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You're Gonna Love Tomorrow
S05E01 · You're Gonna Love Tomorrow

Sep 28, 2008

Susan flirts with her painter; Bree denies all help from business partner Katherine; Lynette tries to get Tom to see the light with their trouble-making twins; Edie moves back to Wisteria Lane with a new husband; Gabrielle deals with a blind Carlos and their two overweight daughters.

We're So Happy You're So Happy
S05E02 · We're So Happy You're So Happy

Oct 05, 2008

Bree's long working hours effects her home life; Susan worries about her ex Mike, and her new painter boyfriend Jackson becoming friendly; Lynette fails to notice the impending doom regarding the new way she's bonded with Porter; Gabrielle fails in social status due to her life change; Suspicions grows regarding Edie's new husband, and his mysterious past.

Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else
S05E03 · Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else

Oct 12, 2008

Danielle returns to Wisteria Lane, and faces psychological warfare from Bree; Susan tries to protect her son, MJ, from a bully; Gabrielle tries to deal with cutting costs; Lynette continues to deal with Tom's decision of curing his midlife crisis by starting up a garage band with Dave; Karen and Katherine continue to investigate Dave.

Back in Business
S05E04 · Back in Business

Oct 19, 2008

Bree's success has the women feeling jealous; Mike feels he's not apart of M.J's life; Gabrielle hatches a plan to have more sex with Carlos; Dave's motives for moving to Wistera Lane continues to take shape.

Mirror, Mirror
S05E05 · Mirror, Mirror

Oct 26, 2008

Periodic flashbacks to the past five years explain the missing pieces left unanswered; Each of the housewives begin to encounter problems in their love lives.

There's Always a Woman
S05E06 · There's Always a Woman

Nov 02, 2008

Gabrielle has a fit when one of Carlos's wealthy massage clients, Virginia Hildebrand, makes them an offer they can't refuse, but a startling discovery leaves Gabby second guessing. Meanwhile, Lynette grows suspicious that Tom is cheating on her with the sultry Anne Schilling, a promoter who wants to book Tom's new garage band for a show. One of the Scavo twins, Porter, gets grounded for getting into trouble with the law... again. Susan and Jackson break up when she wants to continue to keep their tryst casual, while he wants to move forward with their romance. Later,...

What More Do I Need?
S05E07 · What More Do I Need?

Nov 09, 2008

Lynette and Tom uncover an unpleasant truth about Porter; Gabrielle suspects Virginia has ulterior motives; Bree's moment of weakness with her cookbook could bring her great embarrassment and shame; Katherine's not-so-little secret is unveiled; Karen's sister, Roberta, unearths a disturbing fact about Dave.

City on Fire
S05E08 · City on Fire

Nov 16, 2008

Everyone gathers at a nightclub for the annual "Battle of the Bands, " until a fire breaks out, threatening the lives of those inside.

Me and My Town
S05E09 · Me and My Town

Nov 30, 2008

Susan deals with Mike being involved with Katherine; Porter is accused of setting the fire; Bree deals with Orson's snoring habit; Carlos learns he could get his sight back; Dave struggles with hiding his guilt.

A Vision's Just a Vision
S05E10 · A Vision's Just a Vision

Dec 07, 2008

Carlos' sight begins to return; Porter is arrested for the nightclub fire; Bree deals with the revelation of Andrew's latest beau; Dave starts hallucinating, seeing a mysterious woman holding a young girl.

Home Is the Place
S05E11 · Home Is the Place

Jan 04, 2009

Bree forces Andrew to bring Alex's common mother Melina to dinner, but the future in-laws instantly hate each-other, rivaling for their gay sons' presence at family holidays, and in whose town they'll live. Susan and Lee get so drunk they wake up in bed together. Bob discovers twins Porter and Preston switched places and refuses to risk disbarring for failing to report so by the next court date. So finds out the twins have phone contact and leans on Preston to help save bail, hence the business, by asking his brother back. Carlos intends to accept a feel good job in ...

Connect! Connect!
S05E12 · Connect! Connect!

Jan 11, 2009

Dave bunks in at Mike's after being thrown out by Edie, who ends up locked in a basement with Susan. Meanwhile, Katherine puts Mike on the hot seat by mentioning her offer to move away. Bree's future "son-in-law" Alex, defends Orson when she belittles his purchase savvy. Lynette finds out where her son, Porter, is hiding, which brings her face-to-face concerning the issues between her and her estranged mother Stella. Also, Gabrielle seeks to control her two unruly daughters when Carlos' new job keep him away long hours.

The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened
S05E13 · The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened

Jan 18, 2009

Local handyman Eli Scruggs dies from a heart attack on his last day of work and the housewives remember moments when he affected their lives.

Mama Spent Money When She Had None
S05E14 · Mama Spent Money When She Had None

Feb 08, 2009

Bree reaps the success of her new book; Susan is determined to send M. J. to the best school; Gabrielle joins Edie's boot camp to get back into shape; Lee is conflicted over disturbing facts about Dave.

In a World Where the Kings Are Employers
S05E15 · In a World Where the Kings Are Employers

Feb 15, 2009

Susan starts her new job as a teacher's aide to MJ's school in order to give her son the best that she never had. But when Mike leaves their son in Katherine's care while he works, naturally in Susan's case, anger and jealousy pervade. Meanwhile, Lynette tells Tom that they may have to sell the Scavo's Pizzeria since business continues to go bad, but he stubbornly refuses to cave in. Carlos receives a generous bonus when Gabrielle discovers Carlos' boss' dirty little secret of him cheating on his wife. Also, Orson confronts Bree when he learns she's given Andrew a ...

