Episodes (13)

Slow Burn
S05E01 · Slow Burn

Oct 03, 1996

William returns to Lynx River and Brian suspects him of dealing. Sarah sets up a tent next to Joe's camp. Brian and Rosemary want to adopt a three-year-old boy, but will his fetal alcohol syndrome create more problems than they can handle?

S05E02 · Bushman

Oct 10, 1996

Michelle wants to know what is happening with the treatment center, but Andrew warns her not to ask about it. Charlie has nightmares after seeing someone in the bushes.

Never Surrender
S05E03 · Never Surrender

Oct 17, 1996

Albert stops helping Sarah raise her baby and files a complaint against her with social services. Elsie plans a birthday party for her daughter and suffers difficulties with her memory. Ellen returns for the party and talks to Peter about their relationship.

Partners and Other Strangers
S05E04 · Partners and Other Strangers

Oct 24, 1996

Sylvie LeBret returns and revives ghosts of the past. Charlie starts using Michelle's hunting training to keep people from building a road on disputed land. Teevee and Gerry's sawmill arrives, and now Teevee must make the job work.

Fear of Flying
S05E05 · Fear of Flying

Oct 31, 1996

Peter makes Sarah a new job offer. Andrew takes a new job, which could keep him away from Michelle and Charlie for a long time.

The Watchers
S05E06 · The Watchers

Nov 07, 1996

Peter offers Sylvie a job as Lynx River's schoolteacher, expecting the approval of the band council to be a simple formality. Brian visits Sarah at her camp and expresses his lust for her, which she does not reciprocate.

Simple Sufferings
S05E07 · Simple Sufferings

Nov 14, 1996

Teevee needs to work with Albert Golo while making a big order for the sawmill, but Elsie suspects that Teevee might be in danger. Rosie spends time with Gerry while Leon is away. Lois wants to be a minister, but she runs into obstacles.

A Shimmer of Scales
S05E08 · A Shimmer of Scales

Nov 21, 1996

Brian, egged on by Albert, tries to sabotage Andrew's fly-in fishing business. Gerry and Teevee apply for a bank loan, and the surly loan officer discovers Gerry's excessive telephone charges for a rather embarrassing service.

Suspicious Minds
S05E09 · Suspicious Minds

Dec 05, 1996

Michelle tries to find out why Brian is acting strangely. Bertha and Teevee get into an argument related to mill business. Elsie tries to stop Sylvie from becoming a schoolteacher in town.

A Deeper Silence
S05E10 · A Deeper Silence

Dec 12, 1996

Leonard Sahke, a drug addict, comes to town, so Brian and Michelle are forced to ask William MacNeil for help. Michelle tries to find out both who stole her notebook and why Brian is behaving strangely.

Walking with Ghosts
S05E11 · Walking with Ghosts

Jan 02, 1997

Michelle continues her search for Brian with help from the RCMP rescue team. Betty Moses returns to re-open the treatment center and offer Sarah a job. Lois gives Harris news that upset him.

Hunting in the Dark
S05E12 · Hunting in the Dark

Jan 09, 1997

Michelle goes to Vancouver to search for both Brenda Shore and the answer to Brian's apparent suicide. Sarah's housewarming party reminds Albert of his and Sarah's troubled relationship.

The Higher Law
S05E13 · The Higher Law

Jan 16, 1997

Michelle and the RCMP are puzzled when Albert's house burns down and Albert disappears. Inspector Cormier informs Michelle about a possible upgrade, with strings attached.


North of 60 Season 5 (1996) is released on Oct 03, 1996 and the latest season 6 of North of 60 is released in 1997. Watch North of 60 online - the English Crime TV series from Canada. North of 60 is directed by T.W. Peacocke,Stacey Stewart Curtis,Alan Simmonds,Gil Cardinal and created by Peter Lauterman with Tina Keeper and Tracey Cook.

As know as:

North of 60(French), Au nord du 60e, Uma Cidade, Dois Mundos, North of 60, North of 60(English)





Production Companies:

Alberta Filmworks, Alliance Films Corporation, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Official Site:

Alberta Filmworks

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