Episodes (27)

S04E01 · Theory

Sep 12, 1968

Det. Insp. Cook is attempting to second guess where a robbery gang will strike next. There appears to be a pattern of two robberies, close together, on the same day. Cook now needs to work out which two targets are next.

S04E02 · Proof

Sep 19, 1968

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Bird of Passage
S04E03 · Bird of Passage

Sep 26, 1968

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See the Rabbit
S04E04 · See the Rabbit

Oct 03, 1968

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Take Them in Singles
S04E05 · Take Them in Singles

Oct 10, 1968

Crime Squad looks into a casino that can't be making any money but among the people do go there are target criminals. Evidence is available to arrest several men but Det. Chief Supt. Barlow wants the man in charge.

Red Herring
S04E06 · Red Herring

Oct 17, 1968

A hole in a fence at a company that makes brake linings peaks the interest of Special Branch. The factory has too much security for what it claims to be making so Det. Chief Insp. John Watt seconded to investigate on their behalf.

Five Pair O' Hands
S04E07 · Five Pair O' Hands

Oct 24, 1968

Det. Chief Supt. Barlow is tipped off that an organised gang of shoplifters are heading to the Wyvern area. Eddie Nevin is the head of a family of five but the constant pressure is now beginning take it's toll.

Minor Incident
S04E08 · Minor Incident

Oct 31, 1968

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An Old Song
S04E09 · An Old Song

Nov 07, 1968

County Constabulary arrest small time crook Edward Casey for receiving. Casey is a target of Crime Squad believing he can provide information something far more serious when he dropped off a letter to an office under observation.

Big Boats, Little Boats
S04E10 · Big Boats, Little Boats

Nov 14, 1968

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For a Rainy Day
S04E11 · For a Rainy Day

Nov 21, 1968

Tommy Ford is taking over the protection rackets from Joe Breem using the muscle of Abel Jackson. After his club is wrecked, Breen retaliates with an hit and run attack on Jackson. D.C.I. Watt attempts keep the lid on affairs.

S04E12 · Assistance

Nov 28, 1968

An allegation of corruption against a senior officer forces Mr Gilbert to take an absence to investigate the matter. Barlow is promoted while John Watt finds his nose out of joint when he is over looked for Arthur Jones from County CID.

Equal Status
S04E13 · Equal Status

Dec 13, 1968

Welsh Nationalists move into the Wyvern area to blow up the local water mains. The Nationalists aim is to gain equal status for the Welsh language alongside the English. Special Branch is sent to aid Crime Squad.

S04E14 · Obstruction

Dec 12, 1968

Arthur Jones first day temporary head of Regional Crime Squad. He is keen to gather information on a former Polish radio operator called Anderson. His operation falls foul of government secrets and along with Barlow politely warned off.

Going Quietly
S04E15 · Going Quietly

Dec 19, 1968

Det. Con. Ben Box recent erratic behaviour is beginning to spill over from his home into his work. His wife is so worried that she asks Harry Hawkins for help but panic sets in when Box vanishes and can't be found.

On Christmas Day in the Morning
S04E16 · On Christmas Day in the Morning

Dec 27, 1968

Charles and Muriel Weston steal goods worth £16,000 from fellow guests at the Penton Range Christmas party. D.C. I. Watt believes this is a professional job and thinks he can smoke out the couple he believes to be guilty.

S04E17 · Departure

Jan 02, 1969

Heavy plant equipment is stolen from a new motorway extension. Hawkins leads an undercover operation to discover who is involved. Mr Gilbert's return to puts an end to Det. Chief Supt. Barlow's first command job.

Cross Reference
S04E18 · Cross Reference

Jan 09, 1969

W.D.S Barbara Allin stumbles on a car ringing outfit using a stopover car park. With her boyfriend driving a decoy car she unwittingly treads on the toes of D.C.I. Watt's investigation into the same gang, passing dud checks abroad.

Run for the Hills
S04E19 · Run for the Hills

Jan 16, 1969

Crime Squad are tipped off that escaped robber Jack Marshall is hiding out at a remote farm in the Welsh hills, planning a new job. Allin and Morgan go undercover, has hikers, to confirm Marshall's presence.

S04E20 · Pressure

Jan 23, 1969

Det. Chief Supt. Barlow is brought into a nine week old murder inquiry of bus driver Alfred Cameron. The investigation has become stale, unmotivated officers go through the motions. Barlow decides it is time shake things up.

A Quantity of Gelignite
S04E21 · A Quantity of Gelignite

Jan 30, 1969

Tramp Dicky Bird overhears a conversation about the sale of gelignite to the unassuming Stanley Mellish. The original seller is warned off but Yob muscles into the sale after beating Bird to death. But what are Mellish's real motives?

Critical Path
S04E22 · Critical Path

Feb 06, 1969

Barlow and Cook recover a set plans from a gang who on a previous raid targeted whisky. They discover that their plan is a flow chart pointing to what has to be done before they can proceed. They now to find the target.

S04E23 · Persistence

Feb 13, 1969

With seventeen burglaries in the same area as a reform school for boys, Det. Chief Insp. Watt is convinced there is a connection. Headmaster, Mr Carter in convinced no boy can get out night but Watt thinks they have found a way.

Second Chance
S04E24 · Second Chance

Feb 20, 1969

Barlow and Gilbert are at loggerheads over the prison release of serial sex offender Michael Madden. The pair disagree over whether Madden is reformed but when he loses surveillance officers there is panic that he will strike again.

How's the Wife Then?
S04E25 · How's the Wife Then?

Feb 27, 1969

John Watt gets a tip off that former jailbird Ted Fisher is planning a job worth £20,000. While visiting a former colleague Jammy, now a private eye, he spots a Fisher associate Durrell. Jammy is keen to help but Watts has doubts.

Right to Search
S04E26 · Right to Search

Mar 06, 1969

Interpol make a request for help to find how high quality fake £5 notes are getting from Germany into England. Det. Chief Supt. Barlow is put in charge of the case with information that they coming through the Bristol area.

Proved Connection
S04E27 · Proved Connection

Mar 13, 1969

Local C.I.D. find a stolen van equipped enough tools for either a factory or bank robbery. Observation gives them the arrest of George Anderson, who claims to be a minor player but his record implies a much a bigger role.


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