Episodes (13)

S01E01 · Esteemsters

Mar 03, 1997

Daria moves to a new town and high school. While her sister passes the psychological test, Daria has to take a special (low self-esteem) class a few weeks. She makes a friend there.

The Invitation
S01E02 · The Invitation

Mar 10, 1997

Brittany invites Daria to her party after getting help from her. She decides to go to spite Quinn. Jane accompanies her.

College Bored
S01E03 · College Bored

Mar 17, 1997

Daria and Quinn are forced by their parents to take a college prep course and visit their old college.

Cafe Disaffecto
S01E04 · Cafe Disaffecto

Mar 24, 1997

Daria's pressured by her mom to take extracurricular activities. Daria joins in when a teacher starts a fund raising for a coffee house - the cyber cafe was burgled.

S01E05 · Malled

Mar 31, 1997

Mrs. Bennett takes her economics class on a field trip to the Mall of the Millenium. Daria and Jane want nothing to do with this trip, but have no way out of it, however all is not lost when Daria discovers Quinn and the rest of the Fashion Club skipping school there.

This Year's Model
S01E06 · This Year's Model

Apr 07, 1997

Daria is roped into participating when a fashion business comes to Lawndale High.

The Lab Brat
S01E07 · The Lab Brat

Apr 14, 1997

Daria is partnered with the moronic Kevin for a science project.

Pinch Sitter
S01E08 · Pinch Sitter

Jun 09, 1997

Desperate to avoid a meeting with a family therapist, Daria substitutes for Quinn on a babysitting gig. The family she ends up sitting for are the sickeningly-sweet Lester and Lauren Gupty, who have raised their kids Tad and Tricia into brainwashed little angels that only watch The Weather Channel on television, and avoid any sugar and junk food. It will take an artist extrordinare(yes, Jane) to rescue Daria from this nauseous night, and the Gupty kids from the sheltered lifestyle they've become so accustomed to.

Too Cute
S01E09 · Too Cute

Jun 16, 1997

When a girl at school gets a nose job, conversation is on cosmetic surgery and looks.

The Big House
S01E10 · The Big House

Jun 30, 1997

Daria and Quinn get grounded for a month of reading, board games and harmonica after a "family court" rules on coming home late. Will Daria and Jane watch teacher/DJ roller hockey game despite curfew?

Road Worrier
S01E11 · Road Worrier

Jul 07, 1997

Jane's brother Trent, who's also the lead singer of local grunge band "Mystik Spiral" is offered the chance to play in the upcoming Alternapaloosa tour. Since Daria harbor's an undeniable crush on Trent, Jane offers to pay for the gas in their van and take her for their attempted tour. The fashion club, and other Lawndale High students try to go to Alternapaloosa as well.

The Teachings of Don Jake
S01E12 · The Teachings of Don Jake

Jul 14, 1997

Jake takes the family camping for a relaxing weekend getaway... if they can survive it. Trent and Jane are forced to attend a family reunion.

The Misery Chick
S01E13 · The Misery Chick

Jul 21, 1997

After an obnoxious local celebrity dies on a visit to Lawndale High, everyone seeks counsel from Daria about being miserable while Jane is being strangely distant.


Daria Season 1 (1997) is released on Mar 03, 1997 and the latest season 5 of Daria is released in 2001. Watch Daria online - the English Animation TV series from United States. Daria is directed by Karen Disher,Guy Moore,Tony Kluck,Ray Kosarin and created by Glenn Eichler with Tracy Grandstaff and Wendy Hoopes. Daria is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ Amazon Channel.

Daria Morgendorffer is an intelligent, unpopular, and quite sarcastic teenager tolerating life among the idiots at Lawndale High.

As know as:

Daria, Дарія, トレーシー・グランドスタッフ, Дарья, Дарија


United States



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Production Companies:

MTV Animation, MTV Networks


Talks Slow, Thinks Fast


Philippa Hawker
The Age (Australia)
A remarkable show... So few animations have female characters, let alone central characters whose cynical take on the world makes Voltaire look like Forrest Gump.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 06, 2021
Dennis Pryor
The Age (Australia)
Though scheduled as a children's show, this is thoroughly adult in the elegance of the dialogue, the savagery of the wit and the admirable blasting of its satirical targets.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 06, 2021
David Bianculli
New York Daily News
Despite her popularity problems, Daria should be a big MTV hit. By the way: great theme song by Splendora, too.
by rottentomatoes, Apr 06, 2021

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