Episodes (13)

S01E01 · Swiftnick

Dec 11, 1981

Mary Smith, owner of the Black Swann inn is in debt to Sir John Glutton. Her son Nicholas tries to gather together the money by taking up the guise of the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin. Unfortunately for him, his first victim turns out to be the actual Turpin. When Nicholas is captured by Captain Spiker his mother, an old acquaintance of Dick, asks Turpin to take her son under his wing. The highwayman rescues the lad and gives him the nickname Swiftnick, after another rogue.

The Capture
S01E02 · The Capture

Jan 22, 1982

Dick thinks Swiftnick isn't cutting it as a highwayman and bribes Tanner the gunsmith into taking the boy in as an apprentice. Glutton and Spiker have come up with a plan to use an actress called Jane Kelsey, who main claim to fame is a performance as Cleopatra, to lure Turpin into a trap.

The Champion
S01E03 · The Champion

Jan 08, 1982

Turpin intends to find some rest in the little village of Mudbury, but Swiftnick starts bragging about Dick's skills as a prizefighter. An unsuspecting Dick soon finds himself facing the bully Hogg, the accomplice of bible thumping tax collector Father Nightingale. Dick decides to call a favor from an old friend, Tom "The Bristol Butcher" Bracewell, but he disappears shortly before the fight.

The Poacher
S01E04 · The Poacher

Jan 15, 1982

A poacher has cut in on Dick Turpin's territory. Dick and Swiftnick decide to bait the most obvious suspect, a stranger named Joshua Vizard. Meanwhile Captain Spiker is thoroughly annoyed by the Sir John Glutton's visiting nephew, the extremely foppish Willougby.

The Pursuit
S01E05 · The Pursuit

Feb 19, 1982

When Dick and Swiftnick find themselves robbed, they pursue this masked highwayman, only to find the trail leading to a country house belonging to Mrs Bedingfield and her two daughters Belinda and Abigail.

The Blacksmith
S01E06 · The Blacksmith

Dec 18, 1981

Dick decides to fetch some of the loot his friend Sam Morgan the blacksmith has been keeping safe for him. Unfortunately, Morgan has just been captured by Spiker. Their first attempt at rescuing the blacksmith only results in freeing an old scoundrel called Isaac Rag. Therefor, Dick decides to take a hostage of his own, Sir John Glutton.

The Impostor
S01E07 · The Impostor

Jan 29, 1982

Glutton hires a man called Miller to pose as Turpin and discredit his name. Soon, even Swiftnick has fallen for the scam, as it appears that Dick Turpin has shot Nick's uncle Amos and stolen a pair of pistols.

The Upright Man
S01E08 · The Upright Man

Feb 26, 1982

Several members of 'The Brotherhood' have fallen into the hands of the law and been hanged. Suspecting betrayal by one of their own, Dick decides to visit the Brotherhood's leader, Tyson Sarney, aka the Upright Man.

The Whipping Boy
S01E09 · The Whipping Boy

Feb 12, 1982

The Duke of Hertford sends Colonel Moat to take care of Turpin after being robbed by him. Both Dick and Captain Spiker used to serve under Moat at Gibraltar. The old rivalry between the Captain and the Colonel soon rears up again, leaving Spiker demoted and Moat imposing a reign of terror.

The Hero
S01E10 · The Hero

Jan 01, 1982

Glutton has arranged a marriage between Spiker and the wealthy Phyllida Tranter. However, her less than impressive suitor Nigel Ffoulkes-Withers has followed her in a fit of desperation. Dick takes pity on the man and develops a plan to unite the young lovers.

The Turncoat
S01E11 · The Turncoat

Feb 05, 1982

Sir John Glutton sends Spiker on an errand carrying a letter pledging his allegiance to Prince Charles, pretender to the throne, in the seams of his coat. Spiker is ambushed by Foxy and Nabber, who steal the coat. Glutton forces Dick Turpin to recover the letter by holding Big Nell of the Cock and Bull hostage.

The Hostages
S01E12 · The Hostages

Mar 05, 1982

Swiftnick wants to get his name into songs as well and goes off on his own. He soon learns Glutton is terrorizing two children, Jem and Nan, at Rookham Hall. Meanwhile their mother, Glutton's niece, is being attacked by Foxy and Nabber, but Dick Turpin comes to the rescue.

The Jail-Birds
S01E13 · The Jail-Birds

Mar 12, 1982

By a strange order of events, Dick and Swiftnick find themselves thrown into jail at Slough together with Glutton and Spiker. Despite numerous attempts, the four of them seem to be done for, until by chance poor old Isaac Rag joins them in their cell.


Dick Turpin Season 1 (1982) is released on Dec 11, 1981 and the latest season 4 of Dick Turpin is released in 1982. Watch Dick Turpin online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. Dick Turpin is directed by Charles Crichton,Gerry Poulson,James Allen,Dennis Abey and created by Richard Carpenter with Richard O'Sullivan and Michael Deeks.

As know as:

Les Aventures de Dick Turpin(alternative transliteration), Die Abenteuer des Dick Turpin, ディック・ターピン (テレビドラマ), Dick Turpin, Dick Turpin(French)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

London Weekend Television (LWT)

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