Episodes (13)

S03E01 · Daria!

Feb 17, 1999

As a hurricane bears down on Lawndale, the entire town reacts in the only sane manner: by breaking into song.

Through a Lens Darkly
S03E02 · Through a Lens Darkly

Feb 24, 1999

Reluctantly persuaded to try wearing contact lenses, Daria finds them physically, socially, and philosophically uncomfortable.

The Old and the Beautiful
S03E03 · The Old and the Beautiful

Mar 03, 1999

The new spirit of "volunteerism" is mandatory at Lawndale High. While reading to senior citizens, Daria finds that her unenthusiastic tone makes her just as unpopular at the nursing home as at school.

Depth Takes a Holiday
S03E04 · Depth Takes a Holiday

Mar 10, 1999

A fantasy show in which Daria and Jane must convince Christmas, Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Day to return to Holiday Island.

Daria Dance Party
S03E05 · Daria Dance Party

Mar 17, 1999

Quinn gets roped into organizing the school dance; she fobs the job off on Jane.

The Lost Girls
S03E06 · The Lost Girls

Mar 24, 1999

Egocentric Val comes "incognito" to Lawndale High to spend a day with Daria after her teacher sent her essay to Val teen girl magazine.

It Happened One Nut
S03E07 · It Happened One Nut

Jul 07, 1999

Daria's parents force her to get a job, so her father gets her one at a peanut stand in the mall. Much to her chagrin, her only co-worker at the stand is Kevin.

Lane Miserables
S03E08 · Lane Miserables

Jul 14, 1999

The return of the rest of the Lane family sends Jane, then Trent over to the Morgendorffer household. But a third visitor begins to shatter Daria's illusions of life with Trent.

Jake of Hearts
S03E09 · Jake of Hearts

Jul 21, 1999

Jake has a heart attack and his mother comes to the Morgendorffer household to take care of him; his heart attack inspires Quinn to study to become a heart doctor; two radio DJs broadcast their show outside Lawndale High.

S03E10 · Speedtrapped

Jul 28, 1999

Daria gets a driver's license. She uses it when her friends get arrested and need bail money. Sadly, Quinn tags along.

The Lawndale File
S03E11 · The Lawndale File

Aug 04, 1999

Have aliens invaded Lawndale or is it just Daria's imagination running wild after the media alien craze. Rumors of aliens and commies spread at school.

Just Add Water
S03E12 · Just Add Water

Aug 11, 1999

The whole school goes on a mandatory-voluntary harbor cruise to raise money via casino gambling.

Jane's Addition
S03E13 · Jane's Addition

Aug 18, 1999

When Jane falls for a new boyfriend named Tom, Daria fears for her friendship.


Daria Season 3 (1999) is released on Feb 17, 1999 and the latest season 5 of Daria is released in 2001. Watch Daria online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Daria is directed by Karen Disher,Guy Moore,Tony Kluck,Ray Kosarin and created by Glenn Eichler with Tracy Grandstaff and Wendy Hoopes. Daria is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ Amazon Channel.

Daria Morgendorffer is an intelligent, unpopular, and quite sarcastic teenager tolerating life among the idiots at Lawndale High.

As know as:

Daria, Дарія, トレーシー・グランドスタッフ, Дарья, Дарија


United States



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MTV Animation, MTV Networks


Talks Slow, Thinks Fast

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