Episodes (55)

Bully and the Beast
S02E01 · Bully and the Beast

Jun 06, 2007

Malik is confronted by a school bully, and Curtis has to handle the situation. What he can't handle is the bully's mother.

I Can Cry If I Want To
S02E02 · I Can Cry If I Want To

Jun 06, 2007

C.J. moves in with Curtis and Ella after his house burns down. Meanwhile, the family plans a surprise 50th birthday party for Curtis.

More Than Meets the Eye
S02E03 · More Than Meets the Eye

Jun 13, 2007

C.J. becomes suspicious of Janine, while Jazmine misses her toys and friends.

S02E04 · Busted

Jun 13, 2007

Janine's drug abuse is recognized, while Calvin tries to sell fake designer wear.

Lost and Found
S02E05 · Lost and Found

Jun 20, 2007

C.J. looks for Janine, while Curtis enrolls in an anger management course.

Down and Outted
S02E06 · Down and Outted

Jun 20, 2007

Curtis thinks Malik is gay after seeing him wear a tutu. Meanwhile, Curtis offers some of his and Ella's retirement money to C.J. in order to jump start him and the kids moving out.

No Money, Mo' Problems
S02E07 · No Money, Mo' Problems

Jun 27, 2007

C.J. accepts Curtis and Ella's money offer, but when he uses the money to put Janine in rehab she checks herself out, causing C.J. to lose the money and find a way to break the news to Curtis. Meanwhile, Calvin shows off Curtis and Ella's house as his own to impress a girl.

Just Say No
S02E08 · Just Say No

Jun 27, 2007

A school assembly about "Say No To Drugs" upsets Jazmine, because of Janine's drug problems. Meanwhile, the firefighters protest after Curtis refuses to replace the broken television at the firehouse.

Surprise, Surprise
S02E09 · Surprise, Surprise

Jul 04, 2007

Janine's parents show up looking for her. Claretha believes she knows Janine's father.

Father Knows Best
S02E10 · Father Knows Best

Jul 04, 2007

Janine's parents return and want custody of the kids. The firefighters "misplace" the fire truck.

I Keep Coming Up Short
S02E11 · I Keep Coming Up Short

Jul 11, 2007

Curtis has impotency issues. Meanwhile, C.J. tries to work out his debt.

The Buck Stops Here
S02E12 · The Buck Stops Here

Jul 11, 2007

The firefighters do a pinup calendar as a fundraiser and are surprised when a new firefighter assigned to the house is a woman named Angel. Meanwhile, Jazmine sells candy for her school.

Wax On, Wax Off
S02E13 · Wax On, Wax Off

Jul 18, 2007

Malik's going through puberty and the women in the house are clueless. Meanwhile, a failing inspection at the firehouse is Curtis's fault.

Head of the Class
S02E14 · Head of the Class

Jul 18, 2007

Jazmine, despite being in the 3rd grade, runs for president of the school. She enlists the entire family into helping her with election with Uncle Curtis as her debate opponent.

Paternity and Fraternity: Part 1
S02E15 · Paternity and Fraternity: Part 1

Jul 25, 2007

An old high school flame of C.J.'s comes back in his life with a claim that is bound to rock his world. Meanwhile, Malik's hanging around a bad group of kids and gets into trouble.

Paternity and Fraternity: Part 2
S02E16 · Paternity and Fraternity: Part 2

Jul 25, 2007

The possibility that CJ might be the father of another child continues to be a family issue. Meanwhile, Malik continues to keep company with sketchy kids.

Cracking Under Pressure
S02E17 · Cracking Under Pressure

Aug 01, 2007

Janine and her associates from the crack-house break in and steal from the Payne's house. Meanwhile, Calvin trains for a marathon.

Club PCP
S02E18 · Club PCP

Aug 01, 2007

Calvin plans a house party when the rest of the family visits relatives in Florida.

Sadly Mistaken
S02E19 · Sadly Mistaken

Aug 08, 2007

Janine's associate, Beverly, steals Ella's identity, causing Ella to be briefly jailed for check kiting. Afterward, Ella feels compelled to confront Janine at the crack house. Meanwhile, Calvin crams for mid-terms.

And Justice for All
S02E20 · And Justice for All

Aug 08, 2007

Malik and Kevin meet someone on the Internet, who turns out to be a man. Meanwhile, Curtis and Claretha have jury duty together.

I Got the Hook Up
S02E21 · I Got the Hook Up

Aug 15, 2007

Everyone tries to hook C.J. up on a date. Meanwhile, a woman who's HIV-positive volunteers at the Help Center.

