Episodes (22)

Band of Gold
S05E01 · Band of Gold

Sep 16, 1983

Denise and Pete have their dream wedding in a forest. Everything goes as planned, until it is time to leave the forest.

Human Element
S05E02 · Human Element

Sep 23, 1983

A robot is brought in to help the staff. Eventually everyone feels threatened. And it isn't long before it starts taking over and advising the Governor to make decisions based on logic without any regard for how it affects people.

God, I Need This Job
S05E03 · God, I Need This Job

Sep 30, 1983

Benson's working hard working with the public utilities office and everyone is worried about him, especially when he claims he has visions of his former boss's ghost. Jessica Tate needs to do a good deed in order to get into heaven.

Who's Arnold?
S05E04 · Who's Arnold?

Oct 07, 1983

While Benson is on vacation, Kraus house-sits for him. Kraus' mother visits and wants to see her husband. When Benson returns home early, he has to pretend to be Arnold. Then, Kraus pretends to be pregnant.

Full Court Press
S05E05 · Full Court Press

Oct 21, 1983

Katie interviews Benson for her school paper and overhears Benson and Clayton arguing about expenses. Benson tells Clayton he is a crook. Katie's story is printed and spreads to the main press papers. Denise finds out she is pregnant.

Down the Drain
S05E06 · Down the Drain

Oct 28, 1983

The plumber who fixes the plumbing problems at the Governor's Mansion is a crotchety old man. Benson asks him to fix the sink at his own place that day before a party. When people show up for the party, the plumber is still there - but dead

It Ain't Sheik
S05E07 · It Ain't Sheik

Nov 04, 1983

Kraus has her hands full when a visiting sheik is infatuated with her. The sheik says he will provide financial help to the state but wants Kraus to return with him to his country.

You Can't Give It Away
S05E08 · You Can't Give It Away

Nov 11, 1983

Pete gets Benson an interview on a talk show to discuss some of his political stands. It is a cooking show with a bubbly host. They talk about the state lottery and she gets him to say if he won, he would give away the money. He wins.

Katie's Cookies
S05E09 · Katie's Cookies

Nov 18, 1983

Benson has to testify in court against some rough criminals who threaten anyone who speaks out against them. Also, Katie has to sell cookies for a fund raiser for her group.

Labor Pains
S05E10 · Labor Pains

Nov 25, 1983

Benson meets with union management to work on a new contract. That night a friend asks Benson to babysit for a few hours. Due to a snow storm, the parents cannot pick up the baby; Benson has to take the baby to work and the contract signing

Unlisted Love
S05E11 · Unlisted Love

Dec 02, 1983

The governor and his team are upset that Senator Tyler is appointed to an appropriations committee. Trying to make the best of it, they meet at a dinner party. When Tyler makes a pass at the governor's date, she dumps her drink on him.

The Governor's Brain Is Missing
S05E12 · The Governor's Brain Is Missing

Dec 16, 1983

A man from the government tells the Governor he has to go to a important and confidential meeting. After he leaves, the man brings in a man who's a dead ringer for the Governor and he assumes the Governor's duties. Eventually some of the staff notices some changes in the Governor, especially Krauss. So when the double learns of this, he tells the man who then tells him to fire Krauss which he does. That's when Krauss and Benson work together to find out what's going on. And when the real Governor returns, things get complicated.

A Real Gone Daddy
S05E13 · A Real Gone Daddy

Dec 23, 1983

Pete's alma mater is giving Benson an honorary degree, so they travel to Florida with the governor. While there, Pete has memories of his carefree days of bachelorhood and begins to think he won't make a good father.

Too Pooped to Pip
S05E14 · Too Pooped to Pip

Jan 06, 1984

Gladys Knight and the Pips are in town, and Benson tells everyone he will get them to sing at a telethon the governor is holding for a fund raiser. The governor is getting the Rats and Cats act.

In All the Wrong Places
S05E15 · In All the Wrong Places

Jan 13, 1984

Katie and her friend Winston are planning the upcoming school dance. Winston gets the idea that Benson would be a perfect match for his widowed mother. Meanwhile, Kraus is on edge, thinking Clayton wants to kill her.

Embarrassing Moments
S05E16 · Embarrassing Moments

Jan 20, 1984

Pete arranges for a photo shoot for Benson who has been voted Bachelor of the Month. At first reluctant, when Benson sees the photographer, he wants to spend more time with her.

Take My Life, Please
S05E17 · Take My Life, Please

Jan 27, 1984

Benson is surprised when he is declared a security risk when the president is scheduled to visit the governor.

Beauty and the Beef
S05E18 · Beauty and the Beef

Feb 03, 1984

Pete gets Benson a job as a judge for a local beauty pageant. Will he be influenced by others to pick a winner?

We Deliver
S05E19 · We Deliver

Feb 24, 1984

Denise goes into labor while Pete is out of the office. Benson and the governor get Denise to the hospital, but only as far as the elevator.

The Endicott Dynasty
S05E20 · The Endicott Dynasty

Mar 02, 1984

Clayton brags that his father is going to name him as the new manager of the family business. While his father is looking for a successor, it is not Clayton that he wants.

The Little Hotel That Could
S05E21 · The Little Hotel That Could

Mar 09, 1984

Kraus talks Benson into helping her save an old historic hotel from destruction.

Let's Play Doctor
S05E22 · Let's Play Doctor

May 04, 1984

Benson tries to get a doctor who works in an inner city clinic honored for his work but the man refuses. However Benson pushes and learns why he doesn't want it.


Benson Season 5 (1983) is released on Sep 16, 1983 and the latest season 7 of Benson is released in 1985. Watch Benson online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Benson is directed by John Rich,Bill Foster,Gary Brown,Rob Dames and created by Susan Harris with Robert Guillaume and James Noble. Benson is available online on The Roku Channel and Amazon Prime Video.

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Benson(French), Бенсон, Benson, O Poderoso Benson, Benson(English)


United States



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Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions

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