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Games Gone Wrong
S01E01 · Games Gone Wrong

Jul 08, 2017

Creatures of the forest prey on the youth who go to the woods for games and adventure.

Hunting for Trouble
S01E02 · Hunting for Trouble

Jul 15, 2017

Stories of those who have hunted for ghostly activity out in the woods.

Beast in the Woods
S01E03 · Beast in the Woods

Jul 23, 2017

Interviews with people who claim that the legend of Bigfoot is no legend at all and that the creature is very real and threatening.

Touched by the Devil
S01E04 · Touched by the Devil

Jul 29, 2017

For centuries, stories of Satan have come from all over the world, but today some people claim that he and his worshippers haunt the woods of Ohio and North Carolina.

Legend of Mothman
S01E05 · Legend of Mothman

Aug 12, 2017

Since being linked to a bridge collapse that killed dozens of people, the creature known as Mothman is synonymous with fear. However, that doesn't stop people from trying to find him.

Ghosts Walk Among Us
S01E06 · Ghosts Walk Among Us

Aug 12, 2017

A thirst for revenge can be a powerful motivator both in life - and death. The ghosts of those who have been wronged during their time on earth will often remain here in an effort to seek justice, and if they can't locate the actual culprit, then anyone will do..


Evil Encounters Season 1 (2017) is released on Jul 08, 2017 and the latest season 2 of Evil Encounters is released in 2017. Watch Evil Encounters online - the English Documentary TV series from Canada. Evil Encounters is directed by Zachary Frank,David Hyde,Zachary Frank,Michael Sinyi and created by Daniel Magnus with Ryan Stacey and Julie Mainville.

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Evil Encounters





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Cream Productions

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