11 · Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Part 1

Nov 15, 2010

Mystery woman Ruby White moves into Bannerman Road and, after an awkward start in which she appears unfriendly,she saves the lives of Sarah Jane and her young friends from an inter-galactic invasion force, revealing that she too is an alien hunter. At the same time Sarah Jane is beginning to feel weak, suffering from memory loss and mindful that she should give up her life fighting space monsters and retire. She duly hands all her knowledge, including control of Mr. Smith,over to Ruby. This proves to be a terrible mistake as Ruby herself is an alien in disguise who ...

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Part 2
S04E12 · Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith: Part 2

Nov 16, 2010

Clyde instantly senses that Ruby is up to no good so she teleports him into a spaceship,marooning him in outer space. Luke arrives in search of his mother and learns from K9 that Ruby is a Qetesh an alien in disguise. By reprogramming Mr. Smith K9, Rani and Luke destroy Ruby's computer which allowed her to teleport Clyde and return him to Bannerman Road. They also discover where Sarah Jane is imprisoned and hurry to rescue her but Ruby is barring their escape. Fortunately Luke has learned from Mr. Smith what makes a Qetesh most vulnerable to defeat.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 4 (2010) is released on Oct 11, 2010 and the latest season 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures is released in 2011. Watch The Sarah Jane Adventures online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. The Sarah Jane Adventures is directed by Joss Agnew,Alice Troughton,Ashley Way,Graeme Harper and created by Russell T. Davies with Elisabeth Sladen and Daniel Anthony. The Sarah Jane Adventures is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

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