Episodes (10)

S02E01 · Julklappen

Oct 01, 2018

December 1955. Christmas is coming up, Restaurant DK is doing extremely well, and everything should be joy and tranquility. However, the Löwander family is divided. A distressing event causes the matriarch Helga to make a new attempt to reunite the family, but Gustaf is still hurt and simply not interested. Peter's wife Ester feels unfairly left out of the running of the restaurant and tries to cause a rift between Peter and Nina. Nina struggles with her relationship with her daughter, and on Christmas Eve, she gives Calle a long-awaited Christmas present. Maggan ...

S02E02 · Rock'n'roll

Oct 08, 2018

Italian youngster Angelo starts as a dishwasher at Restaurant DK and finds the first 24 hour rough. Helga, Peter and Nina try to persuade Gustaf not to sell his shares in the restaurant, but Gustaf wants to be free from the family and move on to invest in his new workplace Oscarshof. Nina and Calle are worried about their pregnancy, having experienced several miscarriages in the past.

Gamla familjer och nya
S02E03 · Gamla familjer och nya

Oct 15, 2018

It is 1956. Henriette Winter is a new partner in the restaurant and Peter and Ester are trying to find a way to get rid of her. Backe is feeling his age and is becoming increasingly paranoid, upsetting the entire kitchen staff. Maggan tries to help Angelo and his Italian friends whom she discovers are living in squalor conditions, often not getting paid for their work. Gustaf has a visit from the police.

Surprise de Nina
S02E04 · Surprise de Nina

Oct 22, 2018

After the Oscarshof incident, Gustaf is missing. Fears are spreading that he might have taken his own life. Henriette Winter has decided to sell her share in the restaurant and Peter and Nina are fighting about who should buy it. Helga is forced pick sides in the conflict between Stickan and Calle, resulting in Backe deciding to leave the restaurant. Maggan persuades a reluctant Bellan to give Angelo the chance to work as a waiter in the dining room.

S02E05 · Boken

Oct 29, 2018

1957. Calle has been head chef at DK for a year and Gustaf is back working at the restaurant. Nina's daughter Christina wants to move to Stockholm to live with her mother, but Christina's father is not too sure. Peter and Ester are trying to find a way to remove Nina from her creation DK Club, but then someone from Peter's past turns up and turns his whole world upside down. Maggan receives an offer that could change hers and Uno's lives forever.

Bella Italia
S02E06 · Bella Italia

Nov 05, 2018

Restaurant DK is organising an Italian food week.

S02E07 · Tiotusenkronorsfrågan

Nov 12, 2018

Peter is agonizing over whether or not he should leave his family and the restaurant in order to live with the love of his life Suzanne. Angelo resigns from DK, but he does not want to give any reasons why. Calle receives an offer to make a food program for television, whilst Maggan resigns in order to start working for Britt Gahn. Gustaf seeks treatment for his homosexual urges.

S02E08 · Predikan

Nov 19, 2018

1962. Calle and Nina have been doing their television program for five years and their relationship is strained from working two jobs. Ragnarsson is back on the scene and wants to resume his work supplying DK with dishwashers. When Peter rejects his offer, Ragnarsson turns his anger towards Angelo, who has now advanced to head waiter. Gustaf and Astrid have found God and a new comfort in Pentecostalism. Backe turns up as a guest at DK together with his new fiancée, successfully making Helga jealous.

Egen majoritet
S02E09 · Egen majoritet

Nov 26, 2018

Helga has had a stroke and her family fear the worst. Peter and Esther are worried about what will happen to DK if Helga passes away and begin to make secret arrangements. The Social Democrats unite at DK to watch the election results to come in. Nina is overwhelmed by work and a visit from her daughter Christina, taking her stress and frustration out on Calle. Calle proceeds to seek comfort in an old friend. Ragnarsson continues to terrorise Angelo and his family.

S02E10 · Begravningen

Dec 03, 2018

Peter and Ester have destroyed Helga's will, having discovered that Helga left the running of restaurant to Nina. Stickan wants to cook the food for Helga's funeral service, but Calle is not convinced Stickan could manage. Nina and Calle reconcile, but Calle's infidelity gnaws at his conscience. Ragnarsson is found murdered and Angelo is the police's prime suspect. Gustaf is agonizing over whether or not he should to tell the congregation about his past. Britt has some news for Maggan.


The Restaurant (also know as Vår tid är nu) Season 2 (2018) is released on Oct 01, 2018 and the latest season 4 of The Restaurant is released in 2020. Watch The Restaurant online - the Swedish Drama TV series from Sweden. The Restaurant is directed by Harald Hamrell,Anna Zackrisson,Andrea Östlund,Molly Hartleb and created by Ulf Kvensler with Hedda Stiernstedt and Charlie Gustafsson. The Restaurant is available online on AMC Plus Apple TV Channel and AMC+ Amazon Channel.

As know as:

Vår tid är nu, Vår tid är nu, Ресторантът(Bulgarian), Vår tid är nu(English), Vår tid är nu(French)





Production Companies:

Sveriges Television (SVT), Jarowskij AB, Sveriges Television (SVT)

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