Episodes (7)

The Thai Bride
S06E01 · The Thai Bride

Jan 01, 2008

A Thai woman arrives in London to begin a new life as wife to a British widow, but when left alone in the house begins to feel somebody intends to make her unwelcome.

The Circle
S06E02 · The Circle

Aug 25, 2008

A modern-day Western, The Circle is about redemption and revenge. Sirjad, a deeply traumatised man, draws a circle around a derelict, deserted petrol station and decrees that within this boundary he cannot be touched. When a half-dead woman collapses on the edge of his circle, he takes her in and discovers that they are both running from the same thing - a terrible massacre.

S06E03 · Emo

Aug 10, 2008

Twenty-seven year old Vincent is taking his first faltering steps in the world after a breakdown. He gets a job at an out-of-town furniture store, far from his previous life in the ivory towers of Oxbridge. The staff is almost entirely composed of teenagers working summer jobs and Vincent finds himself pretending to be seventeen again in order to fit in.

Lickle Bill Um
S06E04 · Lickle Bill Um

Aug 11, 2008

A bittersweet comedy, Lickle Bill Um deals with a mother and daughter relationship. Daughter has not managed to make as much of her life and resents her mother hugely because she has. Mum lives in a nice home, has friends, a membership to a bowls team, and a barking boyfriend - all of which the daughter doesn't. So daughter decides, as it's her thirtieth birthday, that she is going to deal with this inequality once and for all.

Kings of London
S06E05 · Kings of London

Aug 20, 2008

Kings of London follows the fortunes of two teenage brothers both named Aristotle. The elder, known as Totes, is struggling to get his life on track whereas the younger one, Little Aristotle, has found success as the undisputed champion of the Ghetto Riders, a group of young black horsemen who race one another for money. When Totes gets into trouble with mobster Shy Talk, Little Aristotle is the only person who can save him.

And Kill Them
S06E06 · And Kill Them

Jan 01, 2008

And Kill Them follows a platoon of new recruits through their first few weeks in an army training camp. When Lawrence's failure to fall into line begins to get him and his platoon into trouble, the peer pressure mounts. Strangely, he begins to see Scarlet, a pin-up poster on the wall of the barracks, apparently come to life, and his luck begins to change. Lawrence is convinced that she is his guardian angel, but Scarlet's agenda is much graver.

S06E07 · Thinspiration

Aug 27, 2008

Thinspiration is a story about anorexia set in the seventeenth century. Eva and Anna are young novices at an austere convent. When Anna takes the Lenten fast to extremes, her piety captivates the other nuns and wild rumours about her holiness begin to spread. In an effort to save her friend's life, Eva is forced to confront the culture that condones such hysteria.


Coming Up Season 6 (2008) is released on Jan 01, 2008 and the latest season 11 of Coming Up is released in 2013. Watch Coming Up online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Coming Up is directed by Andrea Arnold,Andrew Arnold,Rachel Das,Faye Gilbert and created by Levi David Addai with Anthony Flanagan and Ben Smith.

Each series contains up to eight episodes consisting of single stories by writers and directors with no previous experience or fewer than two hours' previous screen time, who are sourced through a talent scheme of the same name. Each series encompasses a wide range of genres and topics, using a range of both experienced and fresh actors.

As know as:

Coming Up, カミング・アップ (テレビドラマ)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Ideal World Productions, Touchpaper Television


An anthology of half hour films by new writers

Cast & Crew

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