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«Novia y viuda»
S01E01 · «Novia y viuda»

Apr 28, 2023

About to be captured by the police in 2007, Sara recalls a joyful day in Tijuana that turned tragic, forever changing the direction of her life.

Episode #1.2
S01E02 · Episode #1.2

Sep 24, 2014

Vicente's sister-in-law, Mariana, realizes she has a target on her back. Sara learns her husband was involved in shady dealings.

Episode #1.3
S01E03 · Episode #1.3

Sep 25, 2014

When Felipe accuses him of an impropriety, Junio loses his temper and, later, pays the consequences. Sara finds herself living in a car.

Episode #1.4
S01E04 · Episode #1.4

Sep 26, 2014

Junio gets bad news from the doctor. To save his skin, Felipe makes a deal with El Indio. Mariana is offered a position of power, with one condition.

Episode #1.5
S01E05 · Episode #1.5

Sep 29, 2014

Sara comes face to face with El Capi. Realizing the hospital surgeon is in cahoots with El Indio, Junio forces him to confess what he did to Sara.

Episode #1.6
S01E06 · Episode #1.6

Sep 30, 2014

In Guadalajara, Salvador falls ill. Meanwhile, the boss of new neighbor Aracely must contend with a medical emergency of her own at her beauty salon.

Episode #1.7
S01E07 · Episode #1.7

Oct 01, 2014

The doctor gives Sara grave news. Mariana tells El Indio that Junio is now a threat. Thinking the undercover cop is following her, Sara makes a scene.

Episode #1.8
S01E08 · Episode #1.8

Oct 02, 2014

Mariana lures Junio into an ambush. Sara realizes where the $3 million is hidden. Salvador regains consciousness and shares vital information.

Episode #1.9
S01E09 · Episode #1.9

Oct 03, 2014

Sara gets a surprise gift. To save herself, Mariana tells a secret to Junio. The sisters' bodies are found. Aracely recognizes a suspect on a flier.

Episode #1.10
S01E10 · Episode #1.10

Oct 06, 2014

Miriam finds a record of Magdalena's procedure. Sara makes her way to Mexicali, unaware she's being followed. Elio recognizes one of the bodies.

Episode #1.11
S01E11 · Episode #1.11

Oct 07, 2014

Juan ensures Miriam will keep quiet. Pretending to be a forensic doctor, Elio visits Lupita. A vengeful Berta gets a gun and tracks down Sara.

Episode #1.12
S01E12 · Episode #1.12

Oct 08, 2014

Enriqueta picks a person to pin her crimes on. Junio plots a way to get Sara past police checkpoints. Josefina learns Berta's prognosis.

Episode #1.13
S01E13 · Episode #1.13

Oct 09, 2014

Elio arrives at the salon with a search warrant. Carlota gets a horrifying voicemail. Threatened with bodily harm, Aracely scrambles to pay her debt.

Episode #1.14
S01E14 · Episode #1.14

Oct 10, 2014

Sara makes an ally in jail. To lure Felipe, Elio feeds false information to Gutierrez. Aracely returns to old vices. Enriqueta plans a career change.

Episode #1.15
S01E15 · Episode #1.15

Oct 13, 2014

Felipe and Mariana follow Sara home, where Junio proves himself a hero. During a bust, Elio suspects police corruption. Sara learns of Miriam's past.

Episode #1.16
S01E16 · Episode #1.16

Oct 14, 2014

Lupita begs Enriqueta to perform breast implant surgery on her. Salvador develops a complication. Juan plots with Miriam's ex. Empanada returns.

Episode #1.17
S01E17 · Episode #1.17

Oct 15, 2014

Elio learns who is in cahoots with Cortés, and later faces an ethical dilemma. While Lupita goes under the knife, her blood test results come back.

Episode #1.18
S01E18 · Episode #1.18

Oct 16, 2014

Aracely succumbs to temptation to forget her woes. Sara unleashes her anger on Enriqueta, who gets revenge. Juan manipulates Miriam to get her son.

Episode #1.19
S01E19 · Episode #1.19

Oct 17, 2014

Enriqueta finds herself in a new home but without allies. Sara and Elio's relationship reaches a turning point. The police receive a disturbing video.

