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...And Glass Slippers
S03E01 · ...And Glass Slippers

Jan 07, 2011

Danielle hopes to enchant her guests with her glass slippers, while family-focused Kitty plans to wow by singing her own processional song. Kally wants her guests salivating over her exotic cuisine, but picky eater Dawn plans a more traditional meal.�

...And a Crying Bride
S03E02 · ...And a Crying Bride

Jan 14, 2011

Heather is a perfectionist with plans for her big banquet hall blowout, while Aretha is relying on help from her friends for her college campus affair. Kelly is a non-traditional bride but the sentimental bride Mary still sheds a tear at her wedding

...And Dancing Zombies
S03E03 · ...And Dancing Zombies

Jan 21, 2011

Tinisha's hopping to impress with banquet hall surprises while Rachel's upping the ante with a tumbling flower girl and theatrics. Hannah's feels her "Hollowedding" is the one to beat but Janitza's blending of cultures wedding may be the best!

...And a Candelabra Hat
S03E04 · ...And a Candelabra Hat

Feb 04, 2011

The sky's the limit with Deyana's ten tiers of towering cake, while Danielle's rotating penthouse party keeps her guests guessing. Deedee's Thai tabletop gifts impress, but Julianna's Brazilian carnival has them dancing in the street.

...And a Fast Food Diet
S03E05 · ...And a Fast Food Diet

Feb 11, 2011

Tulisa's garden nuptials leave her guests in peaceful tranquility while retro-bride Crystal's rockabilly beach party has guests twisting the night away. Erica is splurging on fine wine, but Alli's dying for chicken fingers and French fries.

...And the Leaning Tower of Eiffel
S03E06 · ...And the Leaning Tower of Eiffel

Feb 18, 2011

Heather heads to the beach for surf and sand nuptials, Shakelia's big day is inside a Baptist church. Jessica has an open bar and a karaoke mic, while Chimere's guests sip mocktails under a 12-foot Eiffel Tower outside an ancient Spanish monastery.

...And a Shark Tank
S03E07 · ...And a Shark Tank

May 06, 2011

Celeste's couture gown has a removable layer that reveals a feathered skirt. Marisol upstages with a reception inside a theater. Ann's dress includes DYI-handiwork and Soo's day reaches new depths when the certified diver plunges into a shark tank.

...And a Smoking Cocktail
S03E08 · ...And a Smoking Cocktail

May 13, 2011

Kateryna walks barefoot through the sand to make her ocean-side vows while Kira's in diamonds in an elegant hotel ballroom. Jenny celebrates her nuptials at her family's winery and Winnie's wedding menu includes nouveau cuisine.

...And a Dancing Santa
S03E09 · ...And a Dancing Santa

May 20, 2011

At Kellie's enchanted Christmas, wedding guests waltz with Santa Claus, while at Erica's rocked-out reception, the fists are pumping. Liz makes her grand entrance on a retractable staircase and Charelle is serenaded by her loyal sorority sisters.

...And an Awkward Pirate
S03E10 · ...And an Awkward Pirate

May 27, 2011

Lauren impresses with an over-the-top spread of food, while Kathiria pours her heart into a sexy Tango. Christina goes for eclectic entertainment at her reception, hiring a pirate and a German oompah band while Jamie shares the aisle with her dog.

...And a Pizza Delivery
S03E11 · ...And a Pizza Delivery

Aug 05, 2011

Angel has planned every detail of her hotel wedding, while casual Katie has a Rock Star-themed bash. Julie's religious beliefs mean there will be no dancing or drinking, while Gina's stocked her martini bar reception with signature cocktails.

...And a Flirtatious Ape
S03E12 · ...And a Flirtatious Ape

Aug 12, 2011

Keshia exchanges vows on the lawn of an elegant mansion, while Jaclyn says I Do at the zoo! Melissa brightens an urban loft with pretty paper decorations, and Megan explores the mystical side of her Friday the 13th wedding with tarot cards.

...And a Bouncy House
S03E13 · ...And a Bouncy House

Aug 19, 2011

Dena is a gourmet chef cooking up her own wedding feast, while Jen's invited a barbeque truck and ice cream man to dish out backyard treats. Marissa's chosen a traditional banquet hall to host her happy day and Nicole intimate winery for fireside vows.

...And a Rockin' Harmonica
S03E14 · ...And a Rockin' Harmonica

Aug 26, 2011

Michele's spent a fortune on vintage candelabras, while Amber's personalized her big day with handmade drink stirrers. Kathryn's wedding is at an art house movie theater and Heidi's invited guests to celebrate her day at a glass covered garden.

...And Two Wedding Crashers
S03E15 · ...And Two Wedding Crashers

Sep 02, 2011

Ashley ends her plantation ceremony with a dove release, while Christian masquerades into her candle lit nightclub reception. Courtney says I do at her flower filled affair, while Joy struts her peacocks and treats guests to liquor-filled cupcakes.

...And a Bling Team!
S03E16 · ...And a Bling Team!

