Episodes (16)

Episode #3.1
S03E01 · Episode #3.1

Jan 08, 1980

Tucker & co are late on the first day when the bus doesn't turn up. Mr Sutcliffe helps lay signs around the school for the new first formers. Benny turns up with football in one hand, and little brother in the other. Andrew Stanton is accompanied by his sister, Karen: he is overprotective, but she would rather be independent. Sudhanami Patel turns up with uniform, but her classmates are now casually dressed. Penny's know-all hauteur gets up the nose of Trisha. Tucker and Alan seem to be as lost as the first years. Mr Sutcliffe falls out with the caretaker over the ...

Episode #3.2
S03E02 · Episode #3.2

Jan 11, 1980

Duane turns up with a black eye, given by his dad as a result of his lost bike. With school maintenance going on, the window putty proves irresistible. The drama class starts. Duane's long-term friendship with Tracey seems to be crumbling under peer pressure. Pogo's putty removal causes some headaches for the school maintenance man. Pogo accidentally spills some red paint over Duane's jacket. Tracey repairs the rift in their friendship by sorting out Duane's paint problem.

Episode #3.3
S03E03 · Episode #3.3

Jan 15, 1980

Justin is given the bumps on his birthday. The third form wants a common room for lunch and breaks. A school trip to some waste ground inspires Penny and Susi to ask if they can go to the proper countryside. Susi has bra troubles. Alan, with Andrew, and witnessed by Susi leaves a fire burning, but a chain of kids put it out using milk churns. Susi throws her bra in the river, but Andrew retrieves it, and there's a mutual agreement between them to keep quiet about what each other has seen.

Episode #3.4
S03E04 · Episode #3.4

Jan 18, 1980

A new school council rep is elected. The students still are thinking about the countryside, and want a regular trip. Cathy flirts with the decorator. Trish is pushed into becoming a school rep. Tucker starts a fire in Chemistry. Tempers flare between Trisha, Cathy, and Penny. Doyle and Trisha, and Mark and Penny are proposed from the each class. Doyle's proposed policies are all stolen from other candidates. Trisha and Penny fight until Miss Peterson intervenes. Doyle wins but both Trisha and Penny are beaten by an outsider.

Episode #3.5
S03E05 · Episode #3.5

Jan 22, 1980

Duane's bike seems to have resurfaced as owned by another pupil. Madelin Tanner is seen behaving suspiciously. The first formers are told their project is to collect insects. A meeting is held about the school magazine: censorship rears its ugly head. Another bike goes missing. Pogo holds an insect race, but the contestants escape. Sally Forsyth takes a tumble during Miss Peterson's obstacle course, and rumours spread that she has died. More bikes go missing.

Episode #3.6
S03E06 · Episode #3.6

Jan 25, 1980

It's a case of too many cooks spoil the broth when it comes to catching the bike thieves, but perhaps Tucker will save the day. Tracy sees Mr. Sutcliffe and Miss Mooney holding hands outside a jewellers shop. Sally is visited in hospital by Tracey and Karen.

Episode #3.7
S03E07 · Episode #3.7

Jan 29, 1980

A new girl Fatima starts, and a little racism is apparent in the staff's assumption that Sudhanami speaks her tongue. Fatima has difficulties fitting into the school, but is taught useful phrases by Cathy and Trisha, including "Shut yer Mouf". The school fair looms and Tucker has plans to get a teacher wet. An accident in Chemistry makes Trisha re-evaluate her stand against school uniform. Sudhanami's dad is upset at her Western friends, and decides he would like her moved to an all-girl's school. Can Trisha and Cathy persuade him that Sudhanami is not being corrupted?

Episode #3.8
S03E08 · Episode #3.8

Feb 01, 1980

Doyle is abusing his position on school council by taking bribes. Mr Hopwood has arranged for a hut to be rented for outdoor activities on a nearby farm, but transport seems to be a problem. The First form has a mime lesson, but it is interrupted by Mr Garfield setting up lunch tables. Pogo is obnoxious in Cookery, so the girls teach him a lesson. Because the lunch is delayed, Pogo gets his first stab at a business venture, selling Duane's cakes to starving students. Pogo and Duane are mugged after the second day's cake sale, but Mr Sutcliffe intervenes. Although the ...

