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S02E01 · Ch-ch-changes

Sep 27, 1989

Hannah returns from vacation to find that the magazine has been sold and there is a new editor, Catherine. And she is firing people. Marty is safe. Catherine calls Hannah into her office to tell her that she has read some of Hannah's sample articles and likes them so she promotes Hannah to writer. Brian Allquist, a literary critic, joins the office. Jules is made executive assistant. Hannah goes to see her best friend, Robin, who is cleaning out her ex's office in the building she owns, to tell her about her day. Hannah decides to rent the apt. Hannah goes back to the...

Those Lips, Those Thais
S02E02 · Those Lips, Those Thais

Oct 04, 1989

A girl shows up at the office looking for Marty and calls him daddy. It turns out it is his foster daughter, Cey, from Thailand. She has come to the U.S. to go to college. Marty invites her to stay at his place. They have a discussion during and after dinner. Cey goes in the other room and Hannah calls, Cey comes back out wearing nothing but the football jersey he gave her and he gets all flustered and hangs up on Hannah. Marty goes over to Hannah's apt, wakes her up and tells her he had impure thoughts about Cey. Monday morning Marty tells Hannah that he talked with ...

It's My Party and I'll Schvitz If I Want To
S02E03 · It's My Party and I'll Schvitz If I Want To

Oct 11, 1989

Robin stops by Hannah's apt while Hannah is getting ready for work. Hannah is concerned about how she looks compared to Catherine. At the office Catherine is oblivious to Hannah and then gives her a lame assignment. Hannah decides to give a party so Catherine will get to know her better. Everyone is stuck at the office doing last minute proofing and can't make it to the party. Hannah feels lousy that Catherine barely knows she is alive and decides to take a shower to cool off. While in the bathroom the office gang shows up. Then the power goes out in the neighborhood ...

Scared Straight
S02E04 · Scared Straight

Oct 18, 1989

Catherine is deciding what articles will be in the next issue, Hannah's doesn't make it and Marty's does again. Hannah questions why Catherine made her a writer if she won't use what she writes. So Hannah decides that she and Marty put their names on each others articles to prove that the reason her articles are rejected is because Hannah's name is on it. Hannah's point is proven. Marty is supoenaed for source information because of the article that Hannah wrote. Marty ends up in jail. Hannah and Robin discuss Hannah revealing her source. Marty shows up the next day ...

Mr. Mom
S02E05 · Mr. Mom

Oct 25, 1989

Hannah finds out that her mother's heart was donated after she died. She goes to visit the man that received it and tells him he is wasting his life and her mother's heart. He comes to visit her the next day at work and ends up on the ledge ready to jump. Marty goes out to bring him in and he does, but Marty is unable to move to come back in so Hannah goes out to get him back in.

Just the Facts, Ma'am
S02E06 · Just the Facts, Ma'am

Nov 01, 1989

Marty is waiting for his story to come back from being fact checked by Bradley. There are facts and quotes that are wrong and some that can't be substantiated so Catherine kills the story. Marty is a quite upset and says that Bradley has it out for him as he is tough when he checks Marty's stories. Hannah invites Bradley to dinner with her and Robin to be nice and she finds out how annoying he is. Hannah has a chance for a cover story and Bradley finds a problem with a quote, so Hannah persuades him to leave it in. The magazine is sued over the quote and Catherine is ...

Bang You're Dead
S02E07 · Bang You're Dead

Nov 08, 1989

Marty finds out that Hannah is dating Dr. Jeff Ryan, his therapist when he shows up at the office to take her out. They have been dating for a while. Marty shows up at Hannah's apartment while she is getting ready for a date and Marty tries to sabotage the date but gets caught in the apartment and has to sneak out. Hannah comes in late the next day upset and says that Jeff died while they were together. Marty is upset that his therapist is dead and he doesn't know what to do. Marty has a last conversation with Jeff at his funeral.

Truth or Consequences
S02E08 · Truth or Consequences

Nov 15, 1989

A rag mag, The Babbler, has articles about Catherine containing true but disparaging remarks. So a leak is suspected and they all suspect each other. Catherine has them take a polygraph and Hannah fails so they think she is the leak. Hannah digs herself in deeper by calling The Babbler and saying too much. Hannah and Marty go to the office after hours to look for clues in everyone's desks. Robin shows up and admits talking with a reporter from The Babbler. So indirectly Hannah is the leak since she tells Robin and Robin tells the reporter. The next day Hannah admits ...

It's Better to Have Loved and Flossed
S02E09 · It's Better to Have Loved and Flossed

Nov 22, 1989

Marty has a toothache so Hannah makes an appointment with Robin to have it checked out. During the exam Marty asks Robin out to see a movie. Meanwhile, Hannah and Brian go to a premiere together and end up at her apt. Brian gets the wrong idea and thinks he and Hannah will end up in bed. But Marty shows up and Brian ends up in the closet. Marty has just come from his date with Robin and wants to talk about it. Then Robin shows up so Marty ends up in the kitchen hiding. Robin thinks there is more to the date then there is as Marty kissed her. Robin leaves, Marty leaves...