Episode #1.20
S01E20 · Episode #1.20

Oct 20, 2014

Mariana goes to Colombia. Aracely runs into an ex. Elio is backed into a corner at work. Enriqueta finds a way to regain the upper hand with Cornelia.

Episode #1.21
S01E21 · Episode #1.21

Oct 21, 2014

Aracely gets a frantic call from her mother. Carlota tries to reconcile with Sara. Mariana overhears Juan on the phone. Sara discovers Elio's stash.

Episode #1.22
S01E22 · Episode #1.22

Oct 22, 2014

Juan launches his kidnapping plan. At Salvador's new hospital, Sara gets some crushing news and later discovers that Elio's been keeping a secret.

Episode #1.23
S01E23 · Episode #1.23

Oct 23, 2014

Carlota gets some good news. Enriqueta's assassin starts her mission. Elio's domestic troubles come to light. Aracely is reunited with Plutarco.

Episode #1.24
S01E24 · Episode #1.24

Oct 24, 2014

When Salvador's need for a transplant becomes urgent, Elio uses insider information to intercept a shipment of drug money and pay for the surgery.

Episode #1.25
S01E25 · Episode #1.25

Oct 27, 2014

Berta thwarts Carlota's plans to donate her kidney. Pepito is lured away from school. Elio tries to sell what he stole. Vanessa recalls a tragic day.

Episode #1.26
S01E26 · Episode #1.26

Oct 28, 2014

Berta abuses her power as mayor. Sara begs Elio to get her in a meeting with Quintanilla. Vanessa snoops around the hospital for information.

Episode #1.27
S01E27 · Episode #1.27

Oct 29, 2014

Sara strikes a deal with Quintanilla, but with strings attached. Vanessa's tampering with Patricia's food and drink results in an emergency.

Episode #1.28
S01E28 · Episode #1.28

Oct 30, 2014

Salvador undergoes the transplant procedure. Arnulfo gets Pepito's DNA test results. Elio pays his debt to El Indio and gets an unexpected response.

Episode #1.29
S01E29 · Episode #1.29

Nov 03, 2014

Pepito is groomed for a future career. Sara gets two surprise gifts. Miriam gives Sara smuggling tips. Elio has a delicate talk with Patricia.

Episode #1.30
S01E30 · Episode #1.30

Nov 04, 2014

Vanessa gets revenge against Elio. Sara does her first smuggling job. Juan gets out of prison. Arnulfo and Empanada feed Pepito a lie about his mom.

Episode #1.31
S01E31 · Episode #1.31

Nov 05, 2014

Vanessa's father reveals a secret to Elio. Quintanilla asks to see Sara right away. Juan seeks Enriqueta's help. Sara gets a reward she doesn't want.

Episode #1.32
S01E32 · Episode #1.32

Nov 06, 2014

Juan confronts Empanada for betraying him. Sara comes clean to Elio about her new job, and later gets news that leads her to choose a path of revenge.

Episode #1.33
S01E33 · Episode #1.33

Nov 07, 2014

Juan plants an explosive device. Empanada hires someone to kill Enriqueta in prison. Vanessa confronts Elio at gunpoint, with tragic consequences.

Episode #1.34
S01E34 · Episode #1.34

Nov 10, 2014

Enriqueta's former ally in prison turns against her. Quintanilla leaves a message for El Indio on Sara's behalf. Elio learns who planted the bomb.

Episode #1.35
S01E35 · Episode #1.35

Nov 11, 2014

Aracely introduces Plutarco to her family. Vanessa's father grants Elio a secret favor. Sara helps Quintanilla salvage a blocked drug shipment.

Episode #1.36
S01E36 · Episode #1.36

Nov 12, 2014

Aracely's ex blackmails her. El Indio discovers fate has already avenged his son's death. Elio is blindsided in prison. Pepito tries to run away.

Episode #1.37
S01E37 · Episode #1.37

Nov 13, 2014

Empanada tries to seduce Mariana. Martín ruins Aracely and Plutarco's romantic evening. While in Los Angeles, Sara spots Arnulfo and confronts him.

Episode #1.38
S01E38 · Episode #1.38

Nov 14, 2014

Sara reveals a happy secret to an inconsolable Aracely. While trying to smuggle Quintanilla's $70 million, Elio and Sara are stopped at the border.