Absolutely Positive
S02E22 · Absolutely Positive

Aug 15, 2007

Curtis gets a colonoscopy and thinks he's dying. Meanwhile, Calvin goes on a date with Karen, the woman who's HIV-positive.

The Perfect Storm
S02E23 · The Perfect Storm

Aug 22, 2007

The firehouse is overwhelmed by a nasty storm that hits Atlanta. Miscommunication about retrieving the kids from school causes a mix up that leads to sparks flying between C.J. and the assistant principal.

Teacher's Pet
S02E24 · Teacher's Pet

Aug 22, 2007

After Jazmine "rescues" a hamster from her school, her assistant principal comes to the Payne household to investigate. When Malik finds out that Jazmine did abscond with the hamster, they keep it a secret, and it becomes a problem, and the mayhem becomes the order of the day.

Sad, Sad Leroy Brown: Part 1
S02E25 · Sad, Sad Leroy Brown: Part 1

Aug 29, 2007

Brown burns down his house and imposes himself on the Paynes. And Calvin's new girlfriend offers him an investment opportunity.

Sad, Sad Leroy Brown: Part 2
S02E26 · Sad, Sad Leroy Brown: Part 2

Aug 29, 2007

Tension escalates between Curtis and Mr. Brown, a Payne houseguest in the wake of his home fire. Meanwhile, Malik gets a tattoo and comes to regret that decision.

Weeping May Endure for a Night
S02E27 · Weeping May Endure for a Night

Sep 05, 2007

Mr. Brown, Cora and Will come by the Paynes after Pop Brown's funeral. Brown is upset because Pop Brown left him his run down house which makes Brown thinks his Daddy really hates him. After going on another bad date, Calvin starts a website called "She's A Whack" dot com only for it to backfire on him.

The Big Test
S02E28 · The Big Test

Sep 05, 2007

C.J. has a date with Nicole who tells him she is waiting until she is married before having sex. Meanwhile, Jazmine cheats on a test.

Balancing Act
S02E29 · Balancing Act

Sep 12, 2007

C.J. tries to find time for Nicole without neglecting the children. Meanwhile, Jazmine hopes a new look will attract the attention of Malik's friend

Why Can't We Be Friends
S02E30 · Why Can't We Be Friends

Sep 12, 2007

Jazmine's friend, Tiffany, convinces Jazmine that C.J. is going to marry Nicole and move to San Francisco with Nicole just like her Dad did when he remarried. Jazmine and Tiffany devise a plan to break up C.J. and Nicole. Meanwhile, Curtis and Malik clean out the attic and bond

Dog Day Afternoon
S02E31 · Dog Day Afternoon

Sep 19, 2007

While Malik must make a documentary for a school assignment, Curtis is unknowingly roped into assisting a bank robber

New Beginnings
S02E32 · New Beginnings

Sep 19, 2007

When his divorce from Janine is at last finalized, C.J. attempts to start life anew, and his firehouse buddies urge him to savor the single life. Meanwhile, Janine asks Ella to get her into a rehab.

Heavy Petting
S02E33 · Heavy Petting

Sep 19, 2007

When an old friend of C.J.'s turns up, they stir up jealousy in Nicole which causes C.J. and Nicole's budding romance to hit a bump. In the meantime, the Payne children push to get a pooch

The Fast and the Furious
S02E34 · The Fast and the Furious

Sep 19, 2007

Curtis must take an online driving course after he gets a speeding ticket. Meanwhile, Claretha and Ella clash over playing the lottery.

Gone in 60 Seconds
S02E35 · Gone in 60 Seconds

Sep 26, 2007

Curtis surprises the family with a new motorcycle, but his new bike causes more trouble than any one family could ever imagine. Malik's new friend from New York convinces him to steal Curtis' motorcycle, leaving Curtis no choice but to press charges, causing Ella to kick him out of the house. (Part one of three.)

Lost Without U
S02E36 · Lost Without U

Sep 26, 2007

C.J. and Nicole's relationship is seriously tested when Nicole's jealousy gets out of hand, but that's the least of C.J.'s problems. Curtis filled charges against Malik, who faces time in prison for stealing and wrecking Curtis' motorcycle. Meanwhile, the firehouse crew must find a way to get Curtis back into the house that Ella kicked him out of before they go insane.

I Rest My Case
S02E37 · I Rest My Case

Sep 26, 2007

Malik and Tracie's nephew Kyle go to court to be sentenced for stealing Curtis' motorcycle.

