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Hollywood: Part 1
S05E01 · Hollywood: Part 1

Sep 13, 1977

The Cunninghams pack their bags to accompany the Fonz to California after a famous talent scout thinks he's found the next James Dean and invites "his coolness" to Hollywood for a screen test.

Hollywood: Part 2
S05E02 · Hollywood: Part 2

Sep 13, 1977

Soon after getting the bad news that the studio deemed his James Dean impression obsolete, and gave Richie's wholesome good looks a contract instead, the Fonz finds a bigger fish to fry.

Hollywood: Part 3
S05E03 · Hollywood: Part 3

Sep 20, 1977

Richie must choose either a 5-year Hollywood contract or college in Milwaukee while the Fonz accepts the California Kid's challenge to perform a dangerous water ski jump...over a shark!

Hard Cover
S05E04 · Hard Cover

Sep 27, 1977

Richie and Fonzie must think fast to outwit a tough housemother after they're caught past curfew in the college girls' dormitory.

My Cousin the Cheat
S05E05 · My Cousin the Cheat

Oct 04, 1977

Fonzie is furious with his rebellious cousin, Chachi Arcola, after Chachi cheats on a school test using answers stolen from a tutoring session with Joanie Cunningham.

S05E06 · Fonsillectomy

Oct 25, 1977

Forced to spend the night in the hospital's children's ward, Fonzie worries more about who will be making time with his girl at the Halloween party than the tonsillectomy he's scheduled for the next morning.

The Apartment
S05E07 · The Apartment

Nov 01, 1977

Personality quirks begin to fray nerves after best friends Richie, Ralph and Potsie rent an apartment together.

Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur: Part 1
S05E08 · Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur: Part 1

Nov 08, 1977

Richie Cunningham asks Al to give fresh-from-reform school, Leather Tuscadero, and her do-wop back-up girls, the Suedes, an audition at Arnold's Drive-In, but the Fonz isn't sure that the girl who stole his wallet when last they met can be trusted.

Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur: Part 2
S05E09 · Fonzie, Rock Entrepreneur: Part 2

Nov 15, 1977

Joanie Cunningham decides to run away from home after her parents refuse to allow her to become one of Leather Tuscadero's singing Suedes.

My Fair Fonzie
S05E10 · My Fair Fonzie

Nov 22, 1977

Snobby Cynthia Holmes schemes with her obnoxious cousin, Skippy, to make the Fonz look foolish at a country club soirée.

Bye Bye Blackball
S05E11 · Bye Bye Blackball

Nov 29, 1977

Richie, Ralph and Potsie endure the harassment of "hell week" to prove themselves worthy to enter their college fraternity, Phi Kappa Nu.

Requiem for a Malph
S05E12 · Requiem for a Malph

Dec 06, 1977

Ralph Malph takes his life in his hands when he tries to steal pretty college cheerleader, Kitty, from her musclebound boyfriend, the football team's star fullback, Rebel E. Lee.

Nose for News
S05E13 · Nose for News

Dec 13, 1977

To prove to his college journalism professor that he has what it takes be a good investigative reporter, Richie gets down and dirty to expose who's behind an illegal garbage collection scheme.

Grandpa's Visit
S05E14 · Grandpa's Visit

Jan 03, 1978

Refusing to go quietly into forced retirement from the police force, Howard's visiting dad, former Detective Captain Sean Cunningham, causes upheaval in the household while struggling to define the next phase of his life.

Potsie Gets Pinned
S05E15 · Potsie Gets Pinned

Jan 10, 1978

Jealous Richie Cunningham bridles at Lori Beth's too-enthusiastic participation in a charity kissing booth, while unable-to-swim Potsie Weber fears that the traditional dunk in the lake following his fraternity pinning ceremony will embarrass him in front of his intended sorority pin-ee, lovely Jennifer Jerome.

Joanie's First Kiss
S05E16 · Joanie's First Kiss

Jan 17, 1978

Sophomore Joanie Cunningham gets basic back-seat defense tips from Richie and Fonzie before her first "car date" with a senior boy, and then cramps her older brother's style when she and her date show up at his college "make-out" party.