Episode #1.39
S01E39 · Episode #1.39

Nov 17, 2014

Three years pass. Sara decides she will retire from smuggling and laundering after completing one last job, her biggest and riskiest one yet.

Episode #1.40
S01E40 · Episode #1.40

Nov 18, 2014

While smuggling the $150 million, Sara is stopped at the border. Salvador no longer believes his mother's promises. Berta's maid drops a bombshell.

Episode #1.41
S01E41 · Episode #1.41

Nov 19, 2014

Sara is forced to pay for Vicente's past. Rufino collects evidence of Empanada's true nature. Salvador breaks the rules and answers a phone call.

Episode #1.42
S01E42 · Episode #1.42

Nov 20, 2014

Quintanilla cuts ties with Elio. Aracely reconnects with Plutarco. Carlota invites Berta to visit. Miriam and Joaquín prepare to cross the border.

Episode #1.43
S01E43 · Episode #1.43

Nov 21, 2014

The Drug Enforcement Agency learns there's a price on Elio's head. Miriam and Joaquín reach the border. A plumbing problem leads to a discovery.

Episode #1.44
S01E44 · Episode #1.44

Nov 24, 2014

Miriam finds her son. Edith goes undercover as Sara's new cellmate. Quintanilla plans to kill El Indio's secret boss. The DEA offers Sara a deal.

Episode #1.45
S01E45 · Episode #1.45

Nov 25, 2014

Elio is shot by El Indio's hit man. Edith eavesdrops on Sara in a private conversation. Rufino spots Empanada with El Indio. Cruz attacks Visitación.

Episode #1.46
S01E46 · Episode #1.46

Nov 28, 2014

Both cartels prepare for the cardinal's arrival in Guadalajara. Cortés takes down a fellow PGR officer. Sara and Edith enter into a partnership.

Episode #1.47
S01E47 · Episode #1.47

Dec 01, 2014

Aracely is robbed of the $300,000, and later suffers another kind of loss. Elio puts a plan in motion to exonerate Sara. Josefina makes a grave error.

Episode #1.48
S01E48 · Episode #1.48

Dec 02, 2014

Aracely's heartbreak is doubled. El Indio gives Empanada instructions for his mission. Elio pressures Sara to ask Quintanilla for one last job.

Episode #1.49
S01E49 · Episode #1.49

Dec 03, 2014

El Teca asks Sara to meet him, but to come alone. Judge Creel calls Elio with a warning. Empanada embarks on his mission. Aracely confronts Martín.

Episode #1.50
S01E50 · Episode #1.50

Dec 04, 2014

Martín provokes Aracely until she snaps. The DEA plants a bug in the salon. Sara gets devastating news. Plutarco makes a confession to Aracely.

Episode #1.51
S01E51 · Episode #1.51

Dec 05, 2014

When Sara is accused of murder, she gets a new look and passport and goes on the run from the DEA and PGR. In a weak moment, Josefina calls Felipe.

Episode #1.52
S01E52 · Episode #1.52

Dec 08, 2014

Sara narrowly escapes to L.A. but is soon found. Edith goes undercover again, this time getting a job at the salon. Josefina makes a sacrifice.

Episode #1.53
S01E53 · Episode #1.53

Dec 09, 2014

Sara agrees to work for El Teca under one condition. Arnulfo forces Pepito to work as a debt collector. Martín plots against Aracely.

Episode #1.54
S01E54 · Episode #1.54

Dec 10, 2014

Sara has trouble getting a meeting with Montero, but a stranger offers help. Aracely's uncle visits the salon, triggering painful memories.

Episode #1.55
S01E55 · Episode #1.55

Dec 11, 2014

Sara meets with Montero. Miriam spots Arnulfo in Guadalajara and confronts him. While his father is away, Pepito tries to run away again.

Episode #1.56
S01E56 · Episode #1.56

Dec 12, 2014

Miriam and Joaquín act on their feelings for each other. When Salvador falls ill, Sara defies El Teca's orders. Josefina's son is kidnapped.

Episode #1.57
S01E57 · Episode #1.57

Dec 15, 2014

To help Josefina get her son back, Sara meets with Felipe. Manuel pays Sara a surprise visit. El Teca lays a deadly trap for Edith.

