Episodes (6)

Fear of Flying
S01E01 · Fear of Flying

Mar 07, 1989

Hannah Miller is on a plane on her way to Chicago and meets Marty Gold who is a reporter for a Chicago magazine. He tells her to apply for a job there. She applies and gets the job as a researcher. She and Marty become friends. She is staying with her father who is a retired cop.

S01E02 · Deadline

Mar 14, 1989

Marty and Pamela are competing for whose story will be on the cover of the next issue. Hannah offers to help both of them. She helps Marty first but she makes a mistake and loses Marty's story. She then has to go help Pamela. She then goes to help Marty and stay late but still can't find it. Later a guy whom Pamela sent to distract shows up.

Burning the Toad
S01E03 · Burning the Toad

Mar 21, 1989

Marty's friend Jack comes to town. Jack is also Hannah's ex boyfriend. He has come back to get back together with Hannah and marry her. She considers it but eventually decides he doesn't have the appeal he once did anymore. Burning the toad is a cop term she picked up from her dad.

Love and Death
S01E04 · Love and Death

Mar 28, 1989

Marty gets a death threat and doesn't think he has anything to worry about. But Hannah thinks he should take precautions. When he gets more threats, Norm tells him to take sometime off. So he stays with Hannah at her father's cabin.

Dorothy Dearest
S01E05 · Dorothy Dearest

Apr 04, 1989

Marty's mother comes to town and wants to talk with Marty about her new business, but Marty does everything he can to avoid being alone with her and talking. Hannah tries to get them together with a party, but it doesn't work and she goes back home. Marty and Hannah go down to his mother's and Marty and his mother make up and Marty finds out that his mother's business is very successful.

This Is Not a Date
S01E06 · This Is Not a Date

Apr 11, 1989

It is Hannah's birthday and she doesn't anyone to know, but Marty finds out. Marty's girlfriend, Alice, breaks it off with him. So Hannah and Marty go out to dinner, but let everyone know that it is not a date. They end up at a pilgrim themed restaurant. The waitress and waiter at the restaurant want to close up so they can get together. Hannah and Marty end up having a salt fight in the restaurant.


Anything But Love Season 1 (1989) is released on Mar 07, 1989 and the latest season 4 of Anything But Love is released in 1991. Watch Anything But Love online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Anything But Love is directed by Robert Berlinger,Michael Lessac,David Trainer,James Widdoes and created by Dennis Koenig with Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis.

As know as:

Anything But Love(French), Alles außer Liebe, Sve osim ljubavi, Cariño de papel, Anything But Love


United States



Production Companies:

Adam Productions, 20th Century Fox Television

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