Episodes (13)

Death on the Road
S02E01 · Death on the Road

Jul 15, 2005

A man is found dead in a motel room due to multiple shotgun wounds. Dr. G proves the scene isn't what it seems.

The Mourning
S02E02 · The Mourning

Jul 22, 2005

Rusty Updike has asked his ex-wife Vesta on a cruise. The couple haven't seen each other for 15 years but Vesta decides that a cruise with her ex might make for a nice change of pace.

A Shot in the Dark
S02E03 · A Shot in the Dark

Jul 29, 2005

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Prescription for Change
S02E04 · Prescription for Change

Aug 19, 2005

When a woman is examined by Dr. G., there are few medical records, as she had avoided doctors. A known prescription addict is seen, found dead with two empty pill bottles by nearby.

Burning Questions
S02E05 · Burning Questions

Sep 16, 2005

Recent college grad Robert Terrible is out drinking at a club with friends celebrating. At 3am, he realizes he better call it a night and heads to the nearby garage where he parked his car.

A Fatal Attraction
S02E06 · A Fatal Attraction

Oct 03, 2005

It's an early Sunday morning when a local resident decides to take a short-cut through the church parking lot. Walking past a lone car, the resident can't believe his eyes.

The Things Men Do
S02E07 · The Things Men Do

Nov 07, 2005

It is 3am and Deputy Torres is cruising a Texas highway when he suddenly spots a crushed pick-up truck along the side of the road. Trapped inside is the lifeless body of 24-year-old Luis Reyes.

Truth of the Matter
S02E08 · Truth of the Matter

Dec 09, 2005

Carol Moleskie agrees to go on a hunting excursion with her husband, Bob. A few hours after they enter the woods, they emerge again, Bob frantically waving down traffic as he carries his bloody wife.

Paths of Destruction
S02E09 · Paths of Destruction

Mar 17, 2006

It's a late night and a Vietnam veteran with a history of mental illness is drunk and stumbling through an apartment complex. When the police arrive, he pulls a gun and shoots himself in the head.

Needle in the Haystack
S02E10 · Needle in the Haystack

Mar 24, 2006

Jeffrey Ortiz, a mentally challenged man with the mental capacity of a nine-year-old, is making himself a sandwich when he inexplicably falls, striking his head on the kitchen counter.

A Lingering Question
S02E11 · A Lingering Question

Jun 09, 2006

When the husband, Tao Chen, is shot to death by his wife Jun, she claims she pulled the trigger in self-defense when a drunken Tao came after her with a gun.

Kiss of Death?
S02E12 · Kiss of Death?

Jun 16, 2006

After a brief illness, 34-year old Claire Jackson dies suddenly in the hospital from massive liver failure and winds up in Dr. G's morgue.

The Desperate Crossing
S02E13 · The Desperate Crossing

Jun 23, 2006

A quadriplegic woman loved by her community is found dead in an Orlando park 150ft from her motorized wheelchair. Children find her lifeless body face down in the sand.


Dr. G: Medical Examiner Season 2 (2005) is released on Jul 15, 2005 and the latest season 8 of Dr. G: Medical Examiner is released in 2012. Watch Dr. G: Medical Examiner online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United States. Dr. G: Medical Examiner is directed by David Guertin,Fahad Vania,Bill McClane,Andy S. Montejo and created by Jess Beck with Jan C. Garavaglia and Jeff Colt. Dr. G: Medical Examiner is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi TV.

As know as:

Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Dr. G., de wetsdokter(Flemish, dubbed version), Д-р Джи: Съдебен лекар(Bulgarian), Dr.G Medical Exsamine(English), Dr. G - Beruf: Gerichtsmedizinerin


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