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A Strange Man
S02E01 · A Strange Man

Sep 01, 1991

Hyacinth is appalled when she spots a strange man wrapped in only a towel exiting Elizabeth's house next door. Convinced that it is her moral duty to save her friend from this scandalous behavior, Hyacinth begins to plot ways of flushing the man out.

Driving Mrs Fortescue
S02E02 · Driving Mrs Fortescue

Sep 08, 1991

Hyacinth is thrilled when a well connected friend, Mrs. Fortescue, asks for a lift into town. But what starts out as a wonderful social occasion soon takes a turn for the worse when Hyacinth and Richard run into Onslow, Daisy and Rose.

The Candlelight Supper
S02E03 · The Candlelight Supper

Sep 15, 1991

Hyacinth immerses herself in preparations for her next candlelight supper. She invites Elizabeth and Emmet in the hopes of securing a key role in Emmet's Amateur Operatics Society.

Golfing with the Major
S02E04 · Golfing with the Major

Sep 22, 1991

The Bucket's are invited by "the Major" to spend a weekend at a country golf club.

Problems with Relatives
S02E05 · Problems with Relatives

Sep 29, 1991

When Daisy and Onslow inform Hyacinth that Daddy has disappeared, Hyacinth is most upset. She heads out in a search to find her father, who has decided to get married.

Onslow's Birthday
S02E06 · Onslow's Birthday

Oct 06, 1991

Hyacinth is less than pleased when she and Richard are invited to Onslow's birthday party. But matters improve for Hyacinth when she discovers that they will be picked up by Rose's new wealthy boyfriend.

Singing for Emmet
S02E07 · Singing for Emmet

Oct 13, 1991

Richard is shocked when he is offered the prospect of early retirement. But shock soon turns to worry when he realizes that this proposition would mean spending all his time with Hyacinth. Hyacinth of course is oblivious to Richard's worry and focuses her attention on impressing Emmet with her singing.

The Toy Store
S02E08 · The Toy Store

Oct 20, 1991

Hyacinth is torn away from her daily duties when she learns that Daddy has escaped from home to the toy store, where he has run up a bill that he cannot pay.

The Three Piece Suite
S02E09 · The Three Piece Suite

Oct 27, 1991

Hyacinth is very excited at the prospect of having her new three piece suite, an exact replica of the one at Sandringham House, delivered. She will also give Daisy and Onslow her old suite, provided they pick it up themselves. But of course these two events are likely to collide at some point, creating an insurmountable disaster.

A Picnic for Daddy
S02E10 · A Picnic for Daddy

Oct 04, 1991

Hyacinth is worried that she has been neglecting Daddy lately and decides to take him on a picnic. But when Hyacinth goes to collect Daddy from Daisy's, Daddy escapes in Richard's car, speeding around town on his own.

The Father Christmas Suit
S02E11 · The Father Christmas Suit

Dec 25, 1991

Hyacinth is in the full Christmas spirit with 112 Christmas cards, and counting. She's also forced Richard to dress up as Father Christmas to distribute presents to the old folk. But the journey to the church hall to hand out the gifts is filled with many surprises including a drunk Richard, a disguised Elizabeth and of course a mishap with Daddy.


Keeping Up Appearances Season 2 (1991) is released on Sep 01, 1991 and the latest season 5 of Keeping Up Appearances is released in 1995. Watch Keeping Up Appearances online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Keeping Up Appearances is directed by Harold Snoad and created by Roy Clarke with Patricia Routledge and Judy Cornwell. Keeping Up Appearances is available online on BritBox and BritBox Amazon Channel.

Hyacinth Bucket (whose name she insists is pronounced "bouquet") continually looks for opportunities to climb the social ladder, though she's wedged on a rung just below her sister Violet (whose house has a swimming pool, sauna, and room for a pony) and just above her working class sisters Daisy and Rose. Hyacinth's passion for flawless entertaining unnerves her neighbor Elizabeth, who is often invited to the Bucket home for coffee. Elizabeth's divorced brother Emmet, who also lives next door to the Buckets, tries to avoid Hyacinth because she breaks into song in his presence in the hope he'll cast her in one of his "little theater" musical productions.

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Schone schijn, Roy Clarke's Keeping Up Appearances, キーピング・アップ・アピアランシズ, Skenet bedrar, Napast


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