Episodes (13)

S02E01 · Aftermath

Oct 26, 1997

After the destruction of the alien artefact, a quantum surge hits the planet, transforming Rattrap, Cheetor and Megatron into more powerful 'transmetals'.

Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1
S02E02 · Coming of the Fuzors: Part 1

Nov 02, 1997

Two stasis pods give birth to a new breed of Transformer: the Fuzors, robots with two animals mixed together in their beast form. Megatron has recruited both for the Predacon cause.

Coming of the Fuzors: Part 2
S02E03 · Coming of the Fuzors: Part 2

Nov 09, 1997

The Maximals are being overrun by the Predacons and the new Fuzors. Will Silverbolt's wavering allegiance and a surprise return save the Maximals?

Tangled Web
S02E04 · Tangled Web

Nov 16, 1997

Blackarachnia, Quickstrike, and Tarantulas are sent to a cave full of energon to build a new fueling station. Tarantulas has his own plans for the energon, however, and tries to persuade the other two Predacons to turn against Megatron.

Maximal, No More
S02E05 · Maximal, No More

Nov 23, 1997

Dinobot hands over one of the golden discs to Megatron, betraying the Maximals.

Other Visits: Part 1
S02E06 · Other Visits: Part 1

Feb 08, 1998

Tigatron and Airazor discover a new alien artifact, which abducts them and becomes the new prize for the Predacons.

Other Visits: Part 2
S02E07 · Other Visits: Part 2

Feb 15, 1998

Megatron boards the latest alien ship, using the golden disc to chart a destructive course back to Cybertron. With Optimus captured, the Maximals stand little chance alone against Megatron.

Bad Spark
S02E08 · Bad Spark

Feb 22, 1998

The dark secret of the Axalon's original space mission was to dump Protoform X, a Transformer with an indestructible spark. Now Protoform X has awakened, taking a new form.

Code of Hero
S02E09 · Code of Hero

Apr 25, 1998

When the Predacons proceed to annihilate humanity, Dinobot fights the whole Predacon army to preserve history.

S02E10 · Transmutate

Mar 10, 1998

A damaged stasis pod reveals a deformed, monstrous robot - dangerous to both Maximal and Predacon. Nevertheless, both Rampage and Silverbolt cultivate a friendship with her. However, the Maximal/Predacon war soon tears the lifeform apart.

The Agenda: Part 1
S02E11 · The Agenda: Part 1

Mar 11, 1998

The transwarp explosion wavefront heading to Cybertron is diverted by the Tripredacus Council so the Maximals can't detect it. They send Ravage, their own operative, to find and capture Megatron.

The Agenda: Part 2
S02E12 · The Agenda: Part 2

Mar 12, 1998

With Megatron in custody, Ravage reveals he plans to kill him - but the prisoner has saved a vital piece of the golden disc with a message from the original Megatron. It changes Ravage's mind. Silverbolt tries to turn Blackarachnia.

The Agenda: Part III
S02E13 · The Agenda: Part III

Mar 13, 1998

Rattrap sabotages Ravage's ship, making himself a hero. Blackarachnia's history lesson to Silverbolt is interrupted by Megatron, whose treachery sets off a time storm that could end all things.


Beast Wars: Transformers Season 2 (1997) is released on Oct 26, 1997 and the latest season 3 of Beast Wars: Transformers is released in 1998. Watch Beast Wars: Transformers online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. Beast Wars: Transformers is directed by Steve Sacks,Colin Davies,John Pozer,J. Falconer and created by Patrick Barry with Scott McNeil and Garry Chalk. Beast Wars: Transformers is available online on Tubi TV and Amazon Video.

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Beast Wars: Transformers, Beasties: Transformers, Beast Wars: Guerreiros Virtuais, Beasties: Transformers(English), Beasties(English)





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