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Runaway Raccoon
S01E01 · Runaway Raccoon

Jan 01, 2020

In a world where both humans and beastkin exist, a tanuki beastkin named Michiru Kagemori travels to the beastkin-dedicated city, Anima-City, with help from shady mink beastkin Marie Itami who also saved her from beastkin hunters.

Rabbit Town
S01E02 · Rabbit Town

Mar 21, 2020

As Shirou remains doubtful of Michiru's claims that she is a human, Michiru is told by Marie to meet with Gram Grandma in Rabbit Town to retrieve her stolen wallet and look for answers.

Rhino Melancholy
S01E03 · Rhino Melancholy

Mar 21, 2020

The mayor of Anima-City, Barbaray Rose, approaches Shirou about stopping bombers from attacking the city's medical center. Feeling the center could help cure her alleged disease, Michiru reveals her condition to Barbaray and insists she aid.

Dolphin Daydream
S01E04 · Dolphin Daydream

Mar 21, 2020

Michiru meets Nina, the dolphin beastkin daughter of the gang boss Giuliano Flip, who has been posting to social media in human form near her location.

Greedy Bears
S01E05 · Greedy Bears

Mar 21, 2020

While watching a deadly baseball game, Michiru's powers catch the attention of the Bears team, helping them win their match as their pitcher.

Fox Waltz
S01E06 · Fox Waltz

Mar 21, 2020

Michiru discovers that Nazuna Hiwatashi, her best friend who caught the beastkin disease before she did. She has the ability to turn into a white fox and has become the figurehead of the Silver Wolf cult dedicated to the mythology of the silver wolf Ginrou, sacred deity of the Beastkin.

Easy Albatross
S01E07 · Easy Albatross

May 06, 2020

Michiru meets a albatross beastkin named Pinga, whose species has faced trouble migrating due to flight restrictions placed on them.

The Mole Rat Speaks
S01E08 · The Mole Rat Speaks

May 06, 2020

Following Alan's rescue, support for the Silver Wolf cult increases, leading to their refuge being approved. Just as Shirou and Michiru go to visit the prison to find out the assassin's motives, Yaba, one of the doctors that Shirou stopped before, goes berserk following a visit from Silver Wolf priest Cliff Boris.

Human Scapegoat
S01E09 · Human Scapegoat

May 06, 2020

While Shirou investigates what made Yaba go berserk, Michiru attempts to convince Nazuna that Ginrou is real, but fails. She then sees Nazuna being abducted and breaks into the medical center to rescue her.

Rabid Wolf
S01E10 · Rabid Wolf

May 06, 2020

Following unknown machines to Medical Center, and discovering Alan's main intention to deal with Nirvasyl Syndrome is to convert beastman back to human, Shirou is extremely mad and he proceeds to destroy the experiment facilities but is stopped by Michiru. As a result of property crime and escaping police's attempt to subdue him, Shirou is now a wanted criminal. That doesn't end there, with the fact that Mayor Rose has decided to side with Alan, legalizing the use of Beast Factor Termination Vaccine if necessary and dismantling Anima City. Betrayed by people around ...

A Beastly Feast
S01E11 · A Beastly Feast

May 06, 2020

Nazuna's live concert starts an unwanted tragedy for beastmen, including Shirou.

S01E12 · Anima-City

May 06, 2020

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BNA Season 1 (2020) is released on Jan 01, 2020. Watch BNA online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. BNA is directed by Yô Yoshinari,Yoshihiro Miyajima,Tomoyuki Munehiro,Yuichi Shimodaira and created by Kazuki Nakashima with Sumire Morohoshi and Yoshimasa Hosoya. BNA is available online on Netflix and Netflix basic with Ads.

In the 21st century, where the existence of humanoid animals that have been living in the darkness for centuries have been revealed to the world. One day, Michiru, who was a normal high-school student, suddenly turns into a tanuki person; running away, she seeks refuge in Anima City, a place set up for humanoid animals to be able to live as themselves. While there, Michiru encounters a wolf person, Shirou Ogami, who goes on to investigate why she became a humanoid animal, and in the process gets mixed up in even stranger events.

As know as:

Brand New Animal, 动物新世代, BNA: Brand New Animal, Совершенно новое животное, BNA





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