Episodes (13)

Monster Mobile/Monkey Sea, Monkey Do
S04E01 · Monster Mobile/Monkey Sea, Monkey Do

Jan 01, 2003

Mom?s new pottery obsession leads Mona and her friends to investigate the pottery studio where they discover the clay is a little too life-like?in fact it seems to be alive!/ When Lily flushes Charley?s Mer-monkeys down the drain, the consequences appear to be disastrous.

The Wrath of Thor/The Pied Piper
S04E02 · The Wrath of Thor/The Pied Piper

Jan 01, 2003

Charley accidentally awakens the all-powerful Viking god Thor when he removes his statue from the museum. / After Mona, Lily and Charley discover that Mr. Piper the substitute music teacher is an ogre they realize they must stop him before he uses his spellbinding clarinet to transform everyone in town.

Horrorscope/The Rescue of Queen Mab
S04E03 · Horrorscope/The Rescue of Queen Mab

Jan 01, 2003

There seems to be something diabolically strange about Zelda the fortune teller./ Mable, the owner of the local health food store, has gone missing and fairy expert Lily senses big trouble. It turns out Mable is really the fairy Queen Mab and she?s been kidnapped by mischievous fairies who will wreak havoc in town unless the kids can stop them.

The Sharkman Goeth/Dr. Purrman's Secret Recipe
S04E04 · The Sharkman Goeth/Dr. Purrman's Secret Recipe

Jan 01, 2003

When Fang and the other cats in town start behaving strangely and then start disappearing, Mona's investigations lead to the factory, where the feline like Dr. Purrman makes his very popular cat food./ Mona and her friends discover who is behind the recent shark sightings at the local beach.

Atlantis at Last/Invasion of the Shadflies
S04E05 · Atlantis at Last/Invasion of the Shadflies

Jan 01, 2003

Mona and her pals have their hands full when Neptune, the god of the seas, discovers the long lost missing continent of Atlantis right under their town and wants to restore it to its former glory./ The unseasonable early appearance of shadflies from the swamp behind Mr. McCaughllin?s house arouses Mona?s suspicion and leads to a full fledged effort to stop an inter-terrestrial invasion.

Gotto Robotto/The Laser Wizard
S04E06 · Gotto Robotto/The Laser Wizard

Jan 01, 2003

When Miss Gotto?s bossy older sister substitutes for her, Mona uncovers a horrible plot. Roberta Gotto is really a robot and she and her kind intend to take over the school. / After the kids encounter a maniacal wizard at the new Laser Dome, everything they imagine starts to come true.

Bowling Gremlins/The Ghost of Flying Trapeze
S04E07 · Bowling Gremlins/The Ghost of Flying Trapeze

Jan 01, 2003

If Officer Halcroft is going to win Mona, Charley and Lily are going to have to battle some very devious gremlins who just might be under the control of the unscrupulous Wilson Rollins. / When the kids all attend circus camp, run-ins with George and Angela turn out to be the least of their worries.

Aliens 1-2-3/Zapman, Myself and I
S04E08 · Aliens 1-2-3/Zapman, Myself and I

Jan 01, 2003

Charley?s opportunity to make a little babysitting money turns into a close encounter with a family of aliens and their identical triplet sons./ Zapman decides to strike out on his own after Mona embarrasses him in the schoolyard. But it looks like it?s going to take all three of our heroes working as a team to defeat a prank happy Coyote god who's on the loose in town.

Would You Like Fries with That?/The Haunted School Bus
S04E09 · Would You Like Fries with That?/The Haunted School Bus

Jan 01, 2003

While working in a fast food restaurant for Career's Week, the kids uncover an alien plot to enslave the whole town through an extra-special secret sauce. / When the old school bus is brought back into action George gets a very rough ride from the ghost inhabiting it.

Nickelodeon Nightmare/Ready Steady Yeti
S04E10 · Nickelodeon Nightmare/Ready Steady Yeti

Jan 01, 2003

While some are saying the Seville Theatre is just old and falling apart Mona knows that it?s being haunted by a ghost that escaped from the big screen./ When Mona, Charley, and Lily go on a school ski trip they encounter a series of mysterious snowy incidents and Mona concludes there?s only one rational explanation, the mythological Yeti has made the ski hill its home.

The Sandman/Von Kreesula's Day Off
S04E11 · The Sandman/Von Kreesula's Day Off

Jan 01, 2003

Mona and her friends enter a sand sculpture contest and unwittingly awaken the spirit of a mischievous sandman who seems to be bent on putting the whole town to sleep./ When Count Von Kreepsula and his arch rival Dr. Nefarious go missing from a comic book Mona leads the kids to a comic book convention where an amnesiac Von Kreepsula is about to fall into the clutches of his enemy.

Rockin' Reptile Roundup/The Suck-O-5000
S04E12 · Rockin' Reptile Roundup/The Suck-O-5000

Jan 01, 2003

The aging but still phantasmagoric Rockin? Reptiles are on a reunion tour that just might transform the kids? strange dressing and strange talking mothers into eerie reptiles./ After suffering through a few weeks without one sighting of a ghost Mona and company are given cause to suspect that a vacuum cleaner salesman is sucking away ghosts in a super duper new vacuum cleaner.

Medusa's Revenge/The Fearsome Forecasts
S04E13 · Medusa's Revenge/The Fearsome Forecasts

Jan 01, 2003

Mona, Charley and Lily become alarmed when there's a local garter snake population explosion. / When the new weatherman Jonathan Jupiter is able to flawlessly predict the weather Mona and pals start to wonder if he isn?t controlling the latest terrible storms via the flying saucer he insists is just a weather balloon.


Mona the Vampire Season 4 (2003) is released on Jan 01, 2003 and the latest season 4 of Mona the Vampire is released in 2003. Watch Mona the Vampire online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. Mona the Vampire is directed by Louis Piché,Jean Caillon,Marcos Da Silva,François Perreau and created by Sonia Holleyman with Emma Taylor-Isherwood and Carrie Finlay. Mona the Vampire is available online on Hoopla and Apple TV.

As know as:

Mona the Vampire, Mona la vampira, Mona the Vampire(Alternative Title), Mona a Vampiro, Mona, a Vampiro


Canada, France, Hong Kong



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Agogo Entertainment, Animation Services Hong Kong, CINAR

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Official site - Flash

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