Episodes (6)

Episode #3.1
S03E01 · Episode #3.1

Feb 22, 1977

Rentaghost goes into the weather control business. Wanting some extra temporary help, Fred visits the spirit world and brings back a ghost from the Wild West, Catastrophe Kate. Unfortunately for Fred, the others become besotted by her.

Episode #3.2
S03E02 · Episode #3.2

Mar 01, 1977

Mr. Claypole is going through one of his extra mischievous phases, terrorising the others and turning Harold into a budgie. Unfortunately, he suffers a memory loss, and is unable to reverse the spells.

Episode #3.3
S03E03 · Episode #3.3

Mar 08, 1977

Fred makes the decision to finally tell his parents that he's dead, but, like the Meakers' amateur dramatics play, things don't go according to plan.

Episode #3.4
S03E04 · Episode #3.4

Mar 15, 1977

Local entrepreneur Adam Painting has been holding so many loud parties that the ghosts haunting his house left to get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately for Fred and other ghosts, they've chosen to squat in the Rentaghost offices.

Episode #3.5
S03E05 · Episode #3.5

Mar 22, 1977

Catastrophe Kate is bored, so returns to visit her friends at Rentaghost. Sadly, her gift of a special growth potion doesn't turn out as well as hoped.

Episode #3.6
S03E06 · Episode #3.6

Mar 29, 1977

The ghosts win £500 on premium bonds and decide to use some of the money to send the Meakers on holiday - but the Meakers believe that they're plotting to kill them.


Rentaghost Season 3 (1977) is released on Feb 22, 1977 and the latest season 9 of Rentaghost is released in 1984. Watch Rentaghost online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Rentaghost is directed by David Crichton,Jeremy Swan,Renny Rye,Paul Ciani and created by Bob Block with Michael Staniforth and Edward Brayshaw.

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United Kingdom



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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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