Episodes (13)

Lethal Intake
S06E01 · Lethal Intake

Oct 10, 2009

A 29-year-old man dies after three-day spell of nausea and vomiting. While he was still alive, the man told his sister he believed he had gotten food poisoning from a fish sandwich he had eaten four days prior to his death. Dr. G knows that deaths from food poisoning are rare, but having a read a recent press release reporting a fish poisoning outbreak, she must investigate the possibility. A 42-year-old woman sustains fatal injuries in a car accident involving a drunk driver. In order for the drunk driver to be held accountable for the woman's death, it must be ...

Last Gasps
S06E02 · Last Gasps

Nov 02, 2009

A four-month-old baby, Charlie Pryce, is found dead in his crib. Not only must Dr. G find out what caused this baby's untimely death, she must also find out if the baby's twin sister Robin is also at risk of dying in the same manner. A 23-year-old father, Ramos Glabinski, collapses on the floor while at home with his children. Because of the man's age and history of marijuana use, Dr G. suspects that he may have used and subsequently overdosed on harder drugs.

Deadly Silence
S06E03 · Deadly Silence

Nov 09, 2009

A 78-year-old grandfather falls on the sidewalk while visiting his family. He seems fine at first, but he collapses and dies hours later. Dr. G's review of the background information is inconclusive, and an autopsy is needed to determine the cause of death. However, the man's family objects to an autopsy for religious reasons. Will Dr. G be able to convince the family of the importance of an autopsy, or will the man's cause of death forever remain a mystery? A 39-year-old florist collapses and dies in her shop while meeting with clients. Given the woman's young age ...

Fatal Twist
S06E04 · Fatal Twist

Nov 23, 2009

A four-month-old baby is found unresponsive in his crib, and cannot be revived at the hospital. Dr. G must investigate the possibility of child abuse as she searches for the cause of death. A 36-year-old woman has a seizure and dies on a city bus. The woman had gone to the hospital the night before, complaining of chest pain and being light-headed, and had been diagnosed with bronchitis. Also of concern is that the woman lived in a group home for the mentally disabled. Was the woman a victim of neglect or foul play in the group home, did the hospital make a fatal ...

Deadly Decisions
S06E05 · Deadly Decisions

Jan 11, 2010

An unidentified woman is found brutally murdered by the side of the road. In addition to pinpointing the cause of death, Dr. G must collect evidence from the body that will help investigators identify the victim, and the killer. A 41-year-old man, Cisco Rivera, goes out for boat ride; hours later, he is found dead at the bottom of the lake. His boat is found intact, with its engine still idling. It's up to Dr. G find out if the man simply drowned, was intoxicated, was knocked unconscious in an accident, or suffered a medical emergency.

Bruised and Battered
S06E06 · Bruised and Battered

Jan 18, 2010

A woman finds her 8 year old son unresponsive in bed & a man is found laying dead on the floor naked with bruises on his body & Dr. G must rule out if it was foul play.

Deadly Storms
S06E07 · Deadly Storms

Jan 25, 2010

It's up to Dr. G to determine if alcohol was to blame in a man's death or if there was a silent killer lurking in his body.

Fatal Flaw
S06E08 · Fatal Flaw

Jun 07, 2010

An infant dies after experiencing flu-like symptoms; A man known to use cocaine dies after complaining of abdominal pain.

Deadly Dive
S06E09 · Deadly Dive

Jun 14, 2010

Dr. G autopsies an apparent drowning victim; 31 year old Andy Santnai is hit by a train.

Deadly Descent
S06E10 · Deadly Descent

Jun 21, 2010

Dr. G autopsies the body of a pilot, Richard Garcia, recovered from a plane crash; A woman, Rosie, is found dead in her home.

A Deadly Deal
S06E11 · A Deadly Deal

Jun 28, 2010

Reed Baley is found unconscious the morning after his bachelor party. Now, it's up to Dr. G to determine if alcohol was to blame or if there was another cause of death.

Disturbing Behavior
S06E12 · Disturbing Behavior

Jul 05, 2010

A woman dies five years after a mugging; Leo Guzman dies after falling from a ladder.

Evil Intent
S06E13 · Evil Intent

Jul 26, 2010

A body is recovered from a house fire; A woman with an abusive ex-husband is found dead in her apartment.


Dr. G: Medical Examiner Season 6 (2009) is released on Oct 10, 2009 and the latest season 8 of Dr. G: Medical Examiner is released in 2012. Watch Dr. G: Medical Examiner online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. Dr. G: Medical Examiner is directed by David Guertin,Fahad Vania,Bill McClane,Andy S. Montejo and created by Jess Beck with Jan C. Garavaglia and Jeff Colt. Dr. G: Medical Examiner is available online on Plex and Peacock.

As know as:

Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Dr. G., de wetsdokter(Flemish, dubbed version), Д-р Джи: Съдебен лекар(Bulgarian), Dr.G Medical Exsamine(English), Dr. G - Beruf: Gerichtsmedizinerin


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