Episodes (20)

Steve Martin/Eric Clapton
S20E01 · Steve Martin/Eric Clapton

Sep 24, 1994

Steve Martin's thirteenth time hosting. Sketches include: Clinton Auditions, Steve Martin's Monologue, H.H.T. Home Headache Test, Court TV, Steve Martin's All-Natural Penis Beauty Cream, Total Bastard Airlines II, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald and guests Laura Kightlinger and Gil Graham, The Ron Wood Show, Buck Daniels, Nut-Rific Ad Campaign, Super Sports Tours, Babies. Eric Clapton performs "I'm Tore Down" and "Five Long Years".

Marisa Tomei/Bonnie Raitt
S20E02 · Marisa Tomei/Bonnie Raitt

Oct 01, 1994

Sketches include: A Message from the President of the United States, Marisa Tomei's Monologue, Lexon Paradox, Court TV, Piercing Today, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Mike Myers and Tim Meadows on the Hockey Strike, Weekend Update: David Spade as Cool Guy, Making Better Love Workshop, Daily Affirmation, Monsters of Monologue '94, Bobby Camilarri's Bridal Fair 2000, Framington High Fall Mixer. Bonnie Raitt performs "Love Sneaking Up On You" and "Storm Warning".

John Travolta/Seal
S20E03 · John Travolta/Seal

Oct 15, 1994

The third installment of the 20th season is hosted by John Travolta, and Seal is the musical guest.

Dana Carvey/Edie Brickell & Paul Simon
S20E04 · Dana Carvey/Edie Brickell & Paul Simon

Oct 22, 1994

SNL alumni Dana Carvey's first time hosting. Sketches include: A Message From the Former President of the United States (with President George H W Bush), Dana Carvey's Monologue (with President George H W Bush cameo), Virtual-Reality Books, Court TV: Johnny Carson at the OJ Simpson Trial, Ross Perot Greets Trick-or-Treaters, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Al Franken on Negative Campaign Ads, Weekend Update: Hans and Franz on SNL's Recurring Characters, Pepper Boy, Nobel Prize Awards, Work Excuses, "Office Space", Part 3. Edie Brickell and Paul ...

Sarah Jessica Parker/R.E.M.
S20E05 · Sarah Jessica Parker/R.E.M.

Nov 12, 1994

Sarah Jessica Parker hosts this episode and R.E.M. is the musical guest In the cold opening, Congressman Bob Hudnut (Chris Elliot) gives his concession speech, after losing his 1994 reelection Campaign. Sarah Jessica Parker's Monologue is a rewrite of "Tomorrow" tailored to Democrat election losses in Congress and the Senate. Commercial for Eterna-Rest coffins: Corpses rest with greater peace on more comfortable mattress. Brooklyn-based morning show "Good Morning Brooklyn" includes guests such as an up-and-coming actor named Angelo (Adam Sandler), and a free karate ...

John Turturro/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
S20E06 · John Turturro/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Nov 17, 1994

Sketches include: It's A Wonderful Newt, John Turturro's Monologue (with Joey Buttafuoco cameo), Eych (repeat), Christopher Walken's Celebrity Psychic Friends Network, Phone Hang-Ups, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Judge Lance Ito on Publicity, Weekend Update: David Hasselhoff (featuring David Hasselhoff), Taxi Driver: The Musical, Stop That, Jamaica Tourism Ad, Dr. Ira Resnick, The Movie Club, Dr. Josh Levine, Dr. Ira Resnick II. Tom Petty performs "You Don't Know How It Feels" and "Honey Bee".

Roseanne/Green Day
S20E07 · Roseanne/Green Day

Dec 03, 1994

Sketches include: Jesse Helms Press Conference, Roseanne Monologue, H.H.T. Home Headache Test (repeat), USAir, A Woman Exploited: The Madonna and Tom Arnold Story, Rescue 911, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: David Spade on Athlete Strikes, Weekend Update: Naomi Green on Jeffrey Dahmer's Death, Weekend Update: Chanukah Song, Low-Fat Yogurt, Civil War Memories, Multiple Personalities, Funny Strange, Lock-Up (with Rip Taylor cameo). Green Day performs "When I Come Around" and "Geek Stink Breath".

