Episodes (27)

The Paraffin Season
S06E01 · The Paraffin Season

Dec 04, 1965

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The Gong Game
S06E02 · The Gong Game

Dec 11, 1965

Once, long ago, Clive Breeze was a hero whose bravery won him a medal. Now, he's a middle-aged failure who's in big, big trouble.

A Cold Peace
S06E03 · A Cold Peace

Dec 18, 1965

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The Sweet War Man
S06E04 · The Sweet War Man

Jan 01, 1966

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Ready for Glory
S06E05 · Ready for Glory

Jan 08, 1966

A marriage bureau pairs a three times married, alcoholic titled lady with an able seaman from the navy. On visiting her villa he finds it also occupied by an eccentric ex-husband, a daughter and another man she calls her 'companion'

S06E06 · Neighbours

Jan 15, 1966

The Robinson's like to see themselves as liberals. So when their new black neighbours the Kingsbury's move into their apartment block they are invited for drinks but things don't quite go as they imagined it would.

The Pity of It All
S06E07 · The Pity of It All

Jan 22, 1966

Young miner's widow Nancy Harper works in a sweet shop to support her little daughter, who is killed when accidentally struck by the car driven by Walter Daymer. Nancy drifts into an affair with Walter, not suspecting that he is already married.

Man Without a Mortgage
S06E08 · Man Without a Mortgage

Mar 19, 1966

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The Battersea Miracle
S06E09 · The Battersea Miracle

Mar 26, 1966

Joey, a performer in Bancroft's circus, also keeps performing fleas of his own. One day a flea speaks to him and persuades him to go public with a microphone. The flea's act is a great success, but not everybody is pleased with its message.

The Night Before the Morning After
S06E10 · The Night Before the Morning After

Apr 02, 1966

The night before the wedding, the Bride-to-be can't stop worrying about foolish doubts about her future husband, keeping her parents up all night. Meanwhile, the Groom is having second thoughts as his flatmate and a party girl distract him.

Don't Utter a Note
S06E11 · Don't Utter a Note

Apr 09, 1966

Two well meaning spinsters plans in reforming an old jailbird, receive a set back, when unexpectedly into their possession comes a substantial amount of money, which was not made by the Royal Mint.

Daughter of the House
S06E12 · Daughter of the House

Apr 16, 1966

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The Walls Came Tumbling Down
S06E13 · The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Apr 23, 1966

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The Match
S06E14 · The Match

Apr 30, 1966

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Pretty Polly
S06E15 · Pretty Polly

Jul 23, 1966

A girl's Cinderella existence abruptly comes to an end, when a wealthy, cantankerous aunt dies on a cruise ship.

The Wager
S06E16 · The Wager

Jul 30, 1966

During a general election a politician impedes his performance because he has placed a bet against himself winning.

The One Eyed Monster
S06E17 · The One Eyed Monster

Aug 06, 1966

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Great Big Blonde
S06E18 · Great Big Blonde

Aug 13, 1966

A barmaid returns home to Dublin, to find things are not quite what she expected to be.

A Fair Swap
S06E19 · A Fair Swap

Aug 20, 1966

Peter Baynes's business is doing well until he has a visitor from his past.

The Signal Box of Grandpa Hudson
S06E20 · The Signal Box of Grandpa Hudson

Aug 27, 1966

Wendy is reluctant to take her new boyfriend home, as there are certain aspects of her family that she is embarrassed about.

The Noise Stopped
S06E21 · The Noise Stopped

Sep 03, 1966

A man is facing a crisis with his neurotic wife, dropout son and bullying, oily boss, who he must suffer while facing office personnel cutbacks. When his job and wife slip away,he finds some redemption in his son's plans for a new life.

Dead Silence
S06E22 · Dead Silence

Sep 10, 1966

A Chief Inspector of Police is behaving rather erratically during a murder investigation.

Barrett Keller: His Mark
S06E23 · Barrett Keller: His Mark

Sep 17, 1966

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Light the Blue Touch Paper
S06E24 · Light the Blue Touch Paper

Sep 24, 1966

June Elliott is happily married with a small baby but when an old friend from college, Dennis Sage, asks for a reference she is visited and interrogated her about her past. June begins to put things together and fears Sage in a spy.

The Tilted Screen
S06E25 · The Tilted Screen

Oct 01, 1966

The girls in his native Australia regard Morrie as a joke, but on a trip abroad he finds there is much more to life than his home town.

The Three Barrelled Shotgun
S06E26 · The Three Barrelled Shotgun

Oct 08, 1966

A grieving widow returns home from a holiday, to find her flat occupied by an amiable young man.

The Long Nightmare
S06E27 · The Long Nightmare

Oct 15, 1966

A chance meeting enables Arthur to confront his past.


Armchair Theatre Season 6 (1965) is released on Dec 04, 1965 and the latest season 14 of Armchair Theatre is released in 1972. Watch Armchair Theatre online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Armchair Theatre is directed by Philip Saville,Charles Jarrott,Guy Verney,Ted Kotcheff and created by Rhys Adrian with Harry H. Corbett and Paul Whitsun-Jones.

As know as:

Armchair Theatre


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

ABC Weekend Television, Thames Television

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