Episodes (6)

Hug Me, Brother: Pilot
S01E01 · Hug Me, Brother: Pilot

Jan 11, 2004

At his mother's marriage announcement, Drake gets a step-dad and an odd step-brother, and little sister Megan gets a new older brother to torment.

Dune Buggy
S01E02 · Dune Buggy

Jan 18, 2004

Drake takes a dune buggy that his friend gave them for a ride when he is not suppose to and he ends up at the hospital after he crashes.

Believe Me, Brother
S01E03 · Believe Me, Brother

Jan 25, 2004

After meeting Susan, Drake's new girlfriend, Josh becomes convinced that her flirtation is more than friendly behavior.

Two Idiots and a Baby
S01E04 · Two Idiots and a Baby

Feb 08, 2004

Josh volunteers himself and Drake to babysit for Walter's boss's kid on the same night that Drake has a playing gig with his band.

First Crush
S01E05 · First Crush

Feb 15, 2004

Acknowledging Josh's shortcomings with female peers, Drake gives him the Drake Parker Crash Course in How to Approach Girls.

S01E06 · Grammy

Feb 22, 2004

Josh's grandma comes to stay with the boys while their parents are away for the weekend, much to the disappointment of Drake, whom she dislikes.


Drake & Josh Season 1 (2004) is released on Jan 11, 2004 and the latest season 4 of Drake & Josh is released in 2006. Watch Drake & Josh online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Drake & Josh is directed by Steve Hoefer,Virgil L. Fabian,Adam Weissman,Roger Christiansen and created by Dan Schneider with Drake Bell and Josh Peck. Drake & Josh is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ Roku Premium Channel.

Two teenage step brothers, one teenager being a nerd, and the other a popular, cool famous musician. They are very different but end up being the best of brothers; whom also have to deal with their younger sister Megan who always makes their life miserable. She gets them in trouble a lot and just frightens them. The two of them get in crazy situations.

As know as:

Дрейк та Джош, Дрейк и Джош, ドレイク&ジョシュ, Drake i Josh, Drake & Josh


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Nickelodeon Productions, Schneider's Bakery

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