Episodes (8)

Heavenly Father
S04E01 · Heavenly Father

Aug 30, 2006

Dressed as an angel divorced father Steve stages a roof-top protest when his ex-wife Jill denies him contact with their daughter Kiera but he falls off and ends up in hospital apparently in a coma. However he can move around in total invisibility, except to Kiera, who is pleased to see him. Soon though it becomes apparent why he was denied access to Kiera as he is indeed no angel.

Happy $lapz
S04E02 · Happy $lapz

Aug 31, 2006

A group of youths hang out on the streets, 'happy slapping' passers-by and filming the results on a mobile phone. But gang member Danjah believes the leader Lethal has gone too far when he knocks a woman off her bike and when Lethal also goes for him and steals his phone Danjah decides to team up with rival gang leader Solid to teach Lethal a lesson.

A Paradise Adventure
S04E03 · A Paradise Adventure

Sep 07, 2006

Depressed after being dumped by his girlfriend, Robin applies to a company called Paradise Adventures - they offer assisted suicide. Robin changes his mind and finds he cannot back out of the contract.

S04E04 · Service

Sep 04, 2006

Danny has started work at a motorway service station where he befriends shop assistant Dawn and they speculate on their colleagues. It is night-time and the place is virtually empty when Councillor Merriam arrives in his Rolls Royce. As he sits down he is accosted by a nervous man asking him to reconsider a bribe he rejected from a building contractor. When Merriam refuses the scene is set for violence and murder.

The Window
S04E05 · The Window

Aug 29, 2006

Moji dreams of being a window dresser but is suborned by her husband Samson and things start to look even worse for her when Samson's second wife arrives from Nigeria to live in their one-bedroomed Peckham flat with them. However the two women,rather than being rivals,form a bond and,after a public show-down at Samson's chieftancy ceremony,attain their independence,symbolised by Moji's display for the local charity shop window.

The Trial
S04E06 · The Trial

Aug 28, 2006

Four convicted murderers agree to take part in a sinister experiment.

Stir It Up
S04E07 · Stir It Up

Sep 06, 2006

Sixteen-year old Carmel helps her recently widowed mother,glamorous Collette,run the family guest house and is appalled when the merry widow decides to holiday in Barbados without her and even more outraged when Collette returns with her toy boy Lenos,who is only three years older than Carmel herself. The girl decides to lay a honey trap to expose his fickleness to her mother but instead the youngsters find themselves falling for each other.

The Animator
S04E08 · The Animator

Sep 05, 2006

Mondo is a talented artist and creator of a violent animation featuring assassin, Jack Savage. When Mondo's boss Vicky plans on canceling his animation to create more mainstream animations Mondo develops a split personality were Mondo and Jack Savage blend into one.


Coming Up Season 4 (2006) is released on Aug 30, 2006 and the latest season 11 of Coming Up is released in 2013. Watch Coming Up online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Coming Up is directed by Andrea Arnold,Andrew Arnold,Rachel Das,Faye Gilbert and created by Levi David Addai with Anthony Flanagan and Billy Seymour.

Each series contains up to eight episodes consisting of single stories by writers and directors with no previous experience or fewer than two hours' previous screen time, who are sourced through a talent scheme of the same name. Each series encompasses a wide range of genres and topics, using a range of both experienced and fresh actors.

As know as:

Coming Up, カミング・アップ (テレビドラマ)


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Ideal World Productions, Touchpaper Television


An anthology of half hour films by new writers

Cast & Crew

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