A House Is Not a Home
S02E38 · A House Is Not a Home

Dec 05, 2007

C.J. thinks they he may have found the perfect new apartment for he and the kids, but he soon learns that his dream home is too good to be true. Curtis is ecstatic that C.J. and the kids are finally getting out of his house. Meanwhile, Ella has had enough of Janine once she learns that she has been taking advantage of her

Home Alone
S02E39 · Home Alone

Dec 05, 2007

Just as C.J. and the kids adjust to their new surroundings, an unexpected break in changes everything. Meanwhile, Curtis and Ella are thrilled to have their home all to themselves again

The Wench Who Saved Christmas
S02E40 · The Wench Who Saved Christmas

Dec 05, 2007

Christmas has arrived and everyone is excited...except for Curtis. When he learns that Ella decided to cancel their holiday vacation to help celebrate C.J. and the kids spending Christmas without Janine, Curtis throws a Scrooge-like tantrum. He returns to reality after being in a dream state where Madea haunts him into realizing the true meaning of the holiday season

Trial by Fire: Part 1
S02E41 · Trial by Fire: Part 1

Dec 05, 2007

When a raging house fire is reported in the neighborhood, Curtis and the other firefighters rush to the scene. Calvin believes that he has finally found the right opportunity to prove to himself what he can do in a perilous situation. An uncalculated move results in Calvin rushing to safety and C.J. remaining trapped inside underneath the rumble. Meanwhile, Malik tries to impress a girl

Trial by Fire: Part 2
S02E42 · Trial by Fire: Part 2

Jan 12, 2011

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Trial by Fire: Part 3
S02E43 · Trial by Fire: Part 3

Dec 12, 2007

As C.J. fights for his life, he regains consciousness while awaiting the help from the other firefighters.

Reality Check
S02E44 · Reality Check

Dec 12, 2007

The firehouse becomes the subject of a new reality series about firefighters, but the producer of the show tampers with everyone's interviews by showing them in a not-so perfect image. Meanwhile, C.J. and Ella are at odds when Ella decides to takes the children to see their mother without C.J.'s consent.

Piece of Mind
S02E45 · Piece of Mind

Dec 19, 2007

The family visits a therapist and after a group session degenerates into a shouting match, the therapist sees them in individual sessions.

There's No Place Like Home
S02E46 · There's No Place Like Home

Dec 19, 2007

Janine comes to Ella after getting out of rehab and she moves into the house causing the rest of family to become upset. Curtis fails the fireman physical but is in denial about eating better or exercising.

Mommie Dearest
S02E47 · Mommie Dearest

Dec 26, 2007

C.J. is at odds with the family as they continue to allow Janine to live with them. The Payne family ties are once again tested when Malik becomes embarrassed by Janine's arrival as he wants to avoid being taunted by his classmates because of his troubled mother.

You Big Dummy
S02E48 · You Big Dummy

Dec 26, 2007

Janine and C.J. are at odds when she takes the children out to an amusement park without C.J.'s consent. But the drama ensues when C.J. discovers that Calvin has been dating Tracie behind his back. Meanwhile, Curtis guides the firehouse into a mandatory CPR certification.

It's a Boy
S02E49 · It's a Boy

Jan 02, 2008

Tracie gets frustrated when Calvin won't stop playing video games with Malik and Kyle.Tracie tells him that if he wants to be with her, he has to be more mature.

No Payne, No Gain
S02E50 · No Payne, No Gain

Jan 16, 2008

Jazmine is scheduled for surgery when she has an appendix attack, and she milks it for all she can. Even Malik is forced to abide by her wishes. Meanwhile, Curtis is on the hunt for a pesky rat which is roaming the firehouse

Devil in a Blue Suit
S02E51 · Devil in a Blue Suit

Jan 16, 2008

Season 2: Episode 55: Devil in a Blue Suit Janine acts strangely, leading her family to think she is using drugs again. With Blue back in her life, the family must find a way to fix Janine's past. Meanwhile, Malik gets a paper route to pay for sneakers.

Bad Influence
S02E52 · Bad Influence

Jan 23, 2008

Ella has the flu, which means Curtis is in charge of the cleaning and cooking. Soon, he's also having to nurse Malik, C.J. and Janine after they catch Ella's bug.

Play on Playa
S02E53 · Play on Playa

Jan 23, 2008

Calvin misreads a relationship counselor's signals when she invites him to her house for dinner; Curtis does not let anything interfere with the firehouse's poker party

It's Getting Hot in Here
S02E54 · It's Getting Hot in Here

Jan 30, 2008

C.J. catches the eye of a lovely woman at a wedding, where he gets a little frisky with Janine. Meanwhile, Calvin's friends volunteer at the firehouse

Don't Get It Twisted
S02E55 · Don't Get It Twisted

Jan 30, 2008

The family grills Janine and C.J. after they spend the night together. But Curtis has problems of his own, when a man thinks his wife is having an affair with him


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