Episodes (10)

Dirty Deeds
S06E01 · Dirty Deeds

Oct 15, 2014

Jake must fight off his enemies, while trying to solve a case for a hapless inmate, as he struggles to come to terms with what happened to Leslie.

No Rest for the Convicted
S06E02 · No Rest for the Convicted

Oct 22, 2014

Jake must keep his loose-cannon bail benefactor in check while chasing a dodgy money trail; Leslie returns to work but with some conditions; Sloan's decisions force Jake into making a deal with the devil.

Smash Derby
S06E03 · Smash Derby

Oct 29, 2014

Doyle and Doyle investigate an insurance fraud and, in turn, get a new job. Jake is investing a woman for Saul. Des follows Sloan.

The Driver
S06E04 · The Driver

Nov 05, 2014

Jake tries to find a driver to help prevent a crime war.

True Lies
S06E05 · True Lies

Nov 12, 2014

Jake gets tangled up with an old high school nemesis who is now a person who keeps track of those out on bail. Jake tries to find evidence to help clear his name and Leslie may lose her job.

The Pint
S06E06 · The Pint

Nov 19, 2014

Christian comes home with a fiance and they plan a quick wedding which happens to take place in the bar at the same time as a wake being held for Ned's friend.

When the Whistle Blows
S06E07 · When the Whistle Blows

Nov 26, 2014

The Doyles work with Jimmy and Wolf to help protect a whistle blower at the docks. Someone from Sloan's past comes back and makes trouble.

Body of Evidence
S06E08 · Body of Evidence

Dec 03, 2014

IA is investigating Leslie and her involvement in the mess the Doyles are in. Jake gets himself into another mess.

Judgement Day
S06E09 · Judgement Day

Dec 10, 2014

Jake stands trial for the murder of Clarke. The Doyle family tries to solve a high stakes case in just two days time.

Last Call
S06E10 · Last Call

Dec 10, 2014

Jake and Leslie fight for their lives as their enemies close ranks. They have to pull out every trick in the book to protect themselves, and receive help from a unexpected ally. But it soon gets down to the wire to clear Jake's name and secure freedom in the City of Legends.


Republic of Doyle Season 6 (2014) is released on Oct 15, 2014 and the latest season 6 of Republic of Doyle is released in 2014. Watch Republic of Doyle online - the English Comedy TV series from Canada. Republic of Doyle is directed by Stefan Scaini,John Vatcher,Keith Samples,Steve DiMarco and created by Perry Chafe with Allan Hawco and Krystin Pellerin. Republic of Doyle is available online on Peacock and Peacock Premium.

As know as:

Законът на Дойл(Bulgarian), Republic of Doyle(English), Republic of Doyle(French), Дојлова република, Republic of Doyle





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