Episode #3.9
S03E09 · Episode #3.9

Feb 05, 1980

Sutcliffe and Mooney seem to be having a lover's tiff, which pleases Cathy no end. Mr Hopwood is not pleased to find virtually no-one's come to the meeting about the outdoor centre - Doyle is blamed for doing nothing. Penny and Susi are determined to show how useless Doyle is as a council rep. They type a short piece for the school magazine, which is accepted at the last moment. The "Trading Post" makes a start with its hungry customers and sells out. Doyle finds out about the school magazine and confronts Penny, but she is rescued by Alan who has evidently taken a ...

Episode #3.10
S03E10 · Episode #3.10

Feb 08, 1980

Andrew's parents seem to be having marital strife again. Andrew gets paint over his trousers. A tug of war between staff and pupils is planned. The meeting to discuss the outdoor centre has a lot more people this time. Penny realises she can use Susi to promote her anti-Doyle campaign. Fundraising is started for the outdoor centre, including a sponsored walk. Alan takes Tucker's two 50 pence pieces, and a small battle begins which ends up with Tucker lobbing a water bomb at Baxter accidentally. Benny tries for the District Team, and shows off his stuff in the trials, ...

Episode #3.11
S03E11 · Episode #3.11

Feb 12, 1980

Pogo has an argument with Karen, in Woodwork, and he breaks her toast rack. Karen hires some help, who ambush him and remove his trousers. Tucker, Benny and Alan shortcut Mr Baxter's runaround the block by using a bus. Mr Baxter reconciles with Benny and cancels his detention. Enough money has been raised for the outdoor centre, but who will win the tug of war?

Episode #3.12
S03E12 · Episode #3.12

Feb 15, 1980

At half term, Tucker, Alan and Benny find that Alan's dad's workers are on the fiddle. Duane and Tracy want to enter a competition, so break into school to use the library.

Episode #3.13
S03E13 · Episode #3.13

Feb 19, 1980

Alan persuades Susi to learn Judo, his dad is persuaded to sell his old minibus to Mr. Hopwood, and Tracy, Duane and Michael face Mr. Keating's interrogation.

Episode #3.14
S03E14 · Episode #3.14

Feb 22, 1980

The first trip to the outdoor centre in the newly acquired van. The third formers set up camp, and Alan takes off Susi for some judo practice. Tucker strikes up a deal with Justin. The boys set up the girls tent on an ants nest. Cathy ignores advice to go upstairs in the derelict building, and trips up over a rotting floorboard. She is carted off to hospital, but the damaged building raises doubts that the outdoor centre may be too derelict. Jill Harcourt's handwriting is arousing suspicion in Mr Sutcliffe. Alan takes his dad on an unofficial visit to assess the ...

Episode #3.15
S03E15 · Episode #3.15

Feb 26, 1980

Tucker, Alan and Hughsey mess around at the shopping centre. Trouble seems to be brewing between Brookdale and Grange Hill. Baxter guards the entrance, and notes pupils arriving with injuries. A series of dares begins, each getting more and more dangerous. Are Trisha and Cathy really exhorting money from the first formers? Tucker makes use of the back entrance, selling its usage to other third formers. The precinct is made out of bounds. Sutcliffe catches Cathy and Trisha in the shopping precinct - but he can't be angry at their reason for being there. Meanwhile at ...

Episode #3.16
S03E16 · Episode #3.16

Feb 29, 1980

Penny's magazine contribution is being done through Susi. Tucker has ideas on using the school's video recorder. Cathy's having problems with her periods. Tucker's chair-knocking game falls foul of the cleaners. The Outdoor centre is vetoed in the council meeting, which seems to please Doyle. The option of sharing an outdoor centre with Brookdale is proposed by Tucker. Miss Peterson gives Doyle some grief about his poor council rep performance. In return he steals Penny's project and bins it. Mr Hopwood comes to the rescue and Doyle is made to retrieve the lost ...


Grange Hill Season 3 (1980) is released on Jan 08, 1980 and the latest season 31 of Grange Hill is released in 2008. Watch Grange Hill online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Grange Hill is directed by Albert Barber,John Smith,Richard Kelly,Colin Cant and created by Phil Redmond with Gwyneth Powell and .

As know as:

Грэндж Хилл, Grange Hill, Grange Hill(English), グランジヒル(Japanese), De lieverdjes van Grange Hill


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Mersey Television

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