Episodes (13)

Optimal Situation
S03E01 · Optimal Situation

Oct 24, 1998

The Maximals are sent into a time storm after Megatron attempts to destroy one of their ancestors. But help has come from a very unlikely ally who finds that she's in the same boat as the Maximals.

Deep Metal
S03E02 · Deep Metal

Jan 01, 1998

A Maximal, named Depthcharge, crash lands on Earth as during his search for Protoform X aka Rampage.

Changing of the Guard
S03E03 · Changing of the Guard

Aug 11, 1998

The Maximals try to recover Sentinel from the old base remains. But the Predacons have the same idea.

Cutting Edge
S03E04 · Cutting Edge

Nov 15, 1998

Megatron sends a new fleet of robotic raptors after a tribe of the very first humans. Optimus sends Blackarachnia and Cheetor to protect them.

Feral Scream: Part 1
S03E05 · Feral Scream: Part 1

Jan 31, 1999

Megatron uses a piece of Rampage's spark on a new blank pod in order to resurrect Dinobot as a Transmetal Predacon. While trying to stop him, Cheetor becomes critically injured.

Feral Scream: Part 2
S03E06 · Feral Scream: Part 2

Feb 07, 1999

Cheetor's exposure to Megatron's machine is beginning to change him into a Beast Mutant.

Proving Grounds
S03E07 · Proving Grounds

Feb 14, 1999

Blackarachnia believes her relationship with the Maximals is not going anywhere, and decides to leave. On her way, she ends up playing a stalking game with Dinobot II.

Go with the Flow
S03E08 · Go with the Flow

Feb 18, 1999

Megatron plans to use the early humans to help finish a new weapon.

Crossing the Rubicon
S03E09 · Crossing the Rubicon

Feb 22, 1999

Hoping to modify her body, Blackarachnia uses the Transmetal driver on herself...only to end up damaging parts of her programming in the process.

Master Blaster
S03E10 · Master Blaster

Mar 15, 1999

One of Tarantulas' bugs is implanted on Optimus, which allows Quickstrike to control him remotely. Megatron thinks of a way for his powers to be on par with Optimus.

Other Victories
S03E11 · Other Victories

May 05, 1999

Deep within the depths of outer space an unknown enemy exists. Tigatron and Airazor are in a state of suspended animation and are transformed into a new entity known as Tigerhawk who serves as an emissary of the alien race known as the Vok. The Vok set out to destroy Megatron. In a state of panic Optimus Primal goes out to try and set the Vok straight and prevent the destruction of the time flow.

Nemesis: Part 1
S03E12 · Nemesis: Part 1

May 06, 1999

Inferno, Waspinator and Quickstrike search for a new base, while Megatron, Rampage and Dinobot 2 head underwater to the Nemesis. Depthcharge races after them, but is too late. The Nemesis rises, to Optimus and Tigerhawk's dismay.

Nemesis: Part 2
S03E13 · Nemesis: Part 2

May 07, 1999

With Megatron wreaking mindless violence over the earth and headed for the Ark, Optimus attacks, to no avail. All looks hopeless - unless the sudden resurgence of an old friend can swing the balance in the Maximal's favour.


Beast Wars: Transformers Season 3 (1998) is released on Oct 24, 1998 and the latest season 3 of Beast Wars: Transformers is released in 1998. Watch Beast Wars: Transformers online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. Beast Wars: Transformers is directed by Steve Sacks,Colin Davies,John Pozer,J. Falconer and created by Patrick Barry with Scott McNeil and Garry Chalk. Beast Wars: Transformers is available online on Tubi TV and Apple TV.

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Beast Wars: Transformers, Beasties: Transformers, Beast Wars: Guerreiros Virtuais, Beasties: Transformers(English), Beasties(English)





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