Crime Doesn't Pay
S05E16 · Crime Doesn't Pay

Mar 08, 2009

A dinner engagement results in Lynette and Tom competing for Bree's job offer; Gabrielle finds herself in a precarious position with Carlos' cheating boss; Susan becomes more unsettled after Katherine moves in with Mike; Edie begins to investigate more into Dave's past.

The Story of Lucy and Jessie
S05E17 · The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Mar 15, 2009

As Susan continues to work as a teachers' aide, she tries to stay on the reading teacher and her employer's, Jessie's, good side since she will be evaluating Susan's performance. But Jessie, who happens to be a closeted lesbian, mistakes Susan's stuttering and lame attempts to be friendly as come-ons. Meanwhile, Edie begins looking for more information at a local newspaper office for information on the people who died in Mike's car accident years earlier, and discovers the connection between the victims, and Dave, who continues to badger Mike into taking him and ...

A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.
S05E18 · A Spark. To Pierce the Dark.

Mar 22, 2009

Bree considers selling her business to save her marriage; Lynette is threatened by Lucy; Gabrielle and Carlos cross boundaries; Karl enrols his son in Susan's class; Edie finally learns about Dave's connection to Mike.

Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know
S05E19 · Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know

Apr 19, 2009

The ladies travel out of town to visit Edie's estranged son, Travers, to deliver her ashes, thinking back to their most significant time in Edie's life along the way.

Rose's Turn
S05E20 · Rose's Turn

Apr 26, 2009

When Orson is admitted to the hospital after he attempts to rob an old woman whose house he breaks into, he's confident that nobody will believe her because of her senile personality. But later, Bree becomes suspicious of the truth, but keeps it to herself. Meanwhile, Tom and Gabrielle square-off against one another when Tom joins Gabrielle's new gardening club and she worries about a fellow member flirting with Tom, while Carlos saves Lynette after she falls and hits her head in the shower. Dave goes into a decline over Edie's death, and when Susan pays a visit to ...

S05E21 · Bargaining

May 03, 2009

Mike becomes more uncertain about his future with Katherine when M.J. asks if he is going to marry Katherine. Tom and Lynnette try out an experiment of having sex for 30 days straight to spruce up their troubled marriage. Bree asks Susan's ex-husband Karl, now a divorce lawyer, for representation for her divorce from Orson in order to deny him any percent of her catering business. Karl agrees to be Bree's lawyer, but only if she tries to get his trouble-making son, Evan, invited to M.J.'s sleepover. Elsewhere, Jackson suddenly returns in Susan life where he proposes ...

Marry Me a Little
S05E22 · Marry Me a Little

May 10, 2009

Susan and Jackson announce their engagement to everyone, which has Mike feeling uneasy about it and debates with himself a future with Katherine on proposing marriage as well. Dave becomes worried when he figures out that Jackson may have witnessed him setting the fire at the nightclub. He also gets worried when he accidentally overhears Susan confiding in Katherine that the upcoming marriage is fake in order to let Jackson stay in the country. Dave plots to remove Jackson with an anonymous phone call to the NRS authorities. Meanwhile, Karl persuades Bree to stage a ...

Everybody Says Don't
S05E23 · Everybody Says Don't

May 17, 2009

Gabrielle becomes upset when Carlos' family invites them over at his Aunt Connie's house where she asks them to look after Carlos' niece, Ana, for a while which the not-so-innocent youngster disrupts the Solises daily routine. Meanwhile, Lynette becomes angry at Tom when tells her that he wants to go back to college to seek more education for his job hunting when she thinks he desperately does not want to let go of his youth. The brutal battle of the sexes between Orson and Bree gets nasty when Orson discovers the storage locker, in Bree's name, with all of the stolen...

If It's Only in Your Head
S05E24 · If It's Only in Your Head

May 17, 2009

Lynette receives surprising news; Bree must decide how to rid herself of Orson; Ana moves in with Gabrielle and Carlos; Dave puts his final plan of revenge in full force.


Desperate Housewives Season 5 (2008) is released on Sep 28, 2008 and the latest season 8 of Desperate Housewives is released in 2011. Watch Desperate Housewives online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Desperate Housewives is directed by David Grossman,Larry Shaw,David Warren,Arlene Sanford and created by Marc Cherry with Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman. Desperate Housewives is available online on Hulu and Freevee Amazon Channel.

The "normal" suburban life for a group of close-knit housewives takes a dark turn when one of their closest friends mysteriously commits suicide. Now while trying to deal with their own hectic problems and romantic lives, each year brings on a new mystery and more dark and twisted events to come. Life behind closed doors is about to be revealed as suburban life takes a funny and dark turn.

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Tanner Stransky
Entertainment Weekly
The five-year fast-forward was a stroke of genius, effectively increasing our insight into these ladies' world by twofold.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 20, 2018
Barry Garron
Hollywood Reporter
[The season 5 premiere] has the wit and bite that made the series a standout, but it has jettisoned much of the dramatic baggage that had begun to weigh the show down.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 19, 2018
Thomas Sutcliffe
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I found myself checking my watch and wondering why time wasn't passing more quickly.
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