Hearts and Bones
S02E10 · Hearts and Bones

Nov 29, 1989

Marty has a new girlfriend although he insists that she isn't a girlfriend and Hannah pesters him about her. In the mean time Jules accidently runs over Catherine and he must cater to her every whim since she is in a wheelchair. Hannah persudes Marty into the three of them going out to dinner. During the dinner, Gail starts coughing and Hannah thinks she is choking so she gives her the Heimlich maneuver and breaks Gail's rib. They end up at the hospital where Marty accuses Hannah of being jealous. Hannah denies it but later realizes and admits she is jealous of Gail.

Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
S02E11 · Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Dec 06, 1989

A tell all Diary is coming out in print and Catherine is waiting for her copy as she can't wait to read it because she expects to be named in it. When she finds out she isn't in the book she becomes depressed and walks out of the office leaving Marty in charge. The office turns into chaos. Hannah and Robin are watching a beauty contest in Hannah's apt making comments about the contestants when Catherine shows up. She has realized she is not as special as she thought and wants to hang out with them doing ordinary things. Robin leaves and Catherine opens up to Hannah ...

Breast of Friends
S02E12 · Breast of Friends

Dec 13, 1989

Robin stops by the office and tells Hannah that a woman was kicked out of a restaurant for breast-feeding and thinks that an article should be written about it, so Hannah goes to Catherine with the idea and she gives Hannah the go ahead. Marty goes on a talk show and knows nothing about the topic, and is embarrassed about it. Catherine gets Marty back on the show. Hannah is also going to be on the same talk show with Marty. The mom with the baby that was thrown out of the restaurant shows up at the office and decides to feed and Marty and the rest of the office is ...

Hotel of the Damned
S02E13 · Hotel of the Damned

Jan 10, 1990

Everyone is in Catherine's office pitching stories. Hannah gets one that is lame. Catherine needs a cover story and goes to Marty but he suggests Hannah. Hannah has a story but doesn't want to tell what it is as Catherine gives her stories to Marty. Hannah gives over the story and Catherine wants to give it to Marty. The two of them end up doing it together in a hotel room to make deadline. They get no where on the story and are about to miss deadline. Hannah and Marty have a discussion about sex and why they haven't got together. They end up on the bed kissing and ...

All About Allison
S02E14 · All About Allison

Jan 17, 1990

Robin stops by the office bringing a friend, Allison, who is an aspiring writer and Robin thinks she could learn something from Hannah. Hannah suggests to Catherine that they could use some help in the office and Allison would be good to hire. She turns out to be great and a big hit, especially with Marty, whom she seems to have a crush on. Hannah and Robin talk and she says she feels left out with Marty. Hannah blames Allison for a missed interview for her story at the dump and that Allison is out to get her. Allison comes on to Marty. Marty finds out that Allison is...

Proof It All Night
S02E15 · Proof It All Night

Jan 24, 1990

It is election night and everyone in the office will be pulling an all nighter. Brian has to cancel a date, Hannah brings snacks and they have to sit around for hours as the election is too close call. During this time Catherine has inhalation therapy, her hair done, a catered dinner and a massage. The favorite concedes and it is a rush to make the edition. Everyone but Hannah and Catherine are wiped out with fatigue. Hannah and Marty work on the main story together and make deadline.

Three Men on a Match
S02E16 · Three Men on a Match

Feb 07, 1990

Jules is directing a play. Brian goes to see it and hates it and tells Jules exactly what he thinks of it. Robin comes into the office and invites Hannah to dinner for her unanniversary because of her divorce, she also invites Marty who Hannah has to persuade to come, he agrees. Jules finds out his play is closed because of a bad review. The three go to the restaurant where Robin and her ex always went and Robin talks way too much about Kenny. Kenny comes into the restaurant with a woman which upsets Robin. The restaurant burns down and Hannah, Marty, Robin and the ...

Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
S02E17 · Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Feb 14, 1990

Gail and Marty are out to lunch and then return to the office. Gail asks Hannah if the two of them can talk. Which turns out to be that night. Hannah and Robin are talking when Gail shows up and Robin stays. Gail wants to throw Marty a surprise birthday party. Hannah doesn't think it is a good idea. Gail does as she thinks knows Marty better Hannah does, so they go back and forth on who knows Marty better. There is a crowd of guests at Marty's apt including Gail's parents. Catherine is going thru Marty's things. As Marty and Gail are coming in the door Marty tells her...

The Icewoman Cometh
S02E18 · The Icewoman Cometh

Feb 28, 1990

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Hooray for Hollywood
S02E19 · Hooray for Hollywood

Mar 07, 1990

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Robin Q. Public
S02E20 · Robin Q. Public

Mar 14, 1990

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The Days of Whine and...
S02E21 · The Days of Whine and...

Mar 21, 1990

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Thirty... Something
S02E22 · Thirty... Something

Mar 28, 1990

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Anything But Love Season 2 (1989) is released on Sep 27, 1989 and the latest season 4 of Anything But Love is released in 1991. Watch Anything But Love online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Anything But Love is directed by Robert Berlinger,Michael Lessac,David Trainer,James Widdoes and created by Dennis Koenig with Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis.

As know as:

Anything But Love(French), Alles außer Liebe, Sve osim ljubavi, Cariño de papel, Anything But Love


United States



Production Companies:

Adam Productions, 20th Century Fox Television

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