Episode #1.58
S01E58 · Episode #1.58

Dec 16, 2014

El Teca reveals a lifelong obsession. Sara opens a new front and is given her first task. Plutarco demands to know the truth about Aracely's job.

Episode #1.59
S01E59 · Episode #1.59

Dec 17, 2014

Plutarco reacts surprisingly to Aracely's confession. Cornelia proves untrustworthy. Felipe eliminates a threat. Sara and Quintanilla strike a deal.

Episode #1.60
S01E60 · Episode #1.60

Dec 18, 2014

Aracely uses her expertise to ruin Felipe's campaign. Sara and Joaquín go to San Diego to rescue Pepito. Manuel finds a way to bond with Salvador.

Episode #1.61
S01E61 · Episode #1.61

Dec 19, 2014

While watching the news, Plutarco recognizes Aracely in the video with Felipe. Quintanilla overhears Arnulfo and Tuercas plotting against Sara.

Episode #1.62
S01E62 · Episode #1.62

Dec 22, 2014

Among the shootout's casualties is someone dear to Sara. Felipe takes extreme measures to ensure he's elected. Cornelia is caught red-handed.

Episode #1.63
S01E63 · Episode #1.63

Dec 23, 2014

Cornelia shifts suspicion from herself and onto Sara. Manuel is more than he pretends to be. Sara asks Quintanilla to kill someone.

Episode #1.64
S01E64 · Episode #1.64

Dec 26, 2014

As Sara visits Barba's brother with an offer, her smugglers make their way to the United States and Colombia. El Teca's tunnels hold a sad secret.

Episode #1.65
S01E65 · Episode #1.65

Dec 29, 2014

Alicia endures a humiliating DEA interrogation. El Teca sends a warning to Cornelia. After giving El Teca an ultimatum, Sara is abducted by Felipe.

Episode #1.66
S01E66 · Episode #1.66

Dec 30, 2014

Cornelia tells El Teca where the stolen money is hidden. The DEA gathers evidence to turn Sara against El Teca. Sara gets a troubling anonymous tip.

Episode #1.67
S01E67 · Episode #1.67

Jan 02, 2015

Cornelia is forced to confess. Sara learns El Teca is still using kids as mules, and later spots Manuel with El Indio. Josefina gives Berta a gift.

Episode #1.68
S01E68 · Episode #1.68

Jan 05, 2015

The DEA opens Sara's eyes to what's been happening behind her back. Berta accepts Sara's gift. Aracely preps Alicia to get revenge against the DEA.

Episode #1.69
S01E69 · Episode #1.69

Jan 06, 2015

Alicia lures her prey. Aracely plans a questionable strategy to gather intel for Sara. Manuel realizes Sara is on to him. El Teca proposes to Sara.

Episode #1.70
S01E70 · Episode #1.70

Jan 07, 2015

Aracely seduces El Indio. Sara replies to El Teca's proposal. A surprise move by Mexico's president upsets the lives of Sara and her family.

Episode #1.71
S01E71 · Episode #1.71

Jan 08, 2015

Manuel finds Sara. When Miriam's torturers threaten to hurt Pepito, she spills. Plutarco learns what Aracely did with El Indio. Salvador is abducted.

Episode #1.72
S01E72 · Episode #1.72

Jan 09, 2015

Sara is forced to role-play a twisted fantasy with El Teca while Manuel, Joaquín and Plutarco try to rescue her son from the warehouse.

Episode #1.73
S01E73 · Episode #1.73

Jan 12, 2015

Manuel makes an unexpected move while he and Sara are on the run. El Teca pulls some strings. Sara unknowingly leaves a loose end behind.


Lady of Steel (also know as Señora Acero) Season 1 (2014) is released on Apr 28, 2023 and the latest season 5 of Lady of Steel is released in 2018. Watch Lady of Steel online - the Spanish Crime TV series from Mexico. Lady of Steel is directed by Rafa Lara,Jaime Segura,Miguel Varoni,Walter Doehner and created by Juan Manuel Andrade with Wayne LeGette and Aurora Gil. Lady of Steel is available online on Hulu and Peacock Premium.

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Señora Acero, Señora Acero(English), Señora Acero 3: La Coyote, Señora Acero, Lady of Steel


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