Episodes (7)

...And a Flying Trapeze
S06E01 · ...And a Flying Trapeze

Aug 15, 2014

Laura Ann takes pictures in the end zone at her football stadium nuptials, while Lauren dances to her groom's tunes at her whiskey distillery affair. Elizabeth's wood theme is evident in her cake, while Captain Jen's theme is shown in red, white and blue

...Family Ties
S06E02 · ...Family Ties

Jul 21, 2018

Four St. Louis Brides with strong family ties are going head to head in a wedding showdown for a chance to win the honeymoon of a lifetime.

...And a Go-Kart Race
S06E03 · ...And a Go-Kart Race

Aug 22, 2014

Guests enjoy go-kart racing at Kelsey's drive-in theater wedding, while Jen gives sunglasses and hula dances at her backyard party. Kaila has a pig at her glitz and glam soiree, while Mercedes exchanges vows without rings at her nontraditional nuptials.

...and a Rock Club
S06E04 · ...and a Rock Club

Aug 29, 2014

Butterflies and dragons fly at Bianca's rooftop nuptials, while guests experience the old and new at Jenn's art museum affair. Asmeret's 800 guests give her a grand entrance into her ballroom reception, while Jorelle's guests rock out all night long.

Bests and Blunders
S06E05 · Bests and Blunders

Aug 29, 2014

Every bride thinks her big day is second to none. But one bride's boasts can be another's bust! From the jaw-dropping entrances and show-stopping entertainment to epic blunders and shocking reveals, this is the guide to Four Weddings: Bests and Blunders.

...and a Porta Potty
S06E06 · ...and a Porta Potty

Sep 05, 2014

Heather makes wine and her own dress for her castle nuptials, while Harmony's pastor makes her big day simply sweet by baking her cake. Jamie impresses with outdoor opulence and vows made of icing, while Sara pleases with a BBQ buffet and line dancing.

...and a Pirate Parade
S06E07 · ...and a Pirate Parade

Sep 19, 2014

Kat's mates board a paddleboat for her Pirate party, while Lauren's guests ride a trolley ride to her garden nuptials. Linda shows her low country love alongside a marsh, and beauty queen Jordan celebrates with 300 guests at the Savannah civic center.


Four Weddings Season 6 (2018) is released on Aug 15, 2014 and the latest season 9 of Four Weddings is released in 2018. Watch Four Weddings online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. Four Weddings is directed by Dan Taggatz,Jennifer Meerow Berniker,Daniel Markell,Esther Stone and created by Andrew Spires with and . Four Weddings is available online on Max and Max Amazon Channel.

Four different women who are all getting married attend each other's weddings. Each women rates each other's wedding based on different categories. In the end, which ever woman has the highest rated wedding wins a honeymoon with her new husband in a beautiful, exotic location.

As know as:

Cuatro bodas y un destino, Cuatro bodas, Four Weddings


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Production Companies:

ITV America, The Learning Channel (TLC)
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