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Episode #4.1
S04E01 · Episode #4.1

Sep 14, 1978

The ghosts start a new venture with "Rentapotion", but Mr. Claypole's new products have drastic side effects. To keep the business on track, Fred Mumford sends for a friend of Catastrophe Kate's to help them out: Hazel the McWitch.

Episode #4.2
S04E02 · Episode #4.2

Sep 21, 1978

Mr. Meaker buys a new clothes shop, and hires the ghosts to renovate and work in it. But when his demanding nature becomes too much for them, they decide to strike and go on holiday in protest.

Episode #4.3
S04E03 · Episode #4.3

Sep 28, 1978

Ethel has given Harold an ultimatum - he must choose between her or Rentaghost. Wanting to help fix their marriage issues, Fred Mumford enlists the advice of a female ghost, in the form of Catastrophe Kate.

Episode #4.4
S04E04 · Episode #4.4

Oct 05, 1978

The Rentaghost team decide that they want to open up a new restaurant. But when their culinary skills don't prove up to the task, Fred calls on the McWitch to see if her potions can help out with the food.

Episode #4.5
S04E05 · Episode #4.5

Oct 12, 1978

Mr. Meaker has become obsessed with going to the gym, and Fred's dad is dangerously unfit. Concerned for the physical welfare of them both, Ethel and the Rentaghost team assign Mr. Claypole to watch over them to ensure their safety.

Episode #4.6
S04E06 · Episode #4.6

Oct 19, 1978

The Rentaghost Charity Committee put together a fete to raise money for good causes, and Catastrophe Kate visits in order to lend a helping hand.

S04E07 · Rentasanta

Dec 19, 1979

The Meakers put on an amateur pantomime and get the ghosts to help out, leading to a series of musical numbers in this extra-length Christmas Special.


Rentaghost Season 4 (1978) is released on Sep 14, 1978 and the latest season 9 of Rentaghost is released in 1984. Watch Rentaghost online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Rentaghost is directed by David Crichton,Jeremy Swan,Renny Rye,Paul Ciani and created by Bob Block with Michael Staniforth and Edward Brayshaw.

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United Kingdom



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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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