Episodes (6)

S01E01 · Applejacks

Jan 10, 2006

DI Kate Ashurst and DS Emma Scribbins investigate the murder of Nikki Pengelly who is found stabbed to death on her living room floor. Nikki was a very attractive woman, divorced but now engaged to Ralph Mitchell, who found her dead body. She was also a member of Applejacks, a club for rich, young singles and she had admirers. When the police learn that Mitchell had a fling with Hazel Lawrence, the list of suspects, not to say possible motives, starts to grow.

S01E02 · Sanctuary

Jan 10, 2006

English detectives Ash and Scribbs investigate the stabbing murder of a woman who worked in a charity shop that raised money for animal sanctuaries in Africa.

Stag Night
S01E03 · Stag Night

Mar 28, 2004

Ashurst and Scribbins investigate the murder of Charlie Egan who is found floating in his club's swimming pool with his hands handcuffed behind his back. His business partner, Simon Weaver had thrown a stag party for him and the handcuffs belonged to the stripper he had hired for the occasion. The dead man's fiancée, the local mayor's daughter, is strangely unmoved by his death and they learn she may be having an affair with Weaver.

Millionaire's Row
S01E04 · Millionaire's Row

Apr 03, 2004

Detectives Ash and Scribbs investigate the murder of Gideon Finch, who was drugged and then set alight while sitting in his car. Finch had a reputation as a ladies man and was reputedly having an affair with a neighbor, Beth Whitmore. It turns out the dead man's wife Hannah was also having an affair with his brother Jamie and Beth's husband Philip is unable to account for his whereabouts at the time of the murder. Ash is happy in a new relationship with a man who isn't afraid to show his emotions, but she soon realizes that this may have a negative aspect to it as ...

A Good Deal of Attention
S01E05 · A Good Deal of Attention

Apr 10, 2004

Detectives Ash and Scribs investigate the murder of Helen McKee, who was the victim of a hit and run. Helen was secretary at a popular - and oversubscribed - local comprehensive school. With parents desperate to get their children into the school, she was the object of a good deal of attention. One man purposely started having an affair with her, just to improve his son's chance of acceptance. Equally, there are parents who blame her for their children's non-acceptance and may have wished her harm. They get a break in the case however when they learn that Helen was ...

Noisy Neighbours
S01E06 · Noisy Neighbours

Apr 17, 2004

When Bernard Lloyd is killed in his home workshop, Ash and Scribs have quite a few suspects to choose from. He was a particularly noisy neighbor, always working with his power tools. Bernard's wife Wendy is the initial suspect, but both investigating officers have their doubts. One neighbor is trying to sell their house and are having difficulty doing so because of the noise. Another is the neighborhood curmudgeon who doesn't seem to get along with anyone. It's only when the police find a body buried in the garden do they manage to solve the case.


Murder in Suburbia Season 1 (2006) is released on Jan 10, 2006 and the latest season 2 of Murder in Suburbia is released in 2006. Watch Murder in Suburbia online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Murder in Suburbia is directed by Roger Goldby,Edward Bennett,David Innes Edwards,Douglas Mackinnon and created by Nick Collins with Caroline Catz and Lisa Faulkner. Murder in Suburbia is available online on Britbox Apple TV Channel and BritBox.

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Ash & Scribbs, Убийство в пригороде, Murder in Suburbia, Murder in Suburbia(English), Murder in Suburbia(French)


United Kingdom



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Carlton Television

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