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Jake's Song
S02E01 · Jake's Song

Sep 11, 1993

Jake surprises everyone when he tells Matt that he wants to join the band, but despite the fact that they're impressed with his songwriting skills, they worry that his image clashes with theirs. Meanwhile, Tiffani gets a job at Sharkey's as Tony's manager.

Ciao, Jenny
S02E02 · Ciao, Jenny

Sep 18, 1993

Jenny is offered the chance to audition for a prestigious music conservatory in Rome, but because Jake has started to fall for her, he gets Sly to help him sabotage her performance.

Wooing Woo
S02E03 · Wooing Woo

Sep 25, 1993

Matt, Tony, Sly, and Jake devise a bet to see who can be the first one to kiss Samantha, the new exchange student from Hong Kong who moves in with the Garrisons. When Sam learns about their plan, she comes up with one of her own.

Sleazy Rider
S02E04 · Sleazy Rider

Oct 02, 1993

Jake leaves his prized motorcycle in Matt's care when he goes out of town. However he regrets it when he returns to find that Sly took it for a joyride, hurting both the bike - and Tony - in the process.

The Sly Who Came to Dinner
S02E05 · The Sly Who Came to Dinner

Oct 09, 1993

With his parents out of town, Sly moves in with the Garrisons in the hopes of winning over Samantha. But he ends irritating everyone instead. Meanwhile, Tony and Jake believe that Tiffani's secret admirer is an obsessed stalker.

Surfboards and Cycles
S02E06 · Surfboards and Cycles

Oct 16, 1993

When Sly decides to take home economics, the gang gets into a debate over which is tougher; the typically "female" classes, like home economics, or the typically "male" classes, like mechanics. To prove that they can do it, the guys join Sly in baking cakes, while Tiffani decides to take shop alongside Jake. There, they begin to fall for each other, but worry that they're too different to make their romance last.

A Question of Math
S02E07 · A Question of Math

Oct 23, 1993

With mid-term exams coming up, Sam starts tutoring her fellow classmates, including the guy that she's been crushing on. Meanwhile, the stress of exams gets to the rest of the gang in different ways; Matt takes up meditation, while Jake and Tiffani are constantly at each other's throats.

High Plains Dreamer
S02E08 · High Plains Dreamer

Oct 30, 1993

Worried that his date's ex-boyfriend, Beau, is going to challenge him to a fight, Tony has a dream in which he and the gang are in the Wild West, and he must defeat Beau in a shoot-out.

Bwa Ha Ha Means I Love You
S02E09 · Bwa Ha Ha Means I Love You

Nov 06, 1993

Jake gets an embarrassing job at a local music store so that he can earn enough money to buy Tiffani a present for their three-month anniversary. He'd like to keep the job a secret, but that becomes tough to do when Sly convinces the store manager to sell some of the band's demo tapes.

Vote of Confidence
S02E10 · Vote of Confidence

Nov 13, 1993

In order to impress his over-achieving, Ivy League older brother, Jake runs for student body president, but struggles to feel at ease in the position. Meanwhile, to settle a debt with Jake's obnoxious opposition, the band sets him up on a date with Tiffani.

The Year of the Woo
S02E11 · The Year of the Woo

Nov 20, 1993

Samantha has to decide whether to spend the money that her parents gave her on a trip back to Hong Kong to spend the Chinese New Year with her family, or on much-needed repairs for the band's van. She hopes that she can do both, but thanks to a crooked mechanic, she winds up with neither.

Schoolhouse Rock
S02E12 · Schoolhouse Rock

Nov 27, 1993

The Dreams get the chance to audition for Sting's manager, but the ruthless Ms. McBride's eagerness to hand out detention slips might keep some of the members from making it.

Save the Shark
S02E13 · Save the Shark

Dec 04, 1993

Matt falls for the new girl, Katie, but quickly learns that she is only staying in town long enough for her father, the new owner of Sharkey's, to tear it down and build condos in its place. The gang then bands together to try to save their favorite hang-out.

21 Jake Street
S02E14 · 21 Jake Street

Dec 25, 1993

A new girl with an eye for bad boys is drawn to Jake, though her motives are not what they seem. Meanwhile, Tony and Matt use Tiffani and Sam as the inspiration for their art projects, while the band sets out to acquire some fake i.d.'s so that they can play a 21+ club.

Can't Buy Me Love
S02E15 · Can't Buy Me Love

Jan 08, 1994

The gang participates in a school fund-raiser where students are auctioned off as servants to whichever classmate is the highest bidder. Sly tries to win over his beautiful - but snobby - charge, while Matt inadvertently becomes Tony's boss.

Rebel Without a Clue
S02E16 · Rebel Without a Clue

Jan 15, 1994

Sly decides to crack down and study to impress a tough teacher. But because he's never taken school seriously in the past, when he aces the test, the teacher thinks he cheated. Meanwhile, Sam and Tiffani argue over which of them should get to sing lead vocals on the band's new song.

Dirty Dog Days
S02E17 · Dirty Dog Days

Jan 29, 1994

The guys start fooling around with an old radio transmitter of Sly's using false names, and eventually decide to air some of the Dreams' music, crediting the band as The Dirty Dogs. The songs are a huge hit, but when the guys tell everyone that the Dogs have been The California Dreams all along, no one believes them. To make matters worse, it turns out they've been broadcasting illegally, and the FCC shows up to shut them down.

Indecent Promposal
S02E18 · Indecent Promposal

Feb 05, 1994

With the Prom coming up, the gang struggles to find dates. That includes Jake and Tiffani, since Tiff has her heart set on going, while Jake would rather skip the whole thing. The situation becomes even more complicated when Tiffani receives an offer from a platonic friend who says that he'll score the band a summer-long gig if she accepts.


California Dreams Season 2 (1993) is released on Sep 11, 1993 and the latest season 5 of California Dreams is released in 1996. Watch California Dreams online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. California Dreams is directed by Don Barnhart,Patrick Maloney,Miguel Higuera,Kevin Charles Sullivan and created by Brett Dewey with Kelly Packard and Michael Cade.

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Dreams, California Dreams(English), California Dreams(French), Sueños de California, California Dreams


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