Alec Baldwin/Beastie Boys
S20E08 · Alec Baldwin/Beastie Boys

Dec 10, 1994

Alec Baldwin hosts this episode (his fifth appearance as host), and The Beastie Boys are the musical guests. In the cold opener, former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders (Ellen Cleghorne) delivers a pro-masturbation speech upon her resignation. Alec Baldwin's Monologue involves a reaction to some complaints about a February 12, 1994 Canteen Boy sketch involving Baldwin and Adam Sandler, in which Baldwin played a child molester. Repeat of Lexon Paradox commercial spoof(See episode October 1, 1994). A Cop (Kevin Nealon) encounters a suburban family playing Santa Claus...

George Foreman/Hole
S20E09 · George Foreman/Hole

Dec 17, 1994

Sketches include: A Christmas Message From the President and Mrs. Clinton, George Foreman Monologue, Time Boxer (with Michael Buffer cameo), Looking Good, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Martha Stewart on Christmases Past, Weekend Update: Two Guys from a Religious Cult Review a Restaurant, Matt Foley: Motivational Trainer, Uncle Joe, The Incredible Hulk, Chris Elliot's Bedtime Story, "Stalking" by Bruce McCulloch, Jackie Stallone's Psychic Circle. Hole performs "Doll Parts" and "Violet".

Jeff Daniels/Luscious Jackson
S20E10 · Jeff Daniels/Luscious Jackson

Jan 14, 1995

Mark McKinney's first episode. Sketches include: Capitol Hill, Jeff Daniels Monologue, Eterna Rest (repeat), Martin Luther King Day, Connie Chung vs. Mrs. Gingrich, Entertainment Tonight, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: David Spade on Concerts, Weekend Update: Marguerite Simpson, Mystery Dinner Theater, Film Beat, Gay Stripper Theater, Aerosmith Album, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. Luscious Jackson performs "City Song" and "Here".

David Hyde Pierce/Live
S20E11 · David Hyde Pierce/Live

Jan 21, 1995

Mike Myers' final episode. Sketches include: Court TV, David Hyde Pierce Monologue, Amazin' Laser, Poetry Class, Tales Of Little Women, Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Tim Meadows on the Hockey Strike, Weekend Update: Jay Mohr's Sports Bloopers, Robot Spy, Nervous Habits, Foreigners and Jersey Kids, Perspectives, The Internet, Movie News. Live performs "I Alone" and "Selling the Drama".

Bob Newhart/Des'ree
S20E12 · Bob Newhart/Des'ree

Feb 11, 1995

Sketches include: Colin Ferguson Trial, Bob Newhart Monologue, Ricki Lake, Book Buzz, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: OJ Simpson Witness, Weekend Update: David Spade on Cindy Crawford, Weekend Update: Adam Sandler, Baywatch, The Evaluation, "Hi Bob", Sports Beat, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, Bob Hartley's Bad Dream (after the Goodnights). Des'ree performs "You Gotta Be" and "Feels So High".

Deion Sanders/Bon Jovi
S20E13 · Deion Sanders/Bon Jovi

Feb 18, 1995

Sketches include: O.J. Simpson Field Trip, Deion Sanders Monologue, Baseball Strike Solidarity, 1995 Espy Awards (with Bon Jovi and Manute Bol cameos), Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Opera Man, UFO Mission, Rappers with Simple Lyrics, Perspectives, Deion Meets Sick Boy. Deion Sanders performs "Must Be The Money" and "It's On". Bon Jovi performs "Always" and "Someday I'll Be Saturday Night".

George Clooney/The Cranberries
S20E14 · George Clooney/The Cranberries

Feb 25, 1995

Janeane Garofalo's last episode, and Molly Shannon's first episode. Sketches include: Black History Month, George Clooney Monologue, Lexon Paradox (repeat), Seaworld, Taxicab Confessions, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Juror Number Four, Weekend Update: George Clooney on Chicago Hope, Weekend Update: Kevin Nealon on Medicare Budget Cuts, WR, Tales of Railroad Malfeasance, The Mack Reardon Story, Zagat's, Emory Illinois, Snowbird. The Cranberries performs "Zombie" and "Ode to My Family".

