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S08E01 · Flaw

Mar 12, 2014

Ronnie and new partner Joe Hawkins, who has come from the child protection unit, investigate a gruesome double murder where the victims' hands and teeth were removed. One of the dead men is jeweller Harry Bernstein and suspicion falls on his wife Lindsay and her lover David as well as business partner Micky Belker. However when a box containing Harry's missing hands is sent to his sister Rebecca the case takes a different turn as she is on the jury in the trial of Dale Horgan, a gangster and drug dealer whom Ronnie is desperate to see convicted after he was acquitted ...

Safe from Harm
S08E02 · Safe from Harm

Mar 19, 2014

Philip Gardner, a psychiatrist specialising in troubled adolescents, is stabbed to death and Ronnie initially believes that one of his clients is the culprit. However Philip's younger wife Alison lies about her alibi on then night of the murder and it is unintentionally negated by her daughter Lisa. Eventually Alison admits that she believed her husband to be having an affair with a girl called Clare and that she did kill him but she was not in her right mind at the time, striking out in frustration. When her mother tells the police that Alison met her husband when ...

I Predict a Riot
S08E03 · I Predict a Riot

Mar 26, 2014

When a car is pulled from a river with a skeleton in its boot the pathologist reckons both have been there for a quarter of a century and eventually the dead man is shown to be Taylor Kane, one of the first black undercover officers, who disappeared at the time of the Brixton riots. Despite no corpse being found at the time his end of service record was signed by his superior officer Alex Greene, declaring him dead. Soon afterwards the murder weapon is identified as a truncheon belonging to racist policeman Darren Grady. Emotions run high as Jake, against Henry's ...

S08E04 · Pride

Apr 02, 2014

Unemployed family man Neil Lester is battered to death with a paper-weight in his own home, having convinced his wife that he has been working for the past nine months. One hundred sixty thousand pounds were put into his bank account, apparently by pensioner Eddie Stewart, whose friend Felix pawned Neil's computer recently. Eddie's prints are also found at Neil's house and he is charged with murder. Eddie's daughter turns out to be Ronnie's old boss Natalie and, behind the prosecutors' backs, they try to gather evidence to prove his innocence, not helped by Natalie's ...

S08E05 · Customs

Apr 09, 2014

The body of elderly businesswoman Ranya Habib is found at a suicide spot but foul play is suspected after a neighbour tells Ronnie he heard her arguing with somebody. Ranya was meeting Egyptian doctor Yafeu Elsayed, whom Ronnie suspects of terrorism though he claims to be Ranya's specialist. CCTV footage links Ranya's daughter-in-law Safia to the crime scene and she is arrested and charged with murder. However it transpires that Safia opposed Ranya's desire for Safia's little daughter Laila to be subject to genital mutilation by Elsayed and Kate tips off Sania's ...

Bad Romance
S08E06 · Bad Romance

Apr 16, 2014

Maids find blood-stained sheets but no body in a hotel room, booked with a credit card stolen from businessman Charles Hutton by Rufus Barton, a school classmate and secret lover of Hutton's daughter Georgia. Georgia admits that she had a miscarriage in the room but evidence shows that the baby was born alive and the young couple are arrested for infanticide - despite the absence of a corpse. At their trial, where they are represented by smooth Maitland Cosby, a long-standing adversary of Jake, they claim to have no knowledge of what happened to the baby but its ...

Hard Stop
S08E07 · Hard Stop

Apr 23, 2014

When a spate of shootings claims one of Ronnie and Joe's own, Wes Leyton, the pair are left with a race against time as the next target the shooter has in his cross-hairs is CPS boss Henry Sharpe.

Repeat to Fade
S08E08 · Repeat to Fade

Jun 11, 2014

Still affected by the death of one of their team, Ronnie and Joe have a new case to deal with when a young mother is stabbed to death in a busy London marketplace.


Law & Order: UK Season 8 (2014) is released on Mar 12, 2014 and the latest season 8 of Law & Order: UK is released in 2014. Watch Law & Order: UK online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Law & Order: UK is directed by Andy Goddard,Mat King,Mark Everest,Julian Holmes and created by Dick Wolf with Bradley Walsh and Robert Glenister. Law & Order: UK is available online on AMC+ and Spectrum On Demand.

A half crime Drama/half legal procedure focusing on the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) Detectives who investigate murders involving the people on the streets of London and the Crown Prosecutors who prosecute the defendants in court. The police half focuses on the exciting case load of London Metropolitan Murder Investigation Unit (M.I.U) made up of dedicated officers including recovering alcoholic Senior Detective Sergeant (D.S) Ronnie Brooks (Bradley Walsh), who substitutes booze with food, he is a cop from the East End with a tough past and a big heart. His partner is Junior Detective Sergeant (D.S) Joe Hawkins (Ben Bailey-Smith), a young officer who has come straight from child protection to the murder squad. Their boss DI Wes Leyton (Paterson Joseph) has been through it all and knows the only way to change things is from the inside. Once our police heroes start pounding the streets in the pursuit of their prime suspect by piecing together the clues of each and every heinous crime. They do not stop until the jigsaw is complete and they have enough evidence to make an arrest. But catching the killer isn't always enough, once the crooks are caught and the evidence has been gathered, the Crown Prosecution Service (C.P.S) takes over for the second half and in a tough criminal justice system founded up the belief of 'Innocent until proven guilty' the burden of proof falls on the shoulders of the Prosecutors of the CPS. Fighting furiously for justice week in week out is Senior Crown Prosecutor Jake Thorne (Dominic Rowan), who is supported by the defense barrister turned Junior Crown Prosecutor Kate Barker (Georgia Taylor) and keeping them in check is CPS London director Henry Sharpe (Peter Davison), who steers his office with a steady hand. The CPS team tackle the biggest and most controversial case where life and liberty hang in the balance, These are their stories.

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