Episodes (3)

The Expeditions
S01E01 · The Expeditions

Jan 27, 1980

The exploration of Mars begins with two failed expeditions. Colonel Wilder then leads a crew to discover the secret of Mars - only to find all the Martians dead from chicken pox.

The Settlers
S01E02 · The Settlers

Jan 28, 1980

With native Martians wiped out by disease, thousands of humans now colonize the red planet and attempt to create a second Earth.

The Martians
S01E03 · The Martians

Jan 29, 1980

With Earth destroyed in a nuclear war, Colonel Wilder finds himself alone with his family on Mars. To rebuild what he has lost, Wilder chooses to make Mars his new home.


The Martian Chronicles Season 1 (1980) is released on Jan 27, 1980. Watch The Martian Chronicles online - the English Drama TV series from United States. The Martian Chronicles is directed by Michael Anderson and created by Ray Bradbury with Rock Hudson and Gayle Hunnicutt.

As know as:

Die Marschroniken, The Martian Chronicles, Crónicas marcianas, Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles, Planeta Vermelho


United States, United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Charles Fries Productions, Stonehenge Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Cast & Crew

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