Episodes (7)

The Fox: Part 1
S02E01 · The Fox: Part 1

Mar 19, 1982

A dying highwayman named Joe Cutler asks Dick Turpin to honor his last request. Unfortunately, Dick and Swiftnick are captured by the very men who were chasing Cutler. They are brought before the sadistic Lord Manderfell, who decides to hunt down Turpin as if he were a fox. Only if Dick manages to elude the hunting party until sunset, will he and Swiftnick be set free.

The Fox: Part 2
S02E02 · The Fox: Part 2

Mar 26, 1982

Swiftnick manages to escape from Manderfell's dungeon on his own and speeds off to find Dick, who is still on the run and all but exhausted by now. Still, Turpin insists on honoring Joe Cutlers last request by finding his hidden loot at the so called 'Devil's Chimney' and finding out who the woman is Cutler stole it for.

Blood Money
S02E03 · Blood Money

Apr 02, 1982

Wanted for High Treason against King George, Sir John Glutton returns to his desolated Rookham house to find letters containing the names of his fellow traitors. Glutton plans to buy his own freedom by turning in his fellow betrayers. Dick Turpin and Swiftnick are interested both getting their own back on Sir John, as well as the reward of 100 guineas.

Deadlier Than the Male
S02E04 · Deadlier Than the Male

May 07, 1982

Dick Turpin has saved a young serving wench from the clutches of scrupulous nobleman Edward Faversham and his two friends. Shortly thereafter he helps the Catherine Langford and her serving girl Wimple, who's carriage has overturned. Dick is distressed to learn the beautiful Catherine is engaged to be married to Faversham. When Wimple returns to the forest requesting Dicks help, little does he suspect he is walking into a trap.

The Elixir of Life
S02E05 · The Elixir of Life

May 21, 1982

Dick and Swiftnick are waiting for their accomplice Harry Sims at The Fox Inn when the Dr. Mandragola, a sight seer and alchemist arrives. He is soon followed by Captain Venables who has captured Sims. Dick poses as the Doctor and is ordered by Venables to use his powers of foresight to locate Turpin.

The Thief-Taker
S02E06 · The Thief-Taker

Apr 30, 1982

Lord Fordingham has put a bounty on Dick Turpin's head. Realizing they can get even more money out of the Lord, Turpin and Swiftnick pose as a pair of thief-takers, Jeremiah Snare and Jonathon Hardy and fool Fordingham into believing Captain Spiker is actually Dick Turpin.

The Judge
S02E07 · The Judge

May 14, 1982

Turpin intercepts judge Lambsfoot and takes his place in order to help local landowner John Radstock and Swiftnick escape their sentences.


Dick Turpin Season 2 (1982) is released on Mar 19, 1982 and the latest season 4 of Dick Turpin is released in 1982. Watch Dick Turpin online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. Dick Turpin is directed by Charles Crichton,Gerry Poulson,James Allen,Dennis Abey and created by Richard Carpenter with Richard O'Sullivan and Michael Deeks.

As know as:

Les Aventures de Dick Turpin(alternative transliteration), Die Abenteuer des Dick Turpin, ディック・ターピン (テレビドラマ), Dick Turpin, Dick Turpin(French)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

London Weekend Television (LWT)

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