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Game On
S02E01 · Game On

Aug 01, 2015

Executive Producers Lee Daniels, Danny Strong and Ilene Chaiken share an inside look at EMPIRE, the hit show that took America by storm. Learn more from the people who know best how this series turned into what critics have called "A Game Changer " and wh

The Devils Are Here
S02E02 · The Devils Are Here

Sep 23, 2015

Three months after his arrest, Lucious tries to run Empire Entertainment while in federal lockup; Cookie stages a star-studded concert in support of Lucious while Andre, Hakeem, Anika and Mimi Whiteman attempt a hostile takeover.

Without a Country
S02E03 · Without a Country

Sep 30, 2015

Cookie and her cohorts decide to start their own small record label, but it's off to a bumpy start as everyone has different visions for the new label. As his first project for the new company, Hakeem decides to form a girl group and woos a hot Latina lead singer proving that he can be more than just an artist.

Fires of Heaven
S02E04 · Fires of Heaven

Oct 07, 2015

Cookie and Anika work together behind Lucious' back to pull off a surprise performance that catches the eye of Pitbull. Meanwhile, Lucious tracks down Frank Gathers' daughter, Young Ma, to try to convince her to sign with him at Empire, while Hakeem is hard at work on his girl group, Mirage a Trois. Also, Andre and Rhonda hope their baby-on-the-way will be the key that unlocks Lucious's cold heart and opens the door for Andre to return to the Empire fold.

Poor Yorick
S02E05 · Poor Yorick

Oct 14, 2015

Despite their feud, the Lyons decide to collaborate on a project that will benefit both companies; Lucious wants to make Vernon disappear.

Be True
S02E06 · Be True

Oct 21, 2015

Cookie and Anika work with Laz to throw an event to launch their company, showcase their artists and premiere a song written by Hakeem; Jamal works on his music with Ne-Yo; Hakeem begins a relationship.

A High Hope for a Low Heaven
S02E07 · A High Hope for a Low Heaven

Nov 04, 2015

Cookie and Lucious have to work together to protect their children; Jamal wants to get back into the studio; Andre discovers a disciple.

True Love Never
S02E08 · True Love Never

Nov 11, 2015

Lucious considers a partnership with Jago, the founder of a streaming music company; Andre must achieve a delicate balance between his new values and his career; Hakeem tries to turn Laura into a star.

My Bad Parts
S02E09 · My Bad Parts

Nov 18, 2015

Lucious releases a rap by Freda, which causes Hakeem to issue a rap-battle challenge; Cookie's sister visits; Jamal tries to land a big sponsorship deal; Anika receives life-altering news.

Sinned Against
S02E10 · Sinned Against

Nov 25, 2015

A former prison mate helps Cookie and her sister, Candace a deep connection forms when Jamal works with a critically acclaimed pop star; Cookie makes a discovery about Laz.

Et Tu, Brute?
S02E11 · Et Tu, Brute?

Dec 02, 2015

Lucious makes a reckless move that could jeopardize everything; Cookie plans a concert at the prison where she was incarcerated for 17 years.

Death Will Have His Day
S02E12 · Death Will Have His Day

Mar 30, 2016

Lucious declares he will do anything to regain his power, but Cookie has her own ideas; a major tragedy changes the lives of the Lyon family.

A Rose by Any Other Name
S02E13 · A Rose by Any Other Name

Apr 06, 2016

Camilla sinks her claws into Hakeem, the acting Empire CEO, while the rest of the Lyon family members try to get him back on their side; Jamal gets backlash from his fans; Rhonda and Andre's marriage is tested.

The Tameness of a Wolf
S02E14 · The Tameness of a Wolf

Apr 13, 2016

Tensions rise between Lucious and his sons; Lucious recreates a traumatic interaction with his mother for a new music video; Tiana and Laura fight to be spotlighted during the Mirage a Trois tour.

Time Shall Unfold
S02E15 · Time Shall Unfold

Apr 20, 2016

Lucious releases his video and tries to maneuver his way back into the CEO position at Empire; Andre learns about his grandmother's mental illness as a way to better understand his own struggle; Anika makes a revelation.

More Than Kin
S02E16 · More Than Kin

Apr 27, 2016

Lucious holds a fundraiser as part of a campaign to prove he should return as Empire's CEO; Hakeem considers whether or not to be a father to Anika's child.

The Lyon Who Cried Wolf
S02E17 · The Lyon Who Cried Wolf

May 04, 2016

The discovery of a dark secret throws a wrench into Lucious' deeply personal music video about his mother; secret affairs compromise Hakeem and Jamal; Rhonda thinks she knows the identity of her attacker.

Rise by Sin
S02E18 · Rise by Sin

May 11, 2016

Hakeem struggles to find a place for his fiancé, Laura, in his career and family; Cookie reveals the truth about Freda's father to Jamal; Jamal makes a sacrifice for Lucious.

Past Is Prologue
S02E19 · Past Is Prologue

May 18, 2016

After a life-changing experience, Jamal refuses to make music until his family ends its seemingly endless cycle of violence and fighting. Meanwhile, the Feds are tailing Anika because they want to force her to testify against Lucious. In order to protect her family, Cookie organizes a meeting at Hakeem and Laura's wedding with various people from her and Lucious' past in the all-new Past Is Prologue season finale episode of Empire.


Empire Season 2 (2015) is released on Aug 01, 2015 and the latest season 6 of Empire is released in 2019. Watch Empire online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Empire is directed by Sanaa Hamri,Craig Brewer,Mario Van Peebles,Bille Woodruff and created by Lee Daniels with Terrence Howard and Bryshere Y. Gray. Empire is available online on Hulu and Amazon Video.

Lucious, the founder and CEO of a successful record label, has been diagnosed with ALS. He must choose one of his three sons to take over the company when he dies. Meanwhile, his ex-wife and co-founder Cookie has been released from prison and wants to reclaim her rightful place in the company.

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Imperija, Imperium, Ông Hoàng Giải Trí, Empire: Fama e Poder, Империя


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Lee Daniels Entertainment, Danny Strong Productions, Little Chicken Productions

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Music. Family. Power. The battle begins. (Season 1), Welcome back to the Lyons den. (Season 2), Their reign. Their rules. (Season 3), Prepare for reign. Royalty keeps it real. (Season 3), It's their move. (Season 5), Rule to the end (Season 6)


Eric Deggans
The second season isn't the phenomenon of the first. But no other series on network TV this year has better proven the power of diversity.
by rottentomatoes, Nov 26, 2019
Judy Berman
Much like its centerpiece, Cookie, this is a show that knows its strengths and flaunts them.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 21, 2017
Richard Vine
Empire was dubbed the "hip-hop Dynasty", which isn't far off; but it owes just as much to more recent mono-titled nighttime soaps such as Revenge or Scandal. In other words, perfect American TV.
by rottentomatoes, Oct 07, 2015

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