Sep 09, 2011

Toni decorates with her big day with modern minimalism while Tamekia's blinged out every inch of her wedding. Kat keeps her vows cool and sophisticated, while homecoming queen Lauren has invited 350 friends to rock the dance floor.

...And a Thousand Cranes
S03E17 · ...And a Thousand Cranes

Sep 16, 2011

Dourin's bridal entrance is lined with noisemakers and drums, while Connie is serenaded by her husband on an acoustic guitar. Lori's hung a thousand origami cranes inside an intimate flower shop and Rita rocks a pink leopard print dress.

...And a Frog Dance
S03E18 · ...And a Frog Dance

Sep 30, 2011

Aimee favors Gothic wedding décor for her rock and roll wedding, while Megan lightens up with pastel peonies for her centerpieces. Angie's booked an elegant downtown ballroom for her pricey reception and Erica exchanges vows at sunset on the bow of ship.

...And a Dance Off
S03E19 · ...And a Dance Off

Oct 07, 2011

Jenn leaves her wedding decor to the pros while Michelle makes a bouquet from vintage brooches. Ali turns her beach wedding into a black light rave and Renee's vows go from heartfelt to hilarious.

...And a Hurricane
S03E20 · ...And a Hurricane

Dec 30, 2011

Mirian's ceremony has her father officiating while Kim's chosen a hand puppet serving as the ring-bearer. Jen's throwing a five-hour cocktail party and Colleen's alcohol-free reception follows the couple's first ever kiss.

...And the Reverse Worm
S03E21 · ...And the Reverse Worm

Jan 06, 2012

At Tara's wedding it's all about the party and Katie's planned an elegant, Roaring Twenties affair. Christina is the only one calling the shots on her big day, while Jennie and her bride are finally able to celebrate their long-awaited ceremony in NYC.

...And a Yellow Brick Road
S03E22 · ...And a Yellow Brick Road

Jan 13, 2012

Micaela mixes a unity cocktail at the altar, while Karina gets roped with a Mexican wedding lasso. Ali has her guests tickled hot pink with her bright décor and, with her ruby slippers, Missy transforms a historic mansion into an Emerald City.

...And Bling-Blau
S03E23 · ...And Bling-Blau

Jan 20, 2012

Lucy's wedding reception comes with a forest of artificial trees, while Holly's tables are topped with garden-grown sunflowers. LeVette renews her vows with a flashy 4-carat ring and Jenna shines at her simple, country chic affair.

...And a School Bus
S03E24 · ...And a School Bus

Jan 27, 2012

Michelle sticks to Filipino traditions at her school of rock wedding and Shannon blasts her banquet hall reception with hot pink party decorations. Lindsey says I do surrounded by nature, while Erika takes the elevator to her chic penthouse nuptials.

...And a Wishing Lantern
S03E25 · ...And a Wishing Lantern

Feb 03, 2012

Nicole's beach themed wedding is anchored at a Jersey Shore restaurant, while Ty celebrates at her New York penthouse bash. Aurea's afternoon nuptials include a garden ceremony, and Lara treats her guests to a Viennese dessert hour.

...And a Unity Fish Bowl
S03E26 · ...And a Unity Fish Bowl

Feb 10, 2012

Brittany unites her fish and her family, while Jamie swaps her wedding cake for a ceremonial pizza and an ice cream bar. Lauren steps out of a stretch Hummer limo to greet her 340 guests and Britten holds her glamorous night in a Chicago Skyscraper.

...And Men in Kilts
S03E27 · ...And Men in Kilts

Feb 17, 2012

Ashanti adds Tears of Joy tissue packets while Shauna makes her reception entrance under light saber wands. Juli's lovebird theme is complete with initials carved in birch branches and Tarisha is a burst of color in her red gown.

...And a Power Outage
S03E28 · ...And a Power Outage

Feb 24, 2012

Ashanti's ceremony comes with Tears of Joy tissue packets while Shauna makes her reception entrance under lightsaber wands. Juli's lovebird theme is accented with initials carved in birch branches and Tarisha is a burst of color in her red wedding dress.

...And Chocolate Handcuffs
S03E29 · ...And Chocolate Handcuffs

Mar 02, 2012

Kate picks recycled wedding décor and opts for no favors at her earth-friendly party while Chicago cop Jennifer splurges on chocolate handcuff favors. Erika's guests hop to a German polka and Roula's guests circle for traditional Greek dancing.


Four Weddings Season 3 (2011) is released on Jan 07, 2011 and the latest season 9 of Four Weddings is released in 2018. Watch Four Weddings online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. Four Weddings is directed by Dan Taggatz,Jennifer Meerow Berniker,Daniel Markell,Esther Stone and created by Andrew Spires with Nicola McLean and Emma Swanson. Four Weddings is available online on fuboTV and Max.

Four different women who are all getting married attend each other's weddings. Each women rates each other's wedding based on different categories. In the end, which ever woman has the highest rated wedding wins a honeymoon with her new husband in a beautiful, exotic location.

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Cuatro bodas y un destino, Cuatro bodas, Four Weddings


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