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Benson's Appointment
S03E01 · Benson's Appointment

Nov 06, 1981

The governor sticks his neck out to appoint Benson the state budget director, a job requiring the state senate's confirmation.

The Grass Ain't Greener
S03E02 · The Grass Ain't Greener

Nov 13, 1981

The governor is shown a report on the problems with the prison. The conditions are bad, and he needs to decide to increase the budget. The governor sends Benson in as an undercover agent to find out what is really going on.

S03E03 · Sit-In

Nov 27, 1981

A conductor goes to city hall to request funding for the music program, taking the orchestra with him so they can play music until they get their funds. Benson is trying to conduct interviews for a new secretary.

Double Exposure
S03E04 · Double Exposure

Dec 04, 1981

A business man who runs a company wants political favors from the governor. An FBI agent visits Benson and asks him to help trap the business man in bribery to ensure his request.

The Lobbyist
S03E05 · The Lobbyist

Dec 11, 1981

Benson's lobbyist girlfriend has a proposal for available land in the area; a company she represents wants to build on the land. As budget director, he agrees to the plan, but then it backfires on him.

S03E06 · Stress

Dec 18, 1981

Nothing seems to go right for Benson and everyone is upset with him.

Rainbow's End
S03E07 · Rainbow's End

Dec 25, 1981

Benson encounters a former girlfriend. He takes it hard to learn that she is now disabled.

Once in a Blue Moon
S03E08 · Once in a Blue Moon

Jan 08, 1982

Clayton is assaulted after an interview by someone in a car park. The Governor tells Capt. McDermott he has to improve the security at the governor's mansion.

Kraus Falls in Love
S03E09 · Kraus Falls in Love

Jan 15, 1982

Kraus is acting suspiciously happy and everyone wonders why. Kraus has fallen in love with a man who turns out not to be quite honest.

Stocks & Options
S03E10 · Stocks & Options

Jan 22, 1982

Everyone learns a hard lesson when they realize that even a "sure fire hit" in the stock market is not always a sure thing.

Kraus's Deadly Mistake
S03E11 · Kraus's Deadly Mistake

Feb 05, 1982

Benson takes Kraus to a doctor's appointment for a checkup. The doctor tells Benson about his race horse that is sick and dying. Kraus overhears part of the conversation and thinks the doctor is saying she has only months to live.

Sweet Irish Rose
S03E12 · Sweet Irish Rose

Feb 12, 1982

The former Governor Mulligan visits and brings his niece Rose, and Clayton is attracted to her.

Street Gangs
S03E13 · Street Gangs

Feb 19, 1982

Kraus decides to write a story about her life. Benson tries to find jobs for some boys in a poor section of town to help them stay out of gangs.

Katie's Romance
S03E14 · Katie's Romance

Feb 26, 1982

The governor gets an image makeover. Katie develops a crush on Pete.

Clayton's Condo
S03E15 · Clayton's Condo

Mar 05, 1982

Benson is elected president of his condo's tenant association committee. He has to ask the landlord to make repairs to the apartments. Benson finds out Clayton is the owner of the building and his landlord.

Getting Even
S03E16 · Getting Even

Mar 12, 1982

No one on the governor's staff likes Mr McFadden who has dealings with the staff. He blackmails Denise into going on a date with him. After a disastrous date, Benson and the others plan an elaborate trick on Mr McFadden.

Pete the Hero
S03E17 · Pete the Hero

Mar 19, 1982

Pete borrows Benson's car and foils a robbery when he crashes it into the robbers get away car. Benson's car's been totaled. Now the insurance company won't pay for a new car because Pete was driving it and the insurance company decides to cancel Benson's insurance because of his negative profile.

In the Red
S03E18 · In the Red

Mar 26, 1982

Benson's being audited by the IRS. The IRS agent handling him disallows most of the exemptions puts on his form because Benson lost his records.

Teed Off
S03E19 · Teed Off

Apr 02, 1982

The Governor and his team mates attend a charity golf event. It turns into a big competition between the men.

The Party's Over
S03E20 · The Party's Over

Apr 30, 1982

The Governor has competition in getting on the ticket for reelection.

The Lumber Mill
S03E21 · The Lumber Mill

May 07, 1982

The political party is not supporting the governor for another term on the election ticket. The governor and his staff take a vacation to a cabin to work out a strategic plan.

Black Tuesday
S03E22 · Black Tuesday

May 14, 1982

The governor decides to run for reelection as an independent party on the election ticket. He gets a mortgage on his mill in order to support his campaign. It does not go well.


Benson Season 3 (1981) is released on Nov 06, 1981 and the latest season 7 of Benson is released in 1985. Watch Benson online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Benson is directed by John Rich,Bill Foster,Gary Brown,Rob Dames and created by Susan Harris with Robert Guillaume and James Noble. Benson is available online on Amazon Prime Video and fuboTV.

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Benson(French), Бенсон, Benson, O Poderoso Benson, Benson(English)


United States



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Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions

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