Episodes (6)

S02E01 · Witches

May 23, 2006

Ash and Scribs investigate the murder of a student at a posh private school. It appears that the student may have been involved in witchcraft and that someone, likely another student, put a hex on her. There are several suspects given the normal goings on among teenagers where friendships are formed and broken all too quickly. There is also a music teacher who seems to spend just a bit more time with his students than seems proper. The detectives also have to put up with a new boss while DCI Sullivan is away for the week. Scribs also has a new boyfriend and if she ...

Estate Agents
S02E02 · Estate Agents

May 23, 2006

Ash and Scribs investigate the murder of an estate agent, Phil Jakes, who was struck over the head with a paperweight and then strangled late one evening at his office. Jakes was not very popular with his colleagues and had a bit of a reputation for angering his clients. They also learn that he fancied himself something of a ladies' man and has quite a large number of conquests, including fathering a client's child some years before. The investigators believe he may have been blackmailing one of the women he had slept with, but the obvious suspects all have alibis. ...

The Wedding
S02E03 · The Wedding

May 30, 2006

When the father of the bride is murdered at the wedding reception, DI Ashurst and DS Scribbins find themselves unraveling a series of complex inter-personal relationships. The bride's father is a bit of a drunkard who, it seems, hit her in a fit of temper. The groom's family presents its own foibles. The groom hasn't accomplished much with his life and is a disaster in the family business. His father is having a long-standing affair with an employee and his mother may have had a fling with the bride's father. Meanwhile, Ash continues to pine for DCI Sullivan who seems...

S02E04 · Salsa

May 30, 2006

Ash and Scribbs investigate the murder of Sandra Foy, who was thrown from her terrace after returning home from a salsa dancing lesson. Sandra liked to have a good time and when the police learn that she was having an affair with the dance instructor, known as the Italian Stallion, they immediately look to the husband as the culprit. It's not that simple however. She had also replaced another woman in a long-standing dance partnership and the woman is near hysterical as a result. It also turns out her husband was laundering money for organized crime through his travel...

S02E05 · Dogs

Jun 06, 2006

Ash and Scribbs investigate the death of Christine Archer, a kennel owner and dog walker who was killed in the woods. In doing so, they enter the strange world of dog owners and their pets with several of the former having a motive to kill her. They meet Malcolm Eysher, who has recently broken an affair with the dead woman, and his somewhat ditsy wife Fiona who, it turns out, knew what he was up to. Then there is her business partner, Steve, who was cheating her by taking clients on the side. Finally, there is William Marshall against whom Archer had filed a complaint...

Golden Oldies
S02E06 · Golden Oldies

Jun 06, 2006

Ash and Scribbs investigate the murder of a 1950's singing star affectionately known as JJ who, it seems, still has a following in the retirement home where he and his wife now reside. He'd recently had major heart surgery but there's no doubt that someone drowned him while he was taking a bath. The man's wife had recently told him she was leaving him after 45 years of marriage and she was having an affair with a man in room next to theirs. Meanwhile, Ash has to put up with the incessant teasing from her colleagues when she and DCI Sullivan have to lock lips to ...


Murder in Suburbia Season 2 (2006) is released on May 23, 2006 and the latest season 2 of Murder in Suburbia is released in 2006. Watch Murder in Suburbia online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Murder in Suburbia is directed by Roger Goldby,Edward Bennett,David Innes Edwards,Douglas Mackinnon and created by Nick Collins with Mickey Ambrose and Fiona Glascott. Murder in Suburbia is available online on Britbox Apple TV Channel and BritBox.

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Ash & Scribbs, Убийство в пригороде, Murder in Suburbia, Murder in Suburbia(English), Murder in Suburbia(French)


United Kingdom



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Carlton Television

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