Episodes (22)

Wife Swap
S03E01 · Wife Swap

Mar 05, 2008

Curtis and Ella's relationship hits a bump when Ella claims that Curtis takes her for granted. Curtis learns his lesson when the always sassy Madea materializes in one of his dreams as his wife. Elsewhere, Malik takes up football in order to woo a cheerleader

Stop Being All Funky
S03E02 · Stop Being All Funky

Mar 05, 2008

C.J. meets Janine's new boyfriend, Bryan and becomes jealous when Bryan spoils the kids with expensive gifts.

Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner
S03E03 · Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner

Mar 12, 2008

As Malik invites his new girlfriend to a Payne family dinner, Calvin again woos Miranda, who ripped him off during a previous romance but now insists she's changed her ways. Miranda's acceptance back into the Payne house is slow at first, but eventually she charms her way back. Meanwhile, Malik's new girlfriend has a surprise that beats Miranda's return. Will the Paynes ever have a normal day?

Game Over
S03E04 · Game Over

Mar 12, 2008

The men and women prepare for game night at the Payne house. Meanwhile, Ella's old college friend comes to visit, and she brings with her an old secret about her and Curtis that upsets Ella. The secret also sparks an argument among all the younger couples. The Payne house has never been so heated.

Trial by Fire: Part 2
S03E05 · Trial by Fire: Part 2

Dec 12, 2007

Curtis and his team continue to strategize the best way in order to rescue C.J., who remains trapped in the burning house unconscious. Meanwhile, Malik continues to win over his new crush, Taylor.

Crazy in Love
S03E06 · Crazy in Love

Dec 12, 2007

Curtis' womanizing friend Jimmy, who sponges off women, charms Claretha. Meanwhile C.J. has to deal with an all too grateful woman after saving her life - much to the amusement of his fellow firefighters.

Time to Clean House
S03E07 · Time to Clean House

Apr 09, 2008

The family has had it with Calvin's shenanigans, so they lay down some house rules. Calvin decides to move in with his girlfriend, who finds out just how dependent he is. Meanwhile, Malik and Jazmine help Claretha clean house.

Living with Liz
S03E08 · Living with Liz

Apr 09, 2008

Janine's mother, Liz, comes for a surprise visit, but she brings with her an attitude that needs readjusting. Fortunately, the Paynes are all about readjusting attitudes, especially Curtis. The Paynes discover that Janine's father threw Liz out of the house, so they attempt to bring the two back together. Meanwhile, Janine's having a hard time hiding that she's pregnant

Aches and Paynes
S03E09 · Aches and Paynes

Jan 02, 2008

Jazmine reveals her fear of visiting the dentist when she develops a painful toothache. Meanwhile, Calvin is devastated once he receives the news that Tracie wants to see other people and end their relationship.

It's a Boy
S03E10 · It's a Boy

Jan 02, 2008

While the crew responds to an emergency call, Curtis finds himself all alone at the firehouse with a very pregnant woman. Meanwhile, Calvin and Tracie's relationship begins to wilt when Tracie questions if Calvin's ready for a mature relationship.

The Big Bang Theory
S03E11 · The Big Bang Theory

Jan 09, 2008

Blue, Janine's former drug dealer, demands that he receives the money that she owes him or he will threaten to harm the family. Meanwhile, another bully at Malik's school starts to harass him. But he finds Curtis' gun in the closet and soon believes that he's found the answer to his problem.

Step It Up
S03E12 · Step It Up

Jan 09, 2008

Curtis and Ella's niece comes to town for a scholarship interview, but her appearance and attitude hurt her chances of getting it. Aunt Ella and Janine help her work the judges, but it's them that end up learning a lesson. Meanwhile, Bart's obnoxious nephew hangs out at the firehouse and challenges Malik to a firefighter battle

Compromising Positions
S03E13 · Compromising Positions

Mar 26, 2008

Curtis is offered a desirable job, but it's in Los Angeles, and Ella firmly opposes moving. Meanwhile, CJ has a close encounter with Tanya's overly assertive gal pal

S03E14 · Expectations

Apr 16, 2008

Janine, CJ and their respective dates attend a party, but revelations about Janine's pregnancy cause complications. Elsewhere, when the TV fades out, Curtis connects with the cable guy

S03E15 · Cheers

Apr 23, 2008

Malik tries out for cheer leading to obtain the girls' phone numbers but things backfire when he becomes the only male cheerleader. A pregnant Janine packs to move in with Bryan.

Can I Get a Witness?
S03E16 · Can I Get a Witness?

Mar 19, 2008

Ella heads to the hospital after a lump is found in her breast. She confides in Janine but hides it from the rest of the family. Meanwhile, another crisis develops when Calvin witnesses a neighborhood crime, and is urged to go under witness protection

Commencement Day
S03E17 · Commencement Day

Mar 19, 2008

Janine asks Ella to keep her new-found pregnancy a secret. Meanwhile Calvin is going to graduate, but finds out he won't and delays telling Curtis about it.

A Shock to the System
S03E18 · A Shock to the System

Mar 26, 2008

Malik's best friend, Kevin gets into an accident while staying at the Payne's house. Malik fears losing his best friend. Meanwhile, Calvin gets a new job, but gets fired after insulting his boss, and starts working at the barbershop.

Moral Dilemma
S03E19 · Moral Dilemma

Apr 02, 2008

When $50,000 is found in CJ's truck, a moral dilemma about what to do with the cash begins tearing the Paynes apart. Of course, Curtis wants it as payment for housing CJ's family, but the Paynes can always rely on Ella to lead them to do the right thing

Sex, Lies and Videotapes
S03E20 · Sex, Lies and Videotapes

Apr 02, 2008

CJ corners Tanya when he sees a too revealing video of her.

The Beat Down
S03E21 · The Beat Down

Apr 16, 2008

Ella and Claretha help a fellow churchgoer who has an abusive boyfriend. Meanwhile, Delante has 2 girlfriends and bites off more than he can chew.

Respect Me
S03E22 · Respect Me

Apr 23, 2008

Angel is fed up with the boorish behavior of her fellow firefighters and complains. But when they no longer treat her as one of the guys she feels excluded. Ella and Malik put a stop to Jasmine's prank.


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