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Getting Nekkid
S04E01 · Getting Nekkid

Jan 10, 2017

BEING MARY JANE is BET's first one-hour drama brought to us by the creator of "Girlfriends" and "The Game." The series focuses on the life of SNC news anchor, Mary Jane Paul. She seems to have it all, yet something is missing.

Getting Naked
S04E02 · Getting Naked

Jan 17, 2017

Drama in the studio thickens as Mary Jane is pitted against her long time idol and fellow anchor of Great Day USA, Ronda Sales. Back home, Niecy tries to balance Dante's wishes with those of her family.

Getting Real
S04E03 · Getting Real

Jan 31, 2017

An interview with a fiery reality star makes Mary Jane a social media sensation, meanwhile things are rapidly heating up with Lee.

Getting Schooled
S04E04 · Getting Schooled

Feb 07, 2017

Mary Jane's new position as web correspondent fuels her rivalry with Justin as she pursues the story of a teen boy beaten for wearing a skirt.

Getting Served
S04E05 · Getting Served

Feb 14, 2017

As Mary Jane and PJ deal with feeling homesick for Atlanta, while Niecy struggles with public perceptions of her new financial status. When her vitriolic reaction lands her in serious hot water, the family is left to deal with the new fallout.

Getting Home
S04E06 · Getting Home

Feb 21, 2017

In travel to Atlanta to cover a news story, Mary Jane's reunion with her family is thrown into a tailspin when Lee shows up unexpectedly.

Getting Judged
S04E07 · Getting Judged

Feb 28, 2017

A tabloid rumor shakes the Good Day USA workplace as Mary Jane trains with Justin for a big interview. Lee's children arrive to New York. P.J. becomes frustrated by Ava.

Getting Risky
S04E08 · Getting Risky

Mar 07, 2017

Mary Jane and Justin go rogue to chase a story as Mary Jane frets about meeting Lee's baby momma.

Getting Serious
S04E09 · Getting Serious

Mar 14, 2017

Justin cooks up a plan to get Mary Jane in the anchor chair, while she and Lee decide whether or not they should have a baby together.

Getting It
S04E10 · Getting It

Mar 21, 2017

Mary Jane joins forces with Justin, setting forth a plan that could oust Ronda from the anchor chair, but Kara gets caught in the crossfire.

Feeling Raw
S04E11 · Feeling Raw

Jul 18, 2017

Distrustful of Justin after Kara's firing, Mary Jane tries to make it work with Lee.

Feeling Conflicted
S04E12 · Feeling Conflicted

Jul 25, 2017

Mary Jane finds herself being forced into an uncomfortable position....

Feeling Exposed
S04E13 · Feeling Exposed

Aug 01, 2017

Kara's discovery that Mary Jane is sleeping with Justin sends their friendship into a tailspin.....

Feeling Friendless
S04E14 · Feeling Friendless

Aug 08, 2017

Feeling alienated, MARY JANE allows her own party to be transformed into a media event. Meanwhile, NIECY returns to Atlanta....

Feeling Hashtagged
S04E15 · Feeling Hashtagged

Aug 15, 2017

Mary Jane and Justin's relationship goes viral. Meanwhile, Frank, an old family friend of Helen and Paul's, stirs long-forgotten memories....

Feeling Ambushed
S04E16 · Feeling Ambushed

Aug 22, 2017

Mary Jane and Justin's relationship is tested when their notoriety on social media leads to discoveries about Justin's past.....

Feeling Lost
S04E17 · Feeling Lost

Aug 29, 2017

Word of Lee's brimming success and new girlfriend throws Mary Jane's already tenuous relationship with Justin into doubt.......

Feeling Destined
S04E18 · Feeling Destined

Sep 05, 2017

After learning that Paul and Helen are getting a divorce the Paterson family struggles to cope with the imminent changes.

Feeling Seen
S04E19 · Feeling Seen

Sep 12, 2017

Mary Jane uncovers information about Justin's past that spin their love into a new phase......

Feeling Tested
S04E20 · Feeling Tested

Sep 19, 2017

After learning she has a say in who replaces Garrett,Kara or Justin, Mary Jane questions whether Justin's overtures are motivated....


Being Mary Jane Season 4 (2017) is released on Jan 10, 2017 and the latest season 5 of Being Mary Jane is released in 2019. Watch Being Mary Jane online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Being Mary Jane is directed by Salim Akil,Regina King,Adam Shankman,Neema Barnette and created by Mara Brock Akil with Gabrielle Union and Lisa Vidal. Being Mary Jane is available online on Paramount Plus and Paramount Plus Apple TV Channel.

As know as:

Being Mary Jane, Being Mary Jane(English), Being Mary Jane(French), Быть Мэри Джейн


United States



Production Companies:

Akil Productions, Breakdown Productions

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