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Episode #2.1
S02E01 · Episode #2.1

Feb 21, 2007

Charged with perverting the course of justice for coaching a client in her testimony, Jack Roper also finds himself before a panel of his peers reviewing his professional conduct. Initially, he doesn't want to involve any colleagues and plan on defending himself. For the misconduct hearing, he gets some help from an unexpected quarter. Charlie and Joe find themselves defending Bethany Taylor, who works as a so-called sub-agent selling information on the availability of pro footballers to other clubs. She is accused of stealing £2000 from a now sacked team manager. ...

Episode #2.2
S02E02 · Episode #2.2

Feb 28, 2007

Although Jack Roper's legal problems are behind him, the firm has seen a drop in legal briefs so everyone is reminded to be on their best behavior. Jack takes on the case of Jimmy McGregor, a violent criminal who has been charged with possession of heroin. When he learns that McGregor is forcing his wife to provide him with an alibi, Jack takes control of the situation but with surprising results. Annie Quick and Laura Scammel find themselves each defending one half of a married couple when the husband wants to make a £40,000 donation to a charity as instructed by an ...

Episode #2.3
S02E03 · Episode #2.3

Mar 07, 2007

Jack Roper represents one of two 14-year old girls charged with murdering a schoolmate. The prosecution has an eyewitness and little other evidence but Jack finds the girls to be most uncooperative. When one of the girls decides to change her statement and accuse the other of the murder, Jack has to re-assess his defense strategy. Charlie represents a high-class hooker who is suing a medical clinic for malpractice when her cosmetic surgery is botched. Problem is she was paying for her surgery in kind and the insurers may not bear any liability. Laura and Joe work ...

Episode #2.4
S02E04 · Episode #2.4

Mar 14, 2007

Jack and Laura defend Bill Granger who is accused of having sexually molested his daughter Lorraine some 10 years ago when she was only 12 years old. The prosecution, led by Honor Scammel with newly hired Joe Stevens as her junior, has a weak case as the man's daughter may be suffering from recovered memory syndrome. Honor Scammel starts to have an affair but covers up her change of mood by telling her husband she is being considered for a seat on the Bench. Annie Quick's husband has left her and she is served with divorce papers. Charlie decides to make a radical ...

Episode #2.5
S02E05 · Episode #2.5

Mar 26, 2007

When Al Ware doesn't show up for work, Jack decides to stop by his flat to see what the problem might be. What he finds is Al's partner Steve dead on the floor. Al's story is that after he and his partner had a fight the night before, he went out by himself for a drink and then went straight to bed on his return home without checking to see if Steve was in. Jack is of the view that once Al admits to the fight, Al will be charged with murder so they concocts a story for the police. Annie and Charlie defend a young man who is charged with raping a teenage at a party. ...

Episode #2.6
S02E06 · Episode #2.6

Apr 04, 2007

Jack Roper takes on the case of a homeowner, Andrew Turner, who killed an intruder who broke into his house. He has been charged with a hate crime as the intruder was Asian and the prosecution maintains it was a factor in the level of violence. Turner is believed to have been a member of a local group called Clean Up the Streets who swore he would kill any intruder who broke into his home. The defense thinks Turner was set up. Laurence Scammel is appalled that the CPS is pursuing the case and the stress takes its toll. Charlie and Annie find themselves on opposite ...


New Street Law Season 2 (2007) is released on Feb 21, 2007 and the latest season 2 of New Street Law is released in 2007. Watch New Street Law online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. New Street Law is directed by David Skynner,Julian Holmes,Emma Bodger,Clara Glynn and created by Matthew Hall with John Hannah and Paul Freeman.

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A jog útvesztőjében, New Street Law, Roperin lakiasiaintoimisto, Advokaterna på New Street(Swedish)


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One-Eyed Dog Productions, Red Production Company

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