Episodes (17)

The Floating Population
S07E01 · The Floating Population

Jan 28, 1967

Nurse Marjorie and young tycoon Bernard play an unusual game of cards.

A Magnum for Schneider
S07E02 · A Magnum for Schneider

Feb 04, 1967

The first adventure of David Callan, top agent for the S.I.S. Forcibly "retired" several years earlier because he had lost his nerve, Callan is called back into service to handle the assassination of Schneider, a German businessman who may be more than he seems. This could be Callan's last chance to prove he's still a worthy agent.

What's Wrong with Humpty Dumpty?
S07E03 · What's Wrong with Humpty Dumpty?

Feb 11, 1967

Pompous film director David lives a boring life with his children's books writer wife Hilary but also has a glamorous girlfriend, Caroline. When Hilary finds out about Caroline she decides to befriend her and then update him.

Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
S07E04 · Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width

Feb 18, 1967

Two partners in tailoring, one Catholic and the other Jewish, spend the time settling their differences.

Easier in the Dark
S07E05 · Easier in the Dark

Feb 25, 1967

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Reason for Sale
S07E06 · Reason for Sale

Mar 04, 1967

Ben Lewis works for an investment group looking buy the former home of Ferenc Davos. However Davos daughter Anna starts making strange claims that her step mother has murdered him and she knows where to body is buried.

The Happy Sacking
S07E07 · The Happy Sacking

Mar 11, 1967

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The Exploding Azalea
S07E08 · The Exploding Azalea

Mar 18, 1967

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Any Number Can Play
S07E09 · Any Number Can Play

Mar 25, 1967

Set in a future where the three-day working week is the norm, the play asks what human qualities will the games people play bring out - love or hate?

A World of Time
S07E10 · A World of Time

Apr 01, 1967

A young wife runs away to her sister, who discovers she has a serious problem with kleptomania which includes trying to steal her husband.

Call Me Daddy
S07E11 · Call Me Daddy

Apr 08, 1967

A lonely middle-aged businessman blackmails a typist into spending the weekend at his large house in the country. She expects the worst, but he concentrates on something she doesn't expect - making her fall in love with him.

I Am Osango
S07E12 · I Am Osango

Apr 15, 1967

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Will You Come a Little Closer
S07E13 · Will You Come a Little Closer

Apr 22, 1967

A young woman is told to get a job meeting people to cure her shyness. However as a door to door representative nothing had prepared her for meeting the likes of John Dolby. Later remade for the Shadows of Fear series.

England My England
S07E14 · England My England

Apr 29, 1967

Happily married Maggie's birthday starts off in the normal way with deliveries of presents and visitors, but by the end of the day her marriage is in trouble.

In the Name of the Law
S07E15 · In the Name of the Law

May 06, 1967

The safe with the takings from an all night café seem easy picking for a trio of villains, but then some policemen and a gun become involved.

Depart in Terror
S07E16 · Depart in Terror

May 13, 1967

An electronics expert takes revenge on his wife's lover.

The Snares of Death
S07E17 · The Snares of Death

May 20, 1967

Harold's undertaking business in a small town is not doing very well, he then hits on an usual solution to balance the books..


Armchair Theatre Season 7 (1967) is released on Jan 28, 1967 and the latest season 14 of Armchair Theatre is released in 1972. Watch Armchair Theatre online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Armchair Theatre is directed by Philip Saville,Charles Jarrott,Guy Verney,Ted Kotcheff and created by Rhys Adrian with Harry H. Corbett and Billie Whitelaw.

As know as:

Armchair Theatre


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

ABC Weekend Television, Thames Television

Cast & Crew

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