Paul Reiser/Annie Lennox
S20E15 · Paul Reiser/Annie Lennox

Mar 18, 1995

Sketches include: Newt's Half-Sister, Paul Reiser Monologue, Where's Superman?, Road To The Final Four, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Jeff Foxworthy, Weekend Update: Frank Dippy and Hank Doodle, Sparklebrite Toothpaste, Daily Affirmation, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey, Aliens 4: Mad About You Aliens, Dating In The Nineties, One Brother Restaurant, O'Callahan and Son Pub (replaced in later broadcasts due to plagiarism). Annie Lennox performs "No More I Love Yous" and "Train in Vain".

John Goodman/Tragically Hip
S20E16 · John Goodman/Tragically Hip

Mar 25, 1995

John Goodman's sixth time hosting. Sketches include: This Week With David Brinkley (featuring Dan Aykroyd), John Goodman Monologue (featuring Dan Aykroyd), Bill Swerski's Super Fans (featuring Dan Ackroyd, Brian Dennehy and George Wendt), The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder (featuring Dan Aykroyd), Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Kato Kaelin Testimony, Dog Park, Rush Limbaugh vs. Howard Stern (featuring Dan Aykroyd), Self-Deluded Losers, Unsolved Mysteries (featuring Dan Aykroyd), Coal Miners (featuring Dan Aykroyd), Penis-Measuring Device. The ...

Damon Wayans/Dionne Farris
S20E17 · Damon Wayans/Dionne Farris

Apr 08, 1995

Morwenna Banks' first episode. Sketches include: A Statement From Judge Ito, Damon Wayans Monologue, Bathroom Monkey (repeat), Summer Day Camp, Men On Film (with David Alan Grier cameo), Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Jeff Foxworthy, Weekend Update: Adam Sandler on Mike Tyson's Release, Trumpet Saliva, Court TV, Perspectives, Cirque du Soleil, Deep Thoughts, Christopher Walken For Skittles, Tom Jones' Used Underwear Sale. Dionne Farris performs "I Know" and "Blackbird" (The Beatles cover).

Courteney Cox/Dave Matthews Band
S20E18 · Courteney Cox/Dave Matthews Band

Apr 15, 1995

Sketches include: Matt Foley: Bilingual Motivational Speaker, Courtney Cox Monologue, Good Morning Brooklyn, Gapardy, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Education Correspondent Louise Ingstrom, Melanie Babysits, Hiring Charles Manson, Truth vs. Jokes, Replacement Baseball, His Muse Friday, Obnoxious Co-Worker. Dave Matthews Band performs "What Would You Say" and "Ants Marching". Bela Fleck features with the SNL Band.

Bob Saget/TLC
S20E19 · Bob Saget/TLC

May 06, 1995

Al Franken's final episode. Sketches include: A Message From Tony Vallencourt, Bob Saget Monologue, Amazin' Laser (repeat), Fast, America's Funniest Hate Videos, Fashion Designer, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: The Little Girl on Television News, Weekend Update: Ellen Cleghorne on the TV Season, Where In The World Is San Diego California?, Boyz II Men, Karl's Video Store, Deep Thoughts I, Daily Affirmation, Pacemaker, Deep Thoughts II. TLC performs "Creep" and "Red Light Special".

David Duchovny/Rod Stewart
S20E20 · David Duchovny/Rod Stewart

May 13, 1995

David Duchovny's first time hosting. Kevin Nealon, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Ellen Cleghorne, Morwenna Banks, Jay Mohr, Laura Kightlinger, Michael McKean and Chris Elliott's final episode. Sketches include: The Beastman of Studio 8-H, David Duchovny Monologue (with Michael Angarano cameo), You Think You're Better Than Me? (with Naomi Campbell cameo), Zagat's, Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald, Weekend Update: Laura Kightlinger on Summer Break, Weekend Update: Adam West on Batman Forever, Weekend Update: Adam Sandler with a Mothers Day Message, New England General ...


Saturday Night Live Season 20 (1994) is released on Sep 24, 1994 and the latest season 48 of Saturday Night Live is released in 2022. Watch Saturday Night Live online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Saturday Night Live is directed by Dave Wilson,Don Roy King,Beth McCarthy-Miller,James Signorelli and created by Lorne Michaels with The Saturday Night Live Band and Don Pardo.

A late-night comedy show featuring several short skits, parodies of television commercials, a live guest band, and a pop-cultural guest host each week. Many of the SNL players have spun off successful independent comedy and/or movie careers from here.

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