Episodes (7)

S03E01 · Broken

Sep 09, 2010

Five-year-old Connor Reid is strangled and security cameras show the two little girls who baby-sit him, Paige and prostitute's daughter Rose, take him into the empty flat where his corpse was found. In interview Paige breaks down and names Rose as the killer, though, in court, Rose's brief Kim Sharkey invites the court to accept Paige as the guilty party and forensics seem to implicate her as the murderess. Then Alesha finds evidence to nail Rose as the killer and the prosecution, pleading the girl's abusive upbringing as grounds for diminished responsibility, seek ...

S03E02 · Hounded

Sep 16, 2010

Convicted serial rapist Paul Darnell is released on parole and,three months later, young Ashanti Walker, who lives in the same area as Darnell, is killed after sex. He is the perfect parolee with a loyal girlfriend but he has no alibi and Steel is convinced he is the murderer. He is arrested but his barrister claims persecution and, at his trial, is credible and sympathetic whilst Steel does himself no favors with his bigotry and zeal, with obvious results. However, that is not the end of the matter.

S03E03 · Defence

Sep 23, 2010

Two workers and a customer in a vintage clothes shop are brutally murdered with a bayonet. The fourth,surviving,victim identifies the killer as John Smith,an educated but homeless ex-military man,who is arrested with the weapon on him. It is found out that he was previously charged with stalking a young woman but sloppy prosecution led to the case's collapse. He is also a law graduate and defends himself,despite a history of mental instability vouched for by his sister,Patricia. In court he claims that he was not himself that day and therefore not the killer. Steel ...

S03E04 · Confession

Sep 30, 2010

Matt Devlin takes it badly when his old friend and fellow cop,Pete Garvey is found dead,an apparent suicide. Garvey's widow says that he had recently been plagued by nightmares and was seeing Jonathan Nugent,a former priest and pillar of the community but in reality an undetected paedophile,who had molested Garvey and others when they were boys. The prosecution build their case on the fact that Nugent's abuse so unbalanced Garvey that he killed himself as a result but Nugent's claim that Garvey was blackmailing him tips the jury on his side and Steel must do a deal ...

S03E05 · Survivor

Oct 07, 2010

Prison officer Charlie Tyner is found, shot dead, on a Hackney council estate. Prime suspect, recently released pedophile Ellis Bevan, has an alibi and the police later learn that Tyner dealt in heroin. A connection is made with Tamika Vincent, a drugs mule serving time in the prison where Tyner last worked who ran drugs for scary gangster Jackson Marshall, a man the Police and Prosecutors have long sought to bring down. The prosecution believe Tamika put Marshall up to killing Tyner and Alesha plays on her own rape and roots in Hackney to get Tamika to confirm this.

S03E06 · Masquerade

Oct 14, 2010

After a student is found stabbed, the police have to deal with counter-allegations of murder and rape. Facing angry parents, lurid media headlines, and mixed feelings among police and prosecutors, this case proves a hard one to handle.

S03E07 · Anonymous

Oct 21, 2010

For two years Stephanie Blake has been pestered by a cyber-stalker who knows every detail of her private life. Conceited ladies' man Russell Lowry tried to contact her from prison but,after being pushed downstairs, Stephanie fails to recognize him - and then she is murdered. Lowry slowly moves into the frame on the discovery that Stephanie subscribed by standing order to an animal charity for which he worked,so he knows her purchasing details. A cell-mate also reveals that Lowry used a computer in prison. The prosecution case is,however, flimsy as Ronnie recorded his ...


Law & Order: UK Season 3 (2010) is released on Sep 09, 2010 and the latest season 8 of Law & Order: UK is released in 2014. Watch Law & Order: UK online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Law & Order: UK is directed by Andy Goddard,Mat King,Mark Everest,Julian Holmes and created by Dick Wolf with Bradley Walsh and Robert Glenister. Law & Order: UK is available online on AMC+ Amazon Channel and AMC+.

A half crime Drama/half legal procedure focusing on the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) Detectives who investigate murders involving the people on the streets of London and the Crown Prosecutors who prosecute the defendants in court. The police half focuses on the exciting case load of London Metropolitan Murder Investigation Unit (M.I.U) made up of dedicated officers including recovering alcoholic Senior Detective Sergeant (D.S) Ronnie Brooks (Bradley Walsh), who substitutes booze with food, he is a cop from the East End with a tough past and a big heart. His partner is Junior Detective Sergeant (D.S) Joe Hawkins (Ben Bailey-Smith), a young officer who has come straight from child protection to the murder squad. Their boss DI Wes Leyton (Paterson Joseph) has been through it all and knows the only way to change things is from the inside. Once our police heroes start pounding the streets in the pursuit of their prime suspect by piecing together the clues of each and every heinous crime. They do not stop until the jigsaw is complete and they have enough evidence to make an arrest. But catching the killer isn't always enough, once the crooks are caught and the evidence has been gathered, the Crown Prosecution Service (C.P.S) takes over for the second half and in a tough criminal justice system founded up the belief of 'Innocent until proven guilty' the burden of proof falls on the shoulders of the Prosecutors of the CPS. Fighting furiously for justice week in week out is Senior Crown Prosecutor Jake Thorne (Dominic Rowan), who is supported by the defense barrister turned Junior Crown Prosecutor Kate Barker (Georgia Taylor) and keeping them in check is CPS London director Henry Sharpe (Peter Davison), who steers his office with a steady hand. The CPS team tackle the biggest and most controversial case where life and liberty hang in the balance, These are their stories.

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