Psycho Wedding Crasher full movie is released on Sep 03, 2017. Watch Psycho Wedding Crasher online - the English Thriller movie from Canada. Psycho Wedding Crasher is directed by David Langlois and created by Ken Sanders with Heather Morris and Fiona Vroom. Psycho Wedding Crasher is available online on Lifetime Movie Club and Freevee.

Marci Belle and Glenn Cooper have just gotten married in a small ceremony. One reluctant attendee is Marci's mother, Kathy Belle, her reluctance only in no longer believing in the institution since her husband, Marci's father, was unfaithful most of their marriage, which led to Marci's own hesitancy in ever getting married herself. In the busyness of the event, neither Marci or Glenn notices the young woman who has crashed their reception. They may but probably wouldn't recognize her as the woman who works at the home-based business Daisy's Wedding Corner where Marci had her wedding dress made. She is Jenna Kravitz, the niece of the business' owner, Daisy. Jenna grew up with her paternal Aunt Daisy after both her parents died in separate incidents. In part because of a history of mental illness on her mother's side and in part because of Daisy's emotional abuse - Daisy denigrating Jenna and her mother as harlots at every turn - Jenna herself is delusional, she often fantasizing about what she would really want in life. What or who she wants now is Glenn, who would be her first as Daisy had ingrained into her head that she is worthless and that no one, whether it be in the role of friend or lover, would want her. Finally snapping, Jenna takes concrete measures to get Glenn using whoever at her disposal, including Glenn's best man, the womanizing Scott Harrison, and Marci's maid of honor, Chelsea Allen, who dated Glenn for a short time ten years ago. Jenna's deteriorating mental state places them all at risk, including Glenn if it ever got to the point of him rejecting her.

As know as:

Psycho Wedding Crasher, Да откраднеш младоженеца, Mariage Sanglant, Mariage sanglant, ウェディング・ストーカー 暴走した女





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Pender Street Pictures 4

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