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Hawaii Bound
S04E01 · Hawaii Bound

Sep 22, 1972

The Bradys go on vacation to Hawaii. While there, Peter and Bobby stumble upon an ancient Tiki idol that some locals believe brings bad luck to the person who is touching it.

Pass the Tabu
S04E02 · Pass the Tabu

Sep 29, 1972

After bad luck continues to befall the family, the Brady boys set out to learn about the ancient tiki. They learn the tiki is tabu and must be discarded at an ancient burial ground.

The Tiki Caves
S04E03 · The Tiki Caves

Oct 06, 1972

The Brady boys arrive at the cave to return the idol to the burial site, only to be held prisoners by an angry archaeologist who lays claim to the cave and believes that they stole the idol.

Today, I Am a Freshman
S04E04 · Today, I Am a Freshman

Oct 13, 1972

Marcia is apprehensive about her first day of high school, so Mike asks Greg to help break the ice for her. Meanwhile, Peter tries to make a working volcano for the Science Club.

Cyrano de Brady
S04E05 · Cyrano de Brady

Oct 20, 1972

Peter has a crush on Jan's new friend but every plan to impress her backfires. Inspired by "Cyrano de Bergerac", he launches a final plan to win her over with Greg's help but it also backfires when she falls for Greg instead.

Fright Night
S04E06 · Fright Night

Oct 27, 1972

The boys try to spook the girls in the middle of the night with a ghost, so they try to get revenge by giving them a taste of their own medicine. But after Alice criticizes them for being so scared, the kids collectively have a new target.

The Show Must Go On??
S04E07 · The Show Must Go On??

Nov 03, 1972

Greg and Marcia recruit their parents to participate in Family Frolics Night at school. Alice is upset with Sam when he passes a chance to be her date to the event to go to bowling practice, so the girls launch a plan to change his mind.

Jan, the Only Child
S04E08 · Jan, the Only Child

Nov 10, 1972

Jan feels disrespected and ignored by her brothers and sisters, so she tells everyone that she wishes she was an only child. Meanwhile, Carol and Alice have a competition over who can cook the best strawberry preserves.

Career Fever
S04E09 · Career Fever

Nov 17, 1972

Mike thinks Greg wants to be an architect after reading Greg's school essay, but Greg doesn't want to hurt Mike's feelings and tell him the truth. Meanwhile, the other Brady kids also begin thinking about their future careers.

Goodbye, Alice, Hello
S04E10 · Goodbye, Alice, Hello

Nov 24, 1972

The kids give Alice the cold shoulder after they think she has broken their trust, so Alice decides to leave her job as housekeeper. However, the kids soon regret the decision after the new housekeeper teaches them a lesson.

Greg's Triangle
S04E11 · Greg's Triangle

Dec 08, 1972

Marcia thinks that a girl who is suddenly interested in Greg is actually using him so that Greg will vote for her as head cheerleader--over Marcia.

Everyone Can't Be George Washington
S04E12 · Everyone Can't Be George Washington

Dec 22, 1972

Peter tries out for the role of George Washington in a school play, but gets the role of Benedict Arnold instead. But he then wants to quit the play altogether when his classmates start branding him as a "traitor."

Love and the Older Man
S04E13 · Love and the Older Man

Jan 05, 1973

Marcia has a crush on her new dentist, which only intensifies when she mistakes an opportunity to babysit for him as a date with him to the ballet.

Law and Disorder
S04E14 · Law and Disorder

Jan 12, 1973

Bobby doesn't want to be safety monitor for his class because his classmates now hate him. However, he soon abuses his power and begins reporting on his family when they break house rules. Meanwhile, the family salvages an old sailboat.

Greg Gets Grounded
S04E15 · Greg Gets Grounded

Jan 19, 1973

After Greg is grounded for a week for careless driving, he gets in a dispute with his parents over their "exact words." Meanwhile, Bobby and Peter enter frogs in a frog-jumping contest.

Amateur Nite
S04E16 · Amateur Nite

Jan 26, 1973

The kids want to buy Mike and Carol an engraved silver tray as their anniversary gift, but Jan goofs up on paying for the tray. To fix the mistake, Jan convinces her siblings to audition for an amateur talent show.

Bobby's Hero
S04E17 · Bobby's Hero

Feb 02, 1973

Bobby becomes obsessed with Jesse James. Mike and Carol don't approve of his new hero, and try to find a way to convince him that James was nothing but a "mean, dirty killer."

The Subject Was Noses
S04E18 · The Subject Was Noses

Feb 09, 1973

Marcia breaks a date with Charlie when "big man on campus" Doug Simpson asks her out. However, after she gets hit in the nose with a football, Doug Simpson breaks his date with her.

How to Succeed in Business?
S04E19 · How to Succeed in Business?

Feb 23, 1973

Peter gets a job at the bike shop, but he is fired after three days. He doesn't want to tell his parents the bad news, because he told the family he might be getting a promotion to salesman the day he got fired.

The Great Earring Caper
S04E20 · The Great Earring Caper

Mar 02, 1973

Cindy loses her mom's earrings after playing with them, and "detective" Peter Brady tries to solve the mystery. But when Carol wants the earrings for a costume ball and they're still not found, the entire family tries to crack the case.

You're Never Too Old
S04E21 · You're Never Too Old

Mar 09, 1973

The Brady girls try to play matchmaker between Carol's free-spirited grandmother and stick-in-the-mud Grandpa Brady.

You Can't Win 'Em All
S04E22 · You Can't Win 'Em All

Mar 16, 1973

Cindy studies hard and passes a test to appear on a TV quiz show, but an overconfident Bobby does not. But after she passes, her ego goes out of control. Meanwhile, Mike and Carol make plans for a dinner party.

A Room at the Top
S04E23 · A Room at the Top

Mar 23, 1973

Greg and Marcia fight over who gets to convert the attic into his or her personal room.


The Brady Bunch Season 4 (1972) is released on Sep 22, 1972 and the latest season 5 of The Brady Bunch is released in 1973. Watch The Brady Bunch online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Brady Bunch is directed by Oscar Rudolph,Jack Arnold,Hal Cooper,John Rich and created by Sherwood Schwartz with Robert Reed and Florence Henderson. The Brady Bunch is available online on Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel and Paramount Plus.

The marriage of architect Mike Brady and homemaker Carol Martin née Tyler will be the second for both. They have the issue of blending their two already large families, Mike who has three children and Carol who has three children. One additional issue is that the Brady household was testosterone laden with Mike's children being three boys - Greg, Peter and Bobby - and the Martin household was estrogen laden with Carol's children being three girls - Marcia, Jan and Cindy. The six children not only have their usual issues in growing from children to teenagers, and in this situation in getting used to a new parent and new siblings, but also interacting with new siblings whose mentality generally reflects their specific gender, which more often than not is totally foreign to them. Mike and Carol also have the new roles of parent to daughters and sons respectively. Add to the mix the girls' cat Fluffy, the boys' dog Tiger, and Mike's longtime housekeeper Alice, and the collective new Brady bunch has the potential to get into one misadventure after another.

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Pop-Up Brady, La tribu de los Brady, La tribu Brady, ゆかいなブレディー家, Drei Mädchen und drei Jungen


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