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All the Way
S01E01 · All the Way

Jan 15, 1974

Richie Cunningham's dreams seem about to come true when he's invited to babysit with Mary Lou Milligan, a pretty girl with a racy reputation.

The Lemon
S01E02 · The Lemon

Jan 22, 1974

Embarrassed to be seen driving the family car, Richie convinces his dad to let him and pal Potsie go in together on a used jalopy, naively trusting a slick used car dealer to give them a good deal.

Richie's Cup Runneth Over
S01E03 · Richie's Cup Runneth Over

Jan 29, 1974

Richie pays the price after getting plastered in a beer drinking contest at Potsie's cousin's bachelor party.

Guess Who's Coming to Visit
S01E04 · Guess Who's Coming to Visit

Feb 05, 1974

Ritchie sneaks out after dark with Potsie Weber to watch Fonzie drive Ralph Malph's newly souped up ride in a midnight drag race against challenger Skizzy Scollick.

Hardware Jungle
S01E05 · Hardware Jungle

Feb 12, 1974

Howard falls ill and needs his tonsils removed, and with his employee (on vacation) and Chuck (basketball game) unavailable, Richie is pressed into working at Cunningham's Hardware on Saturday, typically the store's busiest day. Richie agrees, even though he may miss a huge rock concert - and in the process, takes responsibility when a glass pane in the front door of the store is accidentally broken.

The Deadly Dares
S01E06 · The Deadly Dares

Feb 19, 1974

Richie and Potsie get Fonzie's help to join the Demons (a social club for pranksters), but are on their own going through their initiations, called "The Deadly Dares".

Fonzie Drops In
S01E07 · Fonzie Drops In

Feb 26, 1974

Soon after patting himself on the back for convincing drop-out Fonzie to drop back into high school, Richie risks his neck by refusing to help the intimidating tough cheat on a test.

The Skin Game
S01E08 · The Skin Game

Mar 05, 1974

Richie and Potsie try to score fake ID's to get into a strip club to see the infamous Bubbles McCall.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
S01E09 · Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Mar 12, 1974

Richie and steady girlfriend, Arlene, find themselves suddenly dateless when they quarrel and break up just before their very important Junior Prom.

Give the Band a Hand
S01E10 · Give the Band a Hand

Mar 26, 1974

Richie and Potsie get taken to the cleaners in a rigged poker game after their band's first gig and lose the money the rest of the group entrusted to them.

Because She's There
S01E11 · Because She's There

Apr 02, 1974

Richie's enthusiasm for Ralph Malph's costume party begins to wane when he finds out that his and Ralph's parents are chaperoning and Potsie has set him up with a blind date who is tall enough to go dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

In the Name of Love
S01E12 · In the Name of Love

Apr 09, 1974

Richie is smitten after the most popular girl in school asks him to kiss her while he's tutoring her in English.

Great Expectations
S01E13 · Great Expectations

Apr 16, 1974

The Cunninghams get an unexpected glimpse inside Bohemian counter-culture when Richie befriends a beatnik and brings her home for an evening with the family.

The Best Man
S01E14 · The Best Man

Apr 23, 1974

1950's racial intolerance is explored from both sides of the aisle after Howard Cunningham is asked to be best man at the wedding of a black, former army buddy.

Knock Around the Block
S01E15 · Knock Around the Block

Apr 30, 1974

Richie gets into the good graces of Dukes gang leader Frankie Melina when he rescues the tough's little sister from bullies and walks her home, but trouble still brews when he dares to tread on the Dukes' turf while trying to retrieve Potsie's stolen bike.

Be the First on Your Block
S01E16 · Be the First on Your Block

May 07, 1974

The height of the Cold War and fears of an apocalyptic war breaking out at any moment take center stage in this episode, where Howard ponders purchasing a bomb shelter for his family's protection. Richie's friends quickly learn about the shelter and ask if, in the event of war, they can stay too.


Happy Days Season 1 (1974) is released on Jan 15, 1974 and the latest season 11 of Happy Days is released in 1983. Watch Happy Days online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Happy Days is directed by Jerry Paris,Frank Buxton,Herb Wallerstein,Mel Ferber and created by Garry Marshall with Henry Winkler and Marion Ross.

Richie Cunningham and his friend Potsie face life at Jefferson High in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the 1950s. Lots of changes over time as kids come and go, new series spin off, Richie and pals go to college then the army. Even marriage.

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Srećni dani, Sretni dani, Gänget och jag, Happy Days, Cool


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Miller-Milkis Productions, Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions, Paramount Television


"Rock Around the Clock" and "Mona Lisa" were on the Hit Parade...Uncle Miltie was a household word...people held each other while dancing...the D.A. was a hairstyle...and everybody liked Ike. Those were the days of the 1950's...filled with innocence and the promise of even better days to come. (season 1)


John J. O'Connor
New York Times
That's the trouble with nostalgia. It's dishonest. And within the context of a situation comedy it's more dishonest than usual.
by rottentomatoes, Feb 11, 2021
Lee Winfrey
Philadelphia Inquirer
I tuned in prepared to hate a show with two characters on it named Potsie and Fonzie, but it didn't turn out that way.
by rottentomatoes, Feb 11, 2021
Will Jones
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The minds behind Happy Days, I fear, have no nostalgic feeling for life as it really was in the '50s. What they're really yearning for is a return to TV's family situation comedies of the period... Reruns could serve as well. Maybe better.
by rottentomatoes, Feb 11, 2021

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