Episodes (12)

S01E01 · Pilot

Oct 05, 1973

Red Ball Express is a mobile supply unit in the European war zone with the drivers made up by misfits. When one of men dies Sweet learns his request is for a New Orleans style funeral. His colleagues feel obliged to comply.

Blues for B.J.
S01E02 · Blues for B.J.

Oct 12, 1973

Sweet gets a pass for Paris and eagerly anticipates on the fun he'll have.

Dark Victory
S01E03 · Dark Victory

Oct 19, 1973

Volunteer drivers are needed to transport highly sensitive mortar shells over bad roads. Sweet thinks getting the spot will make him a hero with associated perks while Jed is concerned over his mortality.

Sunday, Sweet Sunday
S01E04 · Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Oct 26, 1973

Corporal Sweet has an ulterior motive when he accepts Jed's invitation to church that isn't very inspirational.

Dear Rocco
S01E05 · Dear Rocco

Nov 02, 1973

A mishap occurs in the mail delivery and Rocco's letter from his wife is only half there. Rocco speculates and decides it's a Dear John message which sends him over the edge.

Sweet Millions
S01E06 · Sweet Millions

Nov 16, 1973

Sweet happens on a bag of cash stashed in a tree and claims it under finders keepers. Sweet starts throwing cash around trying to act a big shot which gets back to the wrong people.

Members of the Wedding
S01E07 · Members of the Wedding

Nov 23, 1973

Wedding bells are about to ring and Brooks is the groom. Hise army buddies wonder if his case of nerves indicate that Brooks isn't ready for married bliss.

The Paper Caper
S01E08 · The Paper Caper

Nov 30, 1973

Corporal Williams and his men, due to a turn of events, are turned into unlikely safecrackers.

No Wages: All Fear
S01E09 · No Wages: All Fear

Dec 14, 1973

Low key Jed is fed up with roommate Sweet's exuberant and shady ways so he moves out. Sweet is lost without his pal and tries to persuade Jed he will change.

Christmas of '44
S01E10 · Christmas of '44

Dec 21, 1973

The men are downcast as they are faced with the holidays occuring in the war zone away from their families. A french boys choir arrives to sing for them which lifts their spirits.

Honor Truck
S01E11 · Honor Truck

Dec 28, 1973

The award for best maintained vehicle is prominent place in the rollout and a pass to Paris. Sweet is tantalized by French escapades and is not beyond a little sabotage. That escalates and soon the unit is in trouble.

Didn't He Ramble
S01E12 · Didn't He Ramble

Jan 04, 1974

Corporal Sweet sprains his ankle and plays up his injury. The medical personel take it seriously and Sweet hears talk of an honorable discharge. His joy in his future causes jealousy among Sweet's buddies which could ruin everything.


Roll Out Season 1 (1973) is released on Oct 05, 1973. Watch Roll Out online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Roll Out is directed by William Wiard,Bruce Bilson,Robert Butler,Richard Kinon and created by Larry Gelbart with Stu Gilliam and Hilly Hicks.

As know as:

Roll Out


United States



Production Companies:

20th Century Fox Television

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