Marion's Misgivings
S05E17 · Marion's Misgivings

Jan 24, 1978

When she hears that one of hubby Howard's friends divorced his middle-aged wife and married a much younger woman, Marion Cunningham fears that if she can't spice up her marriage, her fate may be the same.

Richie Almost Dies
S05E18 · Richie Almost Dies

Jan 31, 1978

What begins as a humorous escapade with a motorcycle turns into a tragic vigil for the Cunninghams and their friends. Richie purchases a motorcycle from Fonzie, but Howard angrily refuses to let him keep it, leading to a deliberately petulant tantrum from Richie to embarrass his father. But Fonzie convinces Howard that the bike is safe and Richie wears proper safety gear, so Howard reluctantly relents. Richie takes Lori Beth along one day while Fonzie is out and Chachi is repairing a truck rented by Al Potsie, and Ralph. The group is ecstatic when Chachi gets the ...

Spunkless Spunky
S05E19 · Spunkless Spunky

Feb 07, 1978

Fonzie and friends try to dig up what's depressing his faithful canine companion, Spunky, while Howard saddles Marion with a hundred pounds of potatoes to peel for his Leopard Lodge picnic's potato salad.

Be My Valentine
S05E20 · Be My Valentine

Feb 14, 1978

Romance and nostalgia humorously combine as the Cunninghams and their friends celebrate a merrily musical Valentine's Day.

Our Gang
S05E21 · Our Gang

Feb 21, 1978

Trying to convince Chachi that joining a gang isn't "cool", Richie recalls the time he was challenged to a street fight by the Falcon's tough gang-leader, The Fonz.

My Favorite Orkan
S05E22 · My Favorite Orkan

Feb 28, 1978

No one believes Richie's claims that he not only saw a flying saucer but personally interviewed its pilot, an alien named Mork, who tried to take him back to planet Ork as an example of an average, humdrum human.

Richie's Girl Exposes the Cunninghams
S05E23 · Richie's Girl Exposes the Cunninghams

Mar 23, 1978

Richie's girlfriend, Lori Beth, finds that the Cunninghams and their friends re-define the word "typical" when she interviews them for her college term-paper on what it means to be typical, middle-class Americans.

Do You Want to Dance?
S05E24 · Do You Want to Dance?

May 09, 1978

Fonzie's latest romantic interest, a ballet teacher, is secretly yearning to turn professional and dance with the greats in New York. Fonzie, however, has trouble accepting that she may forgo their relationship to pursue her dreams of fame.

Second Wind
S05E25 · Second Wind

May 16, 1978

Richie interrupts his summer job search to help choose a cute little meter maid from Fonzie's big black book to accompany dateless Al DelVecchio to the Sons of Italy banquet honoring him as Man of the Year.

Rules to Date By
S05E26 · Rules to Date By

May 23, 1978

Richie and Lori Beth fight over her casual friendships with other guys on the eve of a much anticipated trip with his band to play back up for girl-group, Leather and the Suedes, at remote Blue Ox Inn.

Fonzie for the Defense
S05E27 · Fonzie for the Defense

May 30, 1978

Howard Cunningham and Fonzie find themselves the only members of the jury who are not ready to convict the defendant just because he rides a motorcycle.


Happy Days Season 5 (1977) is released on Sep 13, 1977 and the latest season 11 of Happy Days is released in 1983. Watch Happy Days online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Happy Days is directed by Jerry Paris,Frank Buxton,Herb Wallerstein,Mel Ferber and created by Garry Marshall with Henry Winkler and Marion Ross.

Richie Cunningham and his friend Potsie face life at Jefferson High in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the 1950s. Lots of changes over time as kids come and go, new series spin off, Richie and pals go to college then the army. Even marriage.

As know as:

Srećni dani, Sretni dani, Gänget och jag, Happy Days, Cool


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Miller-Milkis Productions, Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions, Paramount Television


"Rock Around the Clock" and "Mona Lisa" were on the Hit Parade...Uncle Miltie was a household word...people held each other while dancing...the D.A. was a hairstyle...and everybody liked Ike. Those were the days of the 1950's...filled with innocence and the promise of even better days to come. (season 1)


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When Happy Days forced its most iconic character to stoop to such desperate measures, it left behind a legacy it